[Rumor] New IOI Game for Xbox


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Rumor time, huh?
I didn’t watch the video, but yesterday I read something similar that there will be exclusive Xbox game from IOI, and furthermore, supposedly Microsoft considers buying IOI. Again.
They wrote that Redmond company already thought about buying IOI in the past.
Could it be taken as even a drop of truth? Until nobody announced anything officially, it’s labeled as a rumor

Klobrille confirmed the consideration by MS in 2018 after the release of Hitman 2.


But nothing happened. Now we know that IO want to stay independent and publish their games themselves. Hakan Abrak also not ruling out partnering with another publisher in the future according to his last interview on https://www.gamesindustry.biz


I don’t find this is likely, due to what Hakan have mentioned recently in other interviews, they have their own plans in becoming a publisher. This is the road they want to pursue at the moment, which would make it very unlikely that they want to give up their control as well as plan to publish other games.


I don’t buy it.

IO had job postings in 2018 in regards to the unannounced multiplayer IP - as seen in this thread on ResetEra. If the project was being worked on back then, there’s no way it would still be in the early/prototype phase as this video mentions.

Though it does seem that IO are definitely working on something Dragon related as this (horribly) Google cached PDF of a previous job listing does have this in it:

Probably how this rumour came about tbh and someone just mashed it with the previous Microsoft rumours.

The problem here is that firstly, you assume it’s the same project and secondly that it haven’t been scrapped. It’s very likely that IO have multiple projects in the work and it’s even more likely that some of them never made it past the concept phase

It could easily still be in early development, we have no information in what capacity the game existed in before the job listings. It could have been pre-production, creating concept and so on, games take a long time to develop and with the current pandemic have slowed down a lot of the entertainment business.

I’m personally of the believe that the new IPs that we heard rumours about around H2, have been scrapped or refitted into something else. I don’t think they exist in the form we hope for, I might very well be wrong in my assumption. However we haven’t heard anything regarding these projects in a long time and it seems that the focus have now shifted towards their Bond game.

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Thats german for “toilet seat” btw :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


PCGamer picked up the news also


Xbox back in the rumor mill again. One of these has to be real at this rate. :joy:

Xbox and the Metal Gear IP
Xbox and IO

Xbox buying the world.


It does sound legit. We knew that IOI was working on an unannounced IP and had opened a studio in Barcelona: https://www.ioi.dk/april-announcement/

Here are a couple more recent articles. They do cite each other, but have their own sources.


I hate exclusive shit. Xbox bought Bethesda… maybe I have to buy both consoles now, because a new The Evil Within, Wolfenstein and Doom will be perhaps exclusive for Xbox.


I don’t think we’ll get a third one, but I’d love to see it.


Me too. I love The Evil Within sooo much. My favorite horror game franchise with Resident Evil and Silent Hill.

The second game is the better gaming experience but i love the Story and atmosphere of the first one so much more.

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Exactly my words.


Not one for me, if these rumours turn out to have any substance. The entire fantasy genre leaves me absolutely cold: I’ve got no interest in anything that vaguely smells of swords and sorcery. I’d be down for the rumoured sci-fi game that we’ve heard whispers that IOI could potentially be making (I love me some 50s B-movie style sci-fi, like XCOM etc), but even if it’s a studio that I love as much as IOI involved, I’d be bailing out for a game with any kind of traditional fantasy setting.

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i have no interest in these fantasy/medieval settings either, but it depends on what IOI does differently. for example, Dark Souls stands out as to me as one of the only thing that’s special about that genre of games because it does things differently. maybe IOI can make this something unique and stand-out… and i pray to god it’s not another tried and true swords and castles game :joy:


this is Jeff Grubb. he’s reliable. he’s also the person who originally leaked the last two locations of HITMAN 3, funnily enough :thinking:

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“behind-the-back Diablo-style game”… aren’t there enough games like that on the market? :confused:

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Dumb question but what is a “behind-the-back Diablo-style game”? I mean, I know what the Diablo games are roughly, but “behind-the-back”?

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