Season of Greed | Roadmap

It’s important to note that we’re getting less Featured Contracts this month, too…

Featured Contracts with Two Angry Gamers and Achievement Hunter
This Season, two batches of Featured Contracts are currently in the works at Two Angry Gamers and Achievement Hunter. With a focus on Greed, you can expect three new contracts from each of them, spread across different locations in the game.


To be honest, and without any intention to offend Travis and Clemens, the final selection of the batches was always a bit controversial. It needs some specific game knowledge to identify good contracts (I think) so the user batches don’t need to be better per se when it is IO doing the selection.
My point though is that the whole process is close to the users and I love that even if it is not perfect.


So the only new content is the ET, an escalation, and some featured contracts?
Also they spent a lot of time here telling us about content that either already released or we were already aware of.
I don’t know, after the pretty lackluster amount of content, I don’t have high hopes for the rest of the game’s lifecycle.
I’m also not interested in the deluxe edition or the sins collection because of how wildly overpriced they are.
Edit: The deluxe upgrade (I bought the standard edition) is $35, despite the deluxe edition only costing $20 more than the base game. If I want to play deluxe content, I need to pay $15 more that I would have to pay it I just got it from the start. $35 is not worth it to me for some escalations, items, and some goodies. The sins collection is $30, which is very steep. Still not worth it at all to me.
I’m waiting for either of these to go on sale. Very disappointed with this pricing BS.


That’s a hobo disguise.


With the fact that the major content for this month has already been released, most likely already played by many, and one of the two is time-limited, probably adds some animosity about this roadmap.

Then there’s the rest of it, with only one escalation for Free players, two ETs (that, for all we know, are both going to be playable once, and once only) and the lack of a Community Featured contracts.
There’s also the relative size of it compared to the expectation of getting “6 weeks” of content, and a greater lack of free unlocks or anything relating to the rebranded ‘themed roadmaps’.

Kinda sucks everyone’s like this, but I get why there’s a lot of disappointment about it. Fingers crossed for a more positive and substantive Season of Pride


Well that was underwhelming… I mean don’t get I’m wrong I enjoyed the Greed Escalation and all but what I’m getting from this is that we paid money for The Escalation only and all the talk about getting “Greed Inspired” contracts turned out to be not part of the paid DLC meaning it’s just the same featured contracts with just a theme and nothing special? I mean really why couldn’t they just make this apart of the deluxe edition and not make players have to pay twice for essentially the same perks of getting the “special edition” I mean that’s lame :unamused:

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Can Clemens and Travis please take a look H3 issue thread and pass it to the developers? At this rate they will be fixing issues for the game even after the game is released on Steam… :fearful:
I’m guessing most of them have moved to 007 and only a handful are left for bugfixes at this point which I hope I’m wrong. :grimacing:

I still fail to see any post anywhere by IOI that says that anything in the monthly roadmaps apart from the Paid DLC portion will be themed, inspired by, or even related to the Sin…


What I am saying is that this 7 Deadly Sins DLC is not worth it considering that they are just making us pay for Escalations again when we got them with the Deluxe Edition, like what’s the point of making people pay for the same perks twice?

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Ok. That is a separate discussion though that has been going on in different threads for weeks now. People keep saying that the Free content in the roadmaps needs to be tied to the theme of the month and I never saw anything indicating that. The cost and worth of the paid content is a different thing entirely.

Uh ok, so the only new thing we didn’t (officially) already know about is the escalation. And now the wait is going to be even longer. It’s even less than I expected.


It probably would have gone over better if they released the greed escalation this week, but it doesn’t really change the actual content.

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From their own FAQ
“A season can last between 4-6 weeks and each season is focused on a different sin”
I dunno man , i can hardly say one single escalation released in the first day of the season qualifies as a "season focused on a different sin "


This might not be the case in reality, but this sure feels like a roadmap (I’m going to keep calling it that, because there’s simply not enough extra Sins-related content to justify using the re-branded Seasons wording) where 90% of IOI’s staff have moved on to Project 007 and/or The Other Unannounced IP, and there’s only a handful of people left working on HITMAN 3.


You know even the introduction to the Greed Escalation sort of causally plays into one of the story arcs about 47 being more human than cloned assassin and how he should ignore his conscience… this could have just as easily turned this into some alternate timeline or different ending for the story of Hitman 3 especially with redacted challenge for the last mission of H3. So really what a missed opportunity.

It’s just my opinion bud if anyone is happy with what they are getting than the should be by all means but it’s also okay to be critical about something that we love and are passionate about


Sadly I think missed opportunities encapsulates a lot of Hitman 3…


I have a feeling that’s it too. To make a stealth game comparison, it’s starting to look like the MGSV updates after they kicked out Kojima.

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on the bright side, as the months’ offerings become weaker and weaker, the argument against always online grows stronger. so thats a nice bonus


This alongside the donation they made and the 007 announcement and those being ‘stickied’ on their page make it seem like they’re working more on their ‘branding’ now that they’re independent than they are working on customer satisfaction / quality guarantee they used to when it was all about the games.

I’m sure they’ll still deliver great things in the future, sadly we’re paying for it in the present.