Season of Greed | Roadmap

They really don’t want to reveal that final unlock for 2nd track of FE. It is season of greed after all…
Oh well, atleast we’ll get Sieger case next week.

OK, so the new ET also lasts 10 days.

What is the change to them? I hoped for an unlock, but since there is no announcment in the video, I think not.


Haha, the change is no more new unlocks!

That’s a change, right?


No wonder it’s a season of sin!

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Nothing at this point.
With every new day personally I’m filling with a feeling that the plans on that matter were changed and we’ll see nothing new to ETs at all


the new feature is that you won’t get any type of rewards :smiley:


Honestly, I’d be kinda cool with no completion rewards on H3 ETs. Having rewards gated behind content that you can potentially fail and never replay (especially if you’re a pround member of #TeamNoRestarts like I am) isn’t great game design, IMO, and I think I would welcome the freedom of knowing that if I fail an ET then I haven’t potentially missed out on an Unlockable forever more.


You want unlock eh? Another reskin? No thanks. It’s just a normal roadmap, c’mon guys… There’s no update? Better less updates and a good maintenance, than what they did with hitman 2 with tons of maintenance and the final update let us with a broken game.

I thought this announcement would be telling us what the rest of the content in the greed DLC is going to be. So we aren’t going to find out ahead of time what will be included? :frowning:

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At least in the announcement video Clemens says: greed inspired content.

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Less updates with 2 bugfixes that breaks 10 other things? No thanks

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Nope, they’re asking you to buy on faith alone… which is why I wouldn’t spend the cash myself at this point.


But it is never, ever, a good thing to announce “Hey, other than previously, you get nothing!” So I’m kind of curious what they meant with the changes.

But I understand that, usually I dont like time limited stuff either. Especially big games with years of service, where two thirds of the content came after launch, unobtainable for people to get later.

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Yeah, it should at least be a ‘i participated and all i got was this lousy suit’ kind of thing where you don’t get punished for not “cheating” by killing the application.
Maybe they could add minor details that show off how well you did like a military suit with stars on the shoulder.
Or a if you failed it’ll be reset upon next rotation. Maybe like an option where you can choose the way you play like diablo 3 hardcore perma-death where if you choose no restarts and get it done you could have some easter egg comments from npc’s about how hardcore you are.


On the other hand, reactivations are made exactly for them as well as for those who missed one or two targets on their premiere appearance.
With my pessimism on any ET formula changes keep growing, I still hope that the change will be perpetual reactivation cycle with ability to play ETs for those who already killed them.
For the final game for foreseeable future it would’ve been right and logical


mr clemens fix the challenges NOW :rage:

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Anybody else surprised Outsidexbox haven’t been “featured” in the Featured Contracts so far? Thought they would be among the first IOI would consider, what with their extensive coverage of the trilogy and them even appearing in easter eggs in Hitman 2.


One of the Outside Xbox guys did reply to Travis about it on Twitter (and Urben infamously copied it :eyes:). So I would reckon they will come at some point later on

Agreed that it is a bit odd some of the people that have come before them though


Have we solved the mystery on who MinnMaxx is, anyhow?

That’s the one Featured creator recently I haven’t heard of - at all - outside of Hitman.


theyre made up of former GameInformer employees, and remember that GameInformer had that marketing deal in the weeks leading up to launch, so i bet there was something there