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Hello, I’m new here. I recently replayed Silent Assassin and had some questions about the Mystery Man and Zavorotko, During the intro, they reach the secret laboratory in Romania. Did they found 17 in that occasion? Or he managed to escape and they hired him later? And how did they find 47 hiding in Sicily? Thanks

That was never made very clear, and unless there’s some supplementary material that explains it, or info found in the game that I’ve missed (it’s been well over ten years since I played that game start to finish), I think they find 17 there at the beginning and hire him out to missions that didn’t require 47’s skill, and because he had little free will of his own he briefly turns against them and works for the doomsday cult, and then switched back when 47 kills the cult leader, only to get killed by 47 in the very next mission. That’s my understanding of 17’s arc throughout the game.


Thank you! Silent Assassin was my very first Hitman game and now I’m replaying all the classic games before WOA trilogy, so I’m trying to figure a continuity between the games and exploring the lore. P. S. Sorry for any possible mistake, English is not my first language

You’ll find a lot of holes that takes time to look through, just to be warned. Even I took a while to reconcile everything to about 95% explainable cohesion and I’m an obsessive.

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I’m a little obsessive too, but I find the storyline of the first 4 games legit enough. Now I’m playing Absolution and it’s an absolute (lol) mess.

And I’m afraid that’s where our perspectives must… diverge.

Regarding Absolution or the first 4 games?

Absolution. I’m a defender.

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Don’t get me wrong, I love the game and its mechanics and representation. The storyline flows smoothly until the last missions. However, the final part feels a bit excessive to me. It’s challenging for me to reconcile 47’s usual approach with all the action, explosions, and so on. Additionally, I believe that the writing in certain sections is overly exaggerated.

I’m not sure if this helps and the infographic isn’t complete with WOA:

It’s from @iamtheguy55 on this thread.
There’s also discussion about the timeline for WOA here.


Thanks! I have this timeline map but without updated notes and this is more precise