Season of Undying (First Roadmap 2024)

I don’t consider it OP for the simple reason we already have had things like the Snail Mine and the Sedative Gum for years which provide easy, legal sedative options. Plus, sedatives don’t work on targets without voiding SA so that does restrict their use quite a bit compared to emetics.

Don’t wanna start a million comment back-and-forth about OP items in the game though


Technically, this is only true if a non-target NPC finds the body of the sedated target, or if another target finds the body and you don’t kill that second target before they tell a non-target NPC about it. Still, a risk factor that other sedation scenarios don’t have to worry about.

Snail is OP too, just that I find the blue egg to be even more powerful since it’s a legal throw, you only need to make sure the NPC you are about to KO can’t see you throw it at them, and if aim for the floor it’s even easier.

A LEGAL THROW! that’s crazy!

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Well, throwing an egg is usually not a crime, and most people aren’t going to equate the person hit passing out to a magical mist coming out of the egg that’s enough to immediately conk someone cold. So it’s not really believable for throwing the egg to be illegal. :smirk:

Would you do something if you saw someone throw an egg at someone else from the back?

Probably laugh. Certainly wouldn’t call the cops unless they kept doing.

Unless it was something like some white supremacist bastard throwing it at a terminally ill child on crutches, then I might have a problem.


The snail’s legal to throw too so it’s not particularly different in that regard? Unless you meant legal to throw at the target’s head like fruit?

That’s what I meant, not gonna lie, it’ll save so much headache when need to acquire keys from NPCs, it’s gonna be abused alot, the delivery guy in Berlin is going to suffer in quite alot of speedruns.

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im glad they fixed Ljudmila during the intro but i had no idea it was a bug. hell i think the letterboxing effect in general isnt nearly as good as GOTY 2016 when they didnt have it

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Man, I’ve been off the forum for about 12 hours and I’ve come back and seen these updates. Not sure what’s gone on, but hope everything is sorted? :face_with_diagonal_mouth:


Sowwy :face_with_peeking_eye:



It’s like skipping a cutscene and then not knowing what the hell is going on. :rofl:


The Big One go flying, bye-bye The Undying.