Sales for Hitman games (all platforms)

I have also been waiting over a year for it to go on sale. :pleading_face:

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Hitman HD Enhanced Collection is on sale at 8.99€ at the PS Store EU until 29/11. It’s the first time it’s so low. I’ll probably buy it to replay Absolution on my PS4. Anyone knows if it runs ok also on the PS5?

Absolution/Blood Money HD is also on sale in NA Playstation Store at 85% Off, back at the historical low.
Finally!! Thank you Travis!


Can someone advise on how much discount the Switch version has at the moment?

I’ve seen that there’s a sale on, which I assume is also on the Switch, so would be nice to announce it on my site’s social media.


According to a quick Google search its 25% off.
No ides when it ends and how much it even is on Switch, just that it’s 25% off.


Cheers! Appreciate you finding out for me

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