Season of Undying (First Roadmap 2024)

LOL “cheap”, sure.  

  1. the content hasn’t been available since Hitman 2 without using mods

  2. we’re finally getting it as a permanent Elusive Target, yes it’s not the best because of the forced objectives (though level 2 is fully open) but honestly that all i and many others expected.

Just be happy the dead people still working on Hitman are still bringing out content, great content in my opinion too!


Just a reminder for tomorrow: Direct all complaints with the Forged in Fire challenge to me, not IO! My thought process behind the challenge:

On Ambrose the metal worker disguise isn’t utilized much and even though there are torches and braziers scattered around, they’re only used for a Monkey Island easter egg so most people aren’t gonna bother ever lighting them. I chose the Burial Dagger because it surprises me that they’ve never made it an unlock, as I was making the challenge I thought it could be like the metal worker was “forging” the dagger in the braziers, and I love the TV show Forged in Fire so I wanted to reference it.

I didn’t really consider Silent Assassin when making the challenge. I mean, I’m sure it can be done but it’ll be a lot easier to not worry about it. Also, I suppose a consequence of the Burial Dagger becoming an unlock is that it makes the Janus mission story on the Isle of Sgail slightly easier to do. Of the 4 challenge ideas I had for Ambrose Island, I think this one’s the best, though I still would like to see more challenges added to Ambrose.

Still feels pretty surreal to me that my challenges are getting added to the game!


SA’ing it should be pretty easy since you can use explosives to light the braziers - it doesn’t have to be via torch.

My plan for the troublesome one off the cave is to plant the micro remote explosive and then detonate when in the metal worker disguise. The other three will be easily accessible in the metal worker disguise.

Assuming the challenge doesn’t specifically require the use of the torch that is…

Edit: Shooting the braziers also lights them too.


The challenge is live!

…and its broken. It pops after only lighting three of the four braziers.


It took all four for me on PS5.


I’m thinking the one near-ish the default starting location isn’t required for the challenge currently, but the other three are. Both on Steam and PS5 I did the other three first and it popped.

What order did you do them in?

I went Caves → Rope Bridge → Ruins → Beach both times.


Mine was Beach → Ruins → Bridge → Caves, so you could be right.


I was sadly kicked out of the temporarily free Undying Arcade while I was goofing around trying to attend the meeting as a clown without getting trespassed during the sitting animation

it can be done

(but not without paying $7.50)

Are these featured contracts new or have I just not noticed them


New. Got added today.

First one is stupidly easy and the second one is very, very similar to the “Acrophobia” contract in the last batch so no clue how it got picked.


Bruh, it wasn’t even a picks thread, just combatglue featuring contracts they like.

Since Combatglue plays Hitman on Switch (MYT finally has a partner) I can only assume these are Switch creators.

btw did anyone told Combatglue that Community Managers’ batches aren’t considered Curated Contracts but just… Featured Contracts?


I’ve made a topic for them. As I said there: they are not switch contracts. They are from the Fan Made Contract topic on this here forum. The first 400 or so post of them. They are from January, February 2021.

(hence some old names, like TheContractor)

I don’t know if @Combatglue will do submission threads, and themes like Clemens did.

I don’t know why they were chosen this way, but I like to think that it’s CombatGlue looking at the history, and a bit of appreciation of the years of contracts creation on the forum.


That’s insane! Will play when I’ll get time to it, hopefully later this evening.

(If anyone wonders, TheContractor appeared on my PSN lately, it said they were last online about a year ago, seems they quit gaming as a whole, rip)


Something else:

The Serial Killer Elusive Target will arrive 12 hour early. And might, might end also 12 hour early. I don’t know if it’s a mistake, or on purpose, a change in release hour.
Because instead of releasing at 14.00 (2pm), the serial killer will release at 02.00 (2am) - all Copenhagen time.

(it’s 20.00, and the release is in 6 hours)

(yes I just edited this post to have a capture of exactly 6:00:00 left on the timer, and the first combatglue pick in the rotation. I’m fine)


As of right now, it is set on the servers to end 12 hours earlier than normal.

All four ETs they queued up in today’s load are set to operate on the same time schedule.

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The funny thing is in Year 2 the Serial Killer released 12 hours early, then they copy/pasted into Year 3 so that version released 12 hours early, and now they’ve copy/pasted again so the Year 4 version’s also 12 hours early! Can’t wait till Year 5 to see it be 12 hours early again!


It worked fine for me on Xbox X/S.


Either I goofed something up or the brazier in ruins where the meeting mission story takes place also sets off the gas tank (if sabotaged) despite being a considerable distance away. Either that tank has considerably larger spark-catching radius or I greatly underestimated how easy to set off these are.

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It seems to be that if you leave the one on the beach (south east of the default starting location) until last, it’ll pop early as that one is not actually linked to the challenge completion.