Recycled Targets?

How do you guys feel about the recycled elusive targets? ( For an example The Stowaway, The Deceivers, and The Politician)

I played 4 ETs in Hitman 2, and 2 of them were repeated in Hitman 3 or will be within the next two weeks. Statistically speaking, the probability that such a situation occurs is 7.7%. I guess I’m a lucky one.

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I didn’t actually mind getting the Deceivers because that was one of the few I couldn’t do back in H2. However, the other two I did. I remember that the Politician is a relatively good ET, but the Stowaway can literally be done in 2 seconds.

I think recycling the ETs is a great way for newer players who haven’t done Elusives at all to get their chances in doing them. Though veteran players will usually consider them too easy and a waste of time, players who want the suits that come with getting SA on ETs deserve some service too. Might be an unpopular opinion, but I’ve spoken to far too many newer players to ignore this.


As someone who had to change platforms between H2 and H3 (and therefore couldn’t import completed ET challenges and resulting Suit unlocks into HITMAN 3), recycled ETs are a must for me. I’m hoping we get more of them and soon, especially in the Legacy locations where we haven’t yet had them in H3 (i.e. everywhere except for Sapienza and Sgail).


I don’t mind them recycling Elusive targets, though I wish they would pick more interesting ones to reuse. One example being the Angel of Death in Marrakesh. She was so unique looking as an NPC and target, plus her backstory was fun. In 2016 and (most of) 2018 I hadn’t played Hitman yet so I didn’t get to attempt it. Then in 2019 when they featured her one more time…I blew myself up… idk what I am saying. Maybe I just want one more chance to blow her up in particular lmao


It doesn’t bother me, while I like new targets I have no issue replaying targets especially after pulling Silent Assassin on all of them except one in HITMAN 2. So the second time around I can mess around without any real in game challenges preventing me from doing so.


It’s also worth saying that even if I had been able to bring all my progress with me into H3, in the long term my two greatest hopes for the WoA trilogy are that it will have a fully-featured Offline Mode, and that all Elusive Targets will be able to be playable and replayable at any time (effectively making them like Special Assignments) once the live support for HITMAN 3 ends.

Therefore, re-runs of old ETs are kinda like a taster of a mode that I want as permanently available at some time in the future, so I’m always happy to see old targets return even if I wasn’t trying to earn back my Suit unlocks on a new platform.


You must be very very lucky


I think its fine, especially as someone who wasnt able to do any ETs for the first two games, i dont see a problem with it i guess?


For the people that misses some of the ET

Permanent ET as special assignments?
  • With ET rewards.
  • Without ET rewards.

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I think this will be interesting. Some people will disagree as upcoming rewards on ETs like this might just go against what ET’S should be like.

Yes, but these two items can’t be unlocked.

  • ICA Performance Coins

  • Black Winter Suit

Yes I know this is essentially gating people out from content, but I’ve shared my stance about these items numerous times and how they should remain exclusive out of respect to the players who trusted IO and their business model during HITMAN 2016.


They should use all of them. A few were quite dull but who cares? Mix them in between the good ones and it’ll be fine.

If they only repeat a few then I really hope they repeat the Prince.

I’ve always thought about the situation with Special Assignments to be quite funny.

For years people have been asking for Elusive Targets to be made permanent, then IO took what were originally Elusive Targets and made them permanent missions - only to have people bragging about never playing them because they’re “terrible”. So people like the idea of perma ETs in theory, but when it happens, they then slam them for being lackluster content.


I think that only happened because the advertisement for special assignments (or just people’s expectations) made them seem like bonus missions, not recycled ETs. So when people played them, it felt like a disappointment and they’ve been labelled as a cheap cashgrab ever since.

Here"s a thread explaining why people hate them: Why People Hate Special Assignments So Much?


It’s a great thing IO reactivates/recycles their ET so it allows people to play missed targets and for IO it’s also less work (even though new ETs are always appreciated), it would be great to have more Patient Zero/Special Assignments which is pretty much a pack of permanent ETs