Sarajevo 6 hitman

WIll sarajevo 6 hitman be back in Hitman 3?

The first place you may want to check is the Known Issues thread:
HITMAN 3 - Known Issues)

Unlikely. IO signed a contract with Sony that would make the Sarajevo Six exclusive to HITMAN on PlayStation 4. It won’t happen unless Sony agrees to a new contract or allows IO to publish Sarajevo Six on other platforms or as another exclusive for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 editions of HITMAN 3.


ooh ok, I have both consoles 4 and 5 and I was hoping they bring it on ps5… Thanks for the information though

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No problem. As much as I would love to see Sarajevo Six come back to HITMAN 3, it’s very unlikely it will happen :pensive:


i don’t know if they will. if there is a way i could say it is it really is just new targets in unchanged locations. so i don’t know if they really add much. absurd due to exclusivity but idk if it really is something to worry about. hell i can barely remember the reason why i was killing them.

I think what they could do, especially if they do a Year 3 for the game before closing shop, is rework the original S6 into a new campaign that goes across the whole trilogy rather than just H1 maps. The campaign can be called something else and avoid the original name as well, thus avoiding breaking the original contract for how the S6 would be used. The targets could even be renamed if necessary. The final target would still need to appear in Hokkaido, but the rest could appear pretty much anywhere through WoA to avoid legal issues.

Or, they could even be released as new ETs that just happen to have a story tied to them. That avoids the name and the original usage of them. Depending on how the original agreement for them was written, like even the characters themselves were solely tied to the original deal, that could be a way that they could be reintroduced into the game without defying the original exclusivity deal.

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Do you think they will ever bring elusive targets from Hitman one?

They brought a few Legacy ETs, and one of them, Gary Busey couldn’t return because of contractual reasons, since Gary Busey is a real life Hollywood actor and the ET with the same name was made to look similar to him.

and probably with the fact of him being dead. it would probably end up looking bad to bring his ET back.

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Gary Busey? He’s still alive.


wtf? just looked it up and he’s not dead. thought people said he passed away? must be because people are referencing his near death experience.

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Just watch Sarajevo 6 be added with the following complication - If you start on a non-Playstation system, you will immediately fail.


There is the logical possibility to revamp the entire set of missions as @Heisenberg explained with extreme details - as always thank you. But i’d like to point out how illogic it is to be still contractually binded to Sony when the game is out on different platforms for so many years, that IOI developed a trilogy of games thus making the game legacy sustain throughout an entire era of game console. But they still can’t offer the S6 because Sony won’t let them. Contracts are hell (not the game!). WoA went through such a hectic development. IOI delivered the side-mission but they can’t endorse it. But of course in the end it’s the player’s privilege that is denied.


Isn’t this just freelancer in a nutshell? :joy:

sadly yeah. it’s what happens when things are made exclusive through consoles.

No, because the maps would not be randomized, just reassigned.