Realizing my Bet - Drawing 5 NPCs of each Map

So on the old Forum and well long before the Release of Hitman 3, there was a Bet Topic. (I think some of the Bets were transfered here)

I’m not entirely sure what my Bet was again exactly, though I do know that I lost it and what my Bet was. I said I was going to draw 5 NPCs from each Map. (Not including Variations as something own)

So I have finally decided on all of them so here they are:


Since this is defenitly gonna take Months to get through, I decided to involve a Poll in it, on where I start. I will seperate it by Games and Maps and start with the most voted Game and Map, so after that I will stay with that Game until I’m done.

I’ll start with…
  • Hitman 2016
  • Hitman 2
  • Hitman 3

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Hitman 2016 Maps
  • Paris
  • Sapienza
  • Marrakesh
  • Bangkok
  • Colorado
  • Hokkaido

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Hitman 2 Maps
  • Hawkes Bay
  • Miami
  • Santa Fortuna
  • Mumbai
  • Whittelton Creek
  • Isle of Sgail
  • New York
  • Haven Island

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Hitman 3 Maps
  • Dubai
  • Dartmoor
  • Berlin
  • Chongqing
  • Mendoza

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*Disclaimer: I took Romania out of the Selection, since it doesn’t have Contracts Mode (Maybe Yet?) and therefore wouldn’t fit into Picture that well in addition to the fact that it doesn’t really has any new Faces.


I know that not alot of Time has passed since I put this up, though since this will be a Month long Project, I’d like to start now, meaning the order will be the following.

  1. Hitman 2016
    1.1 ICA Yacht
    1.2. Sapienza
    1.3. Paris
    1.4. Colorado
    1.5. Hokkaido
    1.6. Bangkok
    1.7. Marrakesh

  2. Hitman 3
    2.1. Berlin
    2.2. Mendoza
    2.3. Dubai
    2.4. Dartmoor
    2.5. Chongqing

  3. Hitman 2
    3.1. Miami
    3.3. Mumbai
    3.3. Hawkes Bay
    3.4. Isle of Sgail
    3.5. Whittelton Creek
    3.6. New York
    3.7. Haven Island
    3.8. Santa Fortuna


Also, before I forget. Do to the large Number of NPCs, I will only post them within entire Sets, so if you still would like to see Progress Updates, head over to this Topic: NPC Faces Drawn - Dr. Mekar's Gallery

You’ll find most of the Faces I have already drawn overthere and a steadily increasing Number of Faces will be added. I just finished the first Face I need for this project already and I also removed all Faces I will redraw.

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After some thinking, I decided to add the Yacht into the mix, since, unlike the Military Compound, it does offer a few intresting NPCs, so I choose those:

To still give it a fair chance, I’ll actually now start with it and then proceed with Sapienza and the rest of the very long list following the Poll Results.


Just a little Heads Up on the Topic. This, as it is written down right here is cancelled, so fear not. Instead of doing that, I’ll still draw 5 NPCs of each Map, just after I’m done Refacing them, meaning they’ll be Custom NPCs, instead of Vanilla NPCs.