Request: HITMAN related emojis

I hope this is okay to ask… Would it be possible to add some Hitman related emojis to the ‘Emoji List’? That is - considering the forum software is capable to doing that.

A few that I think would be good are the colored crossed guns that indicate SA status, maybe some items like syringes or duckers, or other types of weapons.

Of course these would need to be created first. Again, granted this can be done - maybe a few of our more talented members could design some. Maybe have 2 versions for the larger and smaller sizes.

And if there are any other ideas for emojis that could be used, suggestions are welcome.



Just to note it, custom emojis are possible. Maybe post some ideas so we get a better idea what you have in mind. :slightly_smiling_face:


I got some emoji ideas.






:elusive_target: (elusive target logo)



of course they would need a image to be associated with them for whoever wants to take these ideas and do something with them.


maybe the custom emojis from the hitman discord can be used on here


Not that I was wanting to pass the responsibility to anyone else, I was going to come back with a screenshot of a few examples (and here we are). But, I think others might have better tools and talent to do a better job than I could. Or perhaps using some here that are available elsewhere… If there’s no problem with that, then I can’t see why we couldn’t do that (not that I have any say in the situation. :sweat_smile: )


Please excuse the ^quick and dirty copy/paste.

I was also thinking of different poisons, like the vials and syringes.

Might as well make a list of things that could be used…

Silent Assassin Green Crossed Guns; :sa_g:
Silent Assassin Yellow Crossed Guns; :sa_c:
Silent Assassin Red Crossed Guns; :sa_x:
Yellow Ducker; :duck_y:
Red Ducker; :duck_r:
White Ducker; :duck_w:
Coin; :coin:
Fluer de Lis: :fdl:
Emetic Syringe; :emetic_s:
Emetic Poison; :emetic_p:
Lethal Syringe; :lethal_s:
Lethal Poison; :lethal_p: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Maybe also something to represent lethal and non-lethal melee.

Fiber Wire; :fw:

I don’t know if we’d want to have too many things though. :thinking:


There has to be one that is just the pink square with the white 2 on it. We can decide later what it means. Maybe two thumbs up or maybe it means “same here” :joy:


meant to say this yesterday but I’d be happy to help with a few, if needed :slight_smile:


That’d be awesome! :grinning:

I did think about various ones, if made by different people, would probably look a bit different. So maybe a style or quality might need to be something to go for.

While I’m thinking about it, the size… I’m not sure if they’re larger by default (like when they’re by themselves).


And maybe the forum software automatically shrinks them if they’re after text. :thinking:

The larger image appears to be 72x72. So maybe we can work with those parameters.

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I would be happy to help as well if you guys need any! I’ve already done a few for the Hitman discord server.


That’s one thing I was wondering about. The people that created them… If we obtained them from (wherever) if we’d have their permission. This makes things easier.

I don’t know if anyone was working on syringes, but this is after a less than an hour of work (off and on) in MSPaint. :sweat_smile:

The red boxes are for staying within the pixel dimension and modifying/improving the graphic. It’s very bare-bones and needs a LOT of improvement, but this is the overall idea I’m going for for this particular emoji. If anyone feels they could take it over from here - please let me know. The only other art program I have (at home, not at work) is Paint(dot)net, and even that is limited in the level of quality I think this would deserve. Or (admittedly) I’m just not that familiar with how to use all the tools and effects. :cry:

Please don’t laugh… Or do. I think it’d look a lot better with proper shading and (reflective) highlights. The less ‘cartoony’ the better.


Edit: It probably doesn’t need mentioning but - when I’d work on the next square I’d copy the previous image, change black lines to gray, then go over/correct/improve with black. The last syringe graphic doesn’t look that straight with the needle and would require some slight tweaking.

Edit 2: I’ll keep working on it a little more. I have it more symmetrical and straight now. But I’ll not embed another image until I’ve done considerably more to it. Stay Tuned.


Some of these would make a good starter pack:

Quick thanks to @Ingvar for finding this piece of concept art.


Here is one of Silvio I made for the Hitman Discord server. I wanted to do a mix of :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: and :sob: as this is an emotion I feel I display on the daily:


I love the tortoise shades!!!


Courtesy of @BeignetThief : :silvio_by_beignetthief:

Seems to work pretty well… one odd quirk is that to access new emoji’s in the dropdown you have to reload.

One thing to keep in mind also is they do automatically get resized to 100x100 and then displayed at 32x32 - so we can’t quite manage the fine detail Discord emojis.

I may set up an official thread so we can track credit there as well as in the tag, and have formal guidelines for proposals if people are interested in submitting more.




@wincenworks got some material, you might want to add (some of) them (:related_names: are the names of the images already.)







































i didnt know this thread existed, ive got two suggestions aswell.


and a self indulgent montgomery_think i made for the official hitman server a while ago. The montys should be a png dont know why i cant post them as such.


I have this disgusted fish but sadly you won’t recognize the expression if it was downscaled. :frowning:



i have this tiny 47 that could be used as an emoji