The Hitman Timeline Thread (Infographic)

^^WOA Feb-Nov 2019 Version^^

^^WOA Nov 2019-Nov 2020 Version^^

Both versions of the timeline could be correct but I prefer the Feb-Nov 2019 one

So I was not aware that the old forum was gonna be completely nuked and the threads deleted. Oh well. I’m just recreating this.


So this photo confuses me deeply.

Aside from showing that the actual timeline is 2019-2020 rather than February-November 2019 (even though the latter makes more sense), if you look closely at her grave it says that Alexa died (or rather faked her death) in 2021.

This simply not possible given that the Partners faked their death right after the Ark Society (this is obvious from the Bank cutscene), which is in November. The only way this 2021 date could work is that for some reason everyone waits for 2 months (so until January 2021) to do anything.

So after the Ark Society 47, Diana, Gray, the Partners, the Constant, Providence, all sit on their asses and the story freezes from November until January when magically everything happens. Safe to say, 2021 is a mistake and Hitman 3 most likely starts in November 2020 and lasts until early 2021 but it remains to be seen when the game releases. This is weird because the US presidential election is never mentioned throughout the game. Regardless of how annoying they are for us non-Americans, the elections are certainly a topic that’s talked about everywhere and it’s weird how not a single mention of it exists throughout WOA. In addition, Blood Money’s story was influenced by the in-universe 2004 election.

I still think that the timeline makes more sense if it starts in February 2019 since that year is mentioned several times and everything fits perfectly with it but I guess IO’s word is final.