Season of Pride | Roadmap

A thread to discuss the second season of the newest DLC, Pride.

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This is what made me write “probably” about Pride. Come on Travis, at least give us a clue.

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I was expecting for it to be Wrath but we’ll see.

So why did you make 2 of these?

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One for the season (roadmap) and one for the act (escalation?)

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Somebody said in here (can’t remember where it was) they seem to think the timeline won’t be in order like we’ve seen on the original DLC trailer? They might be right as well and I suppose that way it keeps us guessing on what’s coming.

We’ll know in an hour or so, thoughts?
  • Pride
  • Wrath
  • Other

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Oops, nearly forgot what time it was happening :sweat_smile: cheers for the reminder Hich :+1:


Pride it is



Anyone caught a glimpse of the roadmap yet?

Currently, we only got the unlocks for the Pride DLC (with escalation) and the next H3 ET (The Iconoclast) but nothing more.

Some call me a prophet :wink:

Next month predication:

  • Sin: Sloth
  • Colour scheme: Light blue
  • Animal: Goat

Let’s see :flushed:


I can one up this and say maybe a Sloth :sloth:


Watching the livestream and Travis notes that there’s “a lot” on this next roadmap. Oooh.
(“a lot” is subjective, but I’m sure it confirms more than the season of Greed.)

  • Blood Money Anniversary “Potentially just a escalation”

  • Pride Content

  • Community Contracts

  • Elusive Target

I have a feeling we will have more unlockables outside of the premium content.


I understood the blood money anniversary thing as just them playing BM on the next ioi insider episode. The chill one. Anything more would be aces.

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Yeah. I think some nearing the end of the year will start being 6 weeks so then a season will reach into December to get seasonal content out with it.
My prediction is:

  • Sin: Sloth
  • Animal: Snail
  • Colour Scheme: I’m not bothered, light blue sounds about right though.

I assume there will be 2 free escalations to make up a lack of a seasonal one (unless the BM one counts but I think they said they might just do a stream)

Unlockables associated with pride look cool, however I don’t think they fit the ‘Hitman’ style

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Sloth escalation prediction:
Map: Haven Island

Forced starting location: One of those beach bed things (I forgot what they’re called).

Level 1: No target, Blend in for 1 minute, If 47 leaves the bed the mission will fail, Can bring a firearm.

Level 2: No target, Blend in for 2 minutes, If 47 leaves the bed the mission will fail, Can bring a firearm.

Level 3: No target, Blend in for 5 minutes, If 47 leaves the bed the mission will fail, Can bring a firearm AND a smuggled item.