Season of Greed | Roadmap

aside from half the roadmap being last month’s content, no new unlocks, the same amount of content stretched out to last 6 weeks… oh not much.

take me back to the hitman 6 golden days when we had a brand new ET every two weeks, 3 free bonus missions, a paid dlc bonus campaign :heart_eyes:


Did they literally say that though? What they actually said was “To support our Seven Deadly Sins expansion, we’re now releasing our regular content as part of a Season of Sin , instead of a monthly roadmap. This is mostly a change in name, because the Escalations, Featured Contracts and Elusive Targets are still coming thick and fast – and free!”

Where in that does it say that the content will be themed?

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It’s literally in the name, Seasons of Sin. Why bother rebranding at all the name “roadmaps” (a commonly understood term) for such specific branding if they are going to do nothing with that branding ?


We have no idea whether there will be any unlocks from that roadmap. The actually released DLC for Greed did contain unlocks which are not reflected in that roadmap release so who’s to say whether any of the other stuff will unlock anything or not?

I assumed that it would be the same amount of content stretched out to 6 weeks so that was expected. And “half” is a bit of an exaggeration as it’s more like 1/3.

I think to keep it inline with patches and DLC releases simultaneously especially with mods being able to release stuff early.

I’m not upset about that. I’m not mad that IOI didn’t put this specific thing out that specific thing in. I’m just annoyed that we’ve had to lower our expectations so much just to be understanding. Before I used to read the roadmap and think “oh whoa, I can’t wait until [Insert day of the month here] for [Insert content here] to release”. Now I see the roadmap and that sense of excitement just dies.

Featured contracts used to be a small side thing I didn’t give the most thought, now it’s content I look into because it’s a large portion of the content. Has the quality of them increased? No, in fact I think they’ve gotten worse. There’s just so little content that I end up looking into it because I want something to do.

This all may just be ranting at this point, but I was hoping that the cost for the game would be worth it as much as Hitman 2, but it hasn’t been, and this season just goes to show that. I’m not asking for anything specific, I just want something.


whether you expected it or not doesnt make it not worth complaining about lol

considering the reaction to this absolutely pitiful roadmap i imagine that if they had an unlock available, they would have put it on there. the fact that they had to fill space with last month’s content tells me that they do not


That is fair, but remember that the thing that IOI actually had to do was to release the game in January, which they did. Anything else beyond that is extra.

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I’ll say that my concerns will become full fledge panic attacks when the collector releases since if we don’t have Elusive Target rewards for H3 Locations I will start to panic, Papa needs that John Wick suit that was leaked.

Remember fashion is always first.


The thing that gets me is that it would be so easy to spice up these roadmaps with no extra work by simply putting some items that are already in the game as unlocks .

Like, it’s called Greed Season. It’s right after Easter. Why not make the Golden Bunny Heist Suit a unlock? It’s literally perfect for both the theme and the month!


Look forward to it in the next paid DLC, it’ll be a steal!~

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Well let’s see…

Waiting all the way to May 6 for a game update that may or may not fix the last trophy issue I’m still missing to get the platinum over 3 months after release. To know whether or not they’re going to implement again the shoulder swap button that’s been crucial for my play style all these years.

Only one new free escalation in a 4-6 weeks cycle. After all, not everyone is willing or can afford half the price of a brand new game for 7 escalations spread out within the course of a year.

Featured Contract? Wonderful. I can find endless of good contracts just by browsing this forum alone. At least if those were community contracts it would’ve been nicer. I know some people here are truly creative. Edit: looks like we’re getting 6 FC instead of 10 for a longer period of time :man_facepalming:t2:

Same Seasonal Content announced in 2 roadmaps in a row. I don’t remember them doing that before.

H2 ET rerun? I guess that’s cool for those who missed that ET. I’m not that person. So that’s not new or exciting for me.

The H3 ET is what’s truly exciting! That’s the highlight of the roadmap for me.

So to summarize what’s really worth a damn in the new 4 to 6 weeks time frame is:

A new H3 ET and a new escalation.

Is that enough to keep me invested in the game for the next 6 weeks? Especially since the ET is a one time thing?

I’m not complaining or disappointed since I anticipated it to be that way. It’s just sad to see it being a real thing.

And are they planning on telling us more about what to expect in the 7 Deadly Sins DLC?


I just find it very silly to name it a “Season of Sin” and then the only one single piece of content that relates to said “Sin” is released in the very first day of said season and then everything else is actually unrelated ?


I agree that the roadmap is containing pretty much what had to be expected. Personally I only expected one more Escalation and was surprised with a second ET. I hoped for a bit more since the period of time is longer now, but that is not the letdown for me really.

What I am looking forward to from the first roadmap on are user created Featured Contracts. Starting off with company ones made sense for me, users don’t know the maps well enough to submit really good ones back then. And then the contracts could very well be made by someone else to tie closer to some companies like game journalists.

What disappoints me is the assumption we will never see user-made ones again. And that is the result if we guess the next season’s content by the roadmaps so far as you did. It is one thing how someone values these contracts. Some care, some don’t. But it kinda hurts that with each month IO not talking about it and picking another company instead, it seems like the appreciation from IO’s side is not that high as some fans of it assumed it is.

IO can always squeeze another batch of it in the roadmap. It just requires giving Clemens a few days in the month to go through the submissions. And while I wish Clemens a splendid wage, it is not that easy for me to see that wage multiplied by 15 hours is too much to invest for some bond to user content in the live content. Especially if I remember the late H2016 days when these were the only content per month, the one thing IO was able to afford when everyone else was busy at developing the next game.


Watching the T.A.G. twitch stream now. They don’t even have anything unlocked on their games, including most starting locations for the maps they’re making contracts for. Honestly a little embarrassing.


I just think community featured contracts is integral to the experience. Part of HITMAN as a series and it’s identity is the community and the contracts feature this should of been evident since its first incarnation of the mode.

Community acknowledgement from IO is what makes the games special and stand out from the rest since they make the communities contracts into real meaningful content.


I Agree.

I do think if they added in a couple challenge packs it would of worked a lot better. Though I do wonder if they released the Goldballer this month how many would complain that it should of been part of the paid content.

That brings up an interesting observation. Our particular preferences on content really come through when they release roadmaps and highlights what various community members really focus on. You mentioned featured contracts. You talk about how they user-created ones are typically better because they know the map and can really use the environments and such.

I tend to ignore contracts for the most part. I do the featured ones mainly to get the challenge completion for them but I don’t care if I get a silent assassin rating on any of them, never replay them, and generally find contracts to be too full of pointless restrictions to bother with.

We focus on different parts of the game (with good reason) and tend to look releases through that lens. It’s interesting.


Such a great thread :clap:


Truly is a quality one for all the right reasons. You can thank cake for eagerly wanting to see its return on the new forum.