Realistically speaking, what would be the most difficult missions of 47's career?

Let’s assume for a second that 47 actually exists and really did all the things we saw throughout the series. Which missions in particular, if they actually took place, would have made him struggle the most?

Three examples that immediately spring to mind would be the Colombian arc in C47, Hayamoto arc in SA and the Bjarkhov Bomb in Contracts. Mostly because of the harsh environment he would have had to traverse just to get at his targets, not to mention their armies of guards.

Of the three I mentioned, Colombia and Bjarkhov are right at the beginning of his career (happening between Hong Kong and Traditions of the Trade), possibly among his first contracts for the ICA. Weird that they’re sending fresh recruits, regardless of how well they performed, to what are basically suicide missions.

Edit: Added a poll with the most likely candidates, had to restrict it to 20 as that’s the maximum

Realistically, what are the hardest missions of 47’s career? (Multiple choice available)
  • Hong Kong Arc (C47)
  • Colombia Arc (C47)
  • Rotterdam Arc (C47)
  • Asylum Arc (C47/C)
  • Japan Arc (SA)
  • H2SA Epilogue
  • Bjarkhov Bomb (C)
  • Hunter and Hunted (C)
  • Dance with the Devil (BM)
  • Ammendment XXV (BM)
  • Requiem (BM)
  • Run For Your Life (A)
  • Attack of the Saints (A)
  • Freedom Fighers (H1)
  • Three-Headed Serpent (H2)
  • Chasing a Ghost (H2)
  • The Ark Society (H2)
  • On Top of the World (H3)
  • Apex Predator (H3)
  • Untouchable (H3)

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I haven’t played old games, so I can only speak for Absolution and further.
First mission that comes to mind would be Colorado.
Because its full of hard trained troopers that skirr here and there.

Second might be Marrakesh because both targets heavily guarded with equally trained troopers, besides mission takes place at hard times of almost happening military coup.

Third may be Berlin. Because ICA Agents not a children in a sandbox

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Illusions Of Grandeur, by light years.


I was just about to say WOA doesn’t really have any potentially incredibly difficult missions but now I realize how wrong I am when you bring up Marrakesh, Colorado and Berlin. All three would definitely keep him on his toes. Berlin must’ve been especially hard with the recent death of one of the few people he could call a friend.

If I recall correctly, most of Absolution’s story spans around 5-6 days(with the exception of epilogue). He went through hell and back during that time.


Amendment XXV would be pretty bloody hard realistically if you’re in the Whitehouse, taking out the Vice President without anyone clocking that they’ve disappeared, along with an explosion in the Oval Office (from what I know, there will always be one, whether from Mark Perchezzi or a mine on the outside wall.
Good luck getting out of that alive


“YAME! YAME!” is obviously the answer. :wink:
An honorable mention would be the Hong Kong arc in Codename 47 because to get to Lee Hong,47 needed to create a whole gang war and the final mission isn’t easy either because of how well guarded the place is and how much you have to do in the level.


Amendment XXV is the strongest contender not only getting there but escaping after having a shoot-out on the roof of the White House that or Requiem for requiring 47 to wake up from an experimental pharmaceutical in enough time and kill a contingent of bodyguards.


My personal no-second-thoughts list:

Plutonium Runs Loose. Meet Your Brother (and the whole Asylum adventure with The Setup and Asylum Aftermath included). Saint Petersburg Revisited. Requiem. The Untouchable.

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Whilst making this list I have discovered that the hardest missions for 47 were the ones he had little or no planning going into. “Improvisation is part of the craft” but we know 47 needs his intense planning to succeed

In the WOA trilogy:

  • Colorado:

Very little information apart from that it’s a military compound on an apricot farm. Some satellite images are the only reference he has to plan his mission. 4 targets is an unusually large amount.

47 also had to factor his investigation for the shadow client. Getting into the tornado shelter is a problem that 47 will have to solve on site

  • Hokkaido:

High tech facility with RFID chips linked to outfits, a brand new concept for 47. He also isn’t able to bring any equipment with him. Since 47 is in his fifties by now I always imagine he has extra difficulty with high tech locations.

  • Mumbai:

The hardest part is undoubtedly identifying and killing the maelstrom. 47 has to find someone who the locals presume is a myth with very little intel to go on. The improvisation here is definitely the hardest part.

  • Isle of Sgail:

Noticing a pattern? Diana tells 47 that they have no idea what to expect inside. You’ve seen how secure the island is, and 47 had to do all that almost completely improvised

  • Dubai:

I can only presume that the building was so secure on the lower and middle floors that a HALO jump was the most sensible option, pretty telling if you ask me.

47 also needed Lucas Grey to infiltrate the building with him to assist. Also the building was so new he didn’t even have the floor plan, significantly limiting his planning capabilities

The 2 former shadow leaders of the world under the protection of one of the richest families in the world in the world’s tallest building? Probably the hardest mission on paper

  • Berlin:

We all know 47 is the greatest, but the odds were stacked against him here. 11 of the ICA’s best agents were hunting him down, and he didn’t even know who they were.

There were teams sweeping each floor and the outside, as well as a sniper overlooking the area. They even wired the radio tower to ambush 47.

They were communicated, well funded and highly trained. 47 also has no time whatsoever to research the location and his targets


Man, he really doesn’t get a break during WOA. Just casually popping from one suicide mission to another.

I don’t personally think Situs Inversus would trouble him that much if tech is the only problem. Age is not a relevant factor to him as I’m pretty sure in his line of work he has to work with electronics and whatnot on a daily basis. The RFID gimmick wouldn’t bother him too much I would assume.

I think Isle of Sgail is perhaps the most difficult one of the bunch here. This is a gathering of the world’s most powerful people; of course the security is going to be a nightmare to get past. And yet he does.

Like others have mentioned, Ammendment XXV and Untouchable have to be at the top of the list aswell. Ammendment XXV for obvious reasons while Untouchable is just a miracle that he managed to survive the whole ordeal. Shimmying along the whole train amid the terrible weather conditions while also probably dealing with a brain explosion trying to process recent events was not easy to say the least.


Oh yeah, the end of Blood Money was brutal for him. ICA in ashes, rival assassins on his tail, assassinating the VP inside the White House of all places and then surviving a firefight against a dozen people after just having woken up from a several days long “coma”.

There are many: Deadly Cargo /Plutoniums Runs Loose and the whole thing in in Honk Kong for both C:47 and Contracts and the Jungle part of C:47, the whole arcs of Russia and Japan missions in Hitman 2: Silent Assassin, Blood Money has the penultimate mission at the White House plus all the second half where 47 has some encounters with rival assassins. Absolution, well, everything related to escaping from the ICA. The WOA Trilogy has Marrakesh, Colorado, Santa Fortuna (messing with narcos after all), Sgail and all of the maps from H3. Plenty of options.

Taking all this in count, that’s what still bugs me from a dialogue of Diana during Marrakesh, where she is impressed by 47 infiltrating the consulate. Like, dear Diana, you are talking to the man who made the Triads kill each other and went into a frozen God-forsaken valley to take down a Yakuza and dismantled a nuclear device from a gunrunner. Jumping a wall isn’t that impresive compared to all the previous assigments. :bear:


For me it should be Run for your Life in HITMAN: Absolution, he has 10 close calls to die, could be easily burnt, the construction could go down any second, it was amazing how 47 escaped from that.


It’s super difficult to answer this, because we simply don’t have enough information. HITMAN is a very unique game in how it does things, it’s always been about gameplay. The majority of information we know about how 47 can carry out his assignments is out-of-universe and simply there for the gameplay. We don’t know how enforcers actually work in his world, if the ICA actually rates his performance based on his stats and says “hey good job buddy you got silent assassin!”.

It’s super easy to answer this with “the hardest mission in the game”, that’s out of universe stuff and it’s your opinion. It’s not easy and maybe not possible to accurately say what is 47’s most difficult assignment in-universe. Untouchable for example, it’s not super hard to get through. In the actual universe, in the actual story, it could have been full-on “legendary final showdown”. The thing they pull off in all the movies, the super difficult final battle that the main character is extremely tested in, but still awesome enough to get through.

that hayamoto arc tho

EDIT: I almost forgot about A Personal Contract, it could be it, it was extremely difficult for him mentally, literally breaking the emotionless killer he is. I still think they should have kept the scene of him breaking down.

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That tells me enough. I will disregard everything else :slight_smile:

I don’t think that cutscene after A Personal Contract has any business existing because remember - he didn’t actually kill Diana. This whole depression episode he had after her supposed death makes absolutely no sense. Perhaps it can be explained as being caused by a multitude of other related factors but I think the only thing that would actually come close to breaking him was her actually dying, which did not happen.

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Oh right, I’m so dumb :man_facepalming:. I don’t think it absolutely had no place existing, it still could have worked, 47 was still breaking down a bit evidently, but yeah it would have made a lot less sense.


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definitely mumbai, in addition to having to identify the maelstrom, which would be tough on its own, the crows are on high alert, and he’s white

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The OP said realistically speaking so I had to go with the one where 47 gets into the White House and then manages to get out after it’s done and there is a blast set off. IO was really reaching with that one. It was a fun mission though and it’s a game.

My second choice would have been Attack of the Saints bc they were coming to kill him and he wasn’t expecting it. Injured or not, 47 had a bit of time to prepare in Paris (he can get out of the room before they are shooting at him).


Are we applying real world logic to all the missions or Hitman logic?

Because by real world logic every mission where 47 has to impersonate a non-white NPC is going to be a lot harder than in the games (“How do you do fellow Red Dragons?”) On the other hand, the Japan Arc becomes a lot easier, because the Ninjas wouldn’t spot him from a mile away.

I think Run for Your Life would have been extremely difficult. Imagine trying to escape from a burning hotel to a library, a pigeon coup with a helicopter firing at you, a hippie apartment complex, and then escaping in the train station all while the entire Chicago police force is trying to chase you/hunt you down.