Sales for Hitman games (all platforms)

A thread to share the ongoing sales for all Hitman games.

Make sure to remove your post once the sale is over.


Greenmangaming XP-Deal - Price Increase
Jan. 18 - changed from 10% to 8% discount.
Discount Code: JAN8

HITMAN 3 - $55.19
Hitman 3 Deluxe Edition - $82.79

(I FINALLY bit the bullet on the regular edition just before the slight increase. Still not sure it includes the HITMAN GOTY upgrade since the key isn’t redeemable yet. :man_shrugging:)

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I’m gold tier, it’s the same for me. 10% off standard or deluxe edition. I can share the discount code with up to 5 people.

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PSN Add-on Deals (ends 22/7/21)

Hitman 3 Access Pass: Hitman 1 Goty
Hitman 3 Access Pass: Hitman 2
Hitman 3 Access Pass: Hitman 2 Expansion
Hitman 3 Deluxe Pack

35-70% off


It’s so painful that the game is constantly on sale but the DLCs are not.

Are these are some of the first sales for the main game so far

Seven Sins or Access Pass?

V1G is probably referencing the Sins and the Deluxe DLC. (Sins I don’t see going on sale until after they’re all out – Deluxe, might have a better chance.)
The access passes have gone on sale a bit in the past.

Though there’s an easy solution for the Access Passes though:
just get the Hitman 2016 and Hitman 2 games. They go on sale for wayyyy less than the Access Pass sales so far, and it’s an easy import to Hitman 3, with all the Free Starter packs you can import to.


Everything (Editions, Deluxe, Access Pass) have been on sale on all three major platforms except for the Seven Deadly Sins DLCs, understandable as all 7 acts are not out yet. It’ll likely go on sale after though.

No, the Hitman 3 editions have been on sale a couple times already on all 3 major platforms. But it’s the first time that they’re on a 50% off. They’ve previously been 25%.


Until July 29


I’m disappointed that the Deluxe Pack is yet to go on sale, given that the Deluxe Edition is currently being sold at 50% off. Those who waited a few months for a sale are being generously rewarded, whilst fans who pre-ordered the Standard Edition must wait even longer if they hope to upgrade at the same price.

The entire H3 base game currently costs less that the Deluxe Pack. Some of us are keen to continue supporting IOI and complete our WOA collection, but we’re just not comfortable shelling out £30.

It’s galling to see latecomers snap up these extra goodies at a price I would be willing to pay if the same deal was made available to me.


Deluxe Pack has been on sale many times for the 3 major platforms.
You’re on PC, right? Last time Deluxe Pack was on sale on PC was between May 21 - June 17.


Ah yes, you are of course correct. I recall now that I decided against purchasing the Deluxe Pack in the previous sale because, remaining at a price of more than £20, it still felt too expensive. A half price sale in line with the current reduction on the Deluxe Edition would be more palatable.

The £15 price point is the most I would be willing to spend for the Deluxe content. Particularly because I also anticipate needing to spend another £10 to £15 on the 7DS Collection in a possible future sale in order to satisfy my completionist desires.

Being able to pick up both the Deluxe Pack & 7DS Collection with 50% off would take my total spend on Hitman 3 to just over £77. This is still far more than I would ever usually spend on a game. Without the benefit of such sales, achieving 100% completion on Hitman 3 would cost £104.

Needing to spend over £100 to be able to complete one game does not appeal to me.


Wow, incredible timing. Just a coupe of hours after I wrote this post (below) in another thread, a new Epic Store sale has arrived. This time, all of the Access Passes are included at heavily discounted prices as well as the main game. But, once again, the Deluxe Pack remains at full price.

I really do find this quite shameful now. It’s hard to interpret this as anything other than punishing people who only purchased the base game at launch. What other reason is there for keeping the Deluxe Pack at full price when the Deluxe Edition and all other Access Passes are greatly discounted?

The full game can be purchased for £24.99, whilst the Deluxe Pack is £29.24. Heck, the Deluxe Edition is only £37.49 - by that logic it’s almost as if you’re getting H3 for £8.25 with the Deluxe Pack.


HITMAN 2 Standard and Gold Editions both 85% off on Steam until 4th October - link.

Asking for someone I know on another forum who owns the standalone HITMAN GOTY Edition game on Epic and plays the H1 levels in the HITMAN 3 launcher (doesn’t own the H3 levels, just plays H1 in the HITMAN 3 Free Starter Pack), if the person buys H2 Gold in this Steam sale they should be able to follow the steps in the PC Access Pass Guide and import their Steam H2 levels into Epic H3, right? So they’d be able to play H1 and H2 in the HITMAN 3 Free Starter Pack without owning the H3 levels - is that right?

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That is indeed correct. Owning HITMAN 2 Standard/Gold Edition or the HITMAN 2 Expansion Pass on Steam makes you eligible to claim the HITMAN 2 Standard/Gold/Expansion Access Pass for HITMAN 3.
And yes, they can claim the Access Pass even if they own the HITMAN 3 Free Starter Pack.

Feel free to ask if they have any more questions, I deal with them on a daily basis.


Cheers Ibbe! Do you know whether the guy will have to download H2 on Steam once purchased so that he can link his H2 Steam to his IOI account to allow the Access Pass redemption?

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Yeah I think he has to because he needs to link it to his IOI account.

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New user here, decided to buy Hitman because of the sale on steam right now (oct 2021). I wanted to get all the content, but am confused and stressed with the purchase options, specially since the sale is about to end soon.

I have purchased HITMAN 2 - Gold Edition (for $14.99) and HITMAN 2 GOTY Legacy Pack (for $4.99). So for around $20 one can purchase all the content available on steam or am I missing something here?

I also see HITMAN™ - Game of The Year Edition (for $59.11). But all the content in this pack is already available in the $4.99 mentioned above, right? So why buy this for $59.11?
Do I need this as well?

Thanks in advance guys

You are correct with the first one.

Hitman 2 Gold gets you the base Hitman 2 and all the DLC for it.

To get the Hitman 1 missions within Hitman 2, you can buy the GOTY Legacy Pack for 4.99$

The original Hitman 1 GOTY Edition just isn’t on sale, that’s why it’s so much more expensive. They aren’t always both on sale at the same time, so one’s usually a better deal than the other. It’s the same content anyway.

Thanks for clearing that up, appreciate it.

I wanted some clarification on the gameplay. Since we have the option to purchase the locations as individual dlcs, is there no story in the game? Is it just separate individual missions/locations?

Are there any pros and cons of playing hitman 1 content on the hitman 2 client? Does hitman 2 have better graphics? By that logic should I migrate every thing to the hitman 3 client and play everything there with better realism/graphics or whatever?


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