🗣 Sessions with Lafayette - Serious Issues Thread

“Hello, I am Dr. Oscar Lafayette. I am a highly skilled therapist that usually charges $1,500 an hour. But for all you lovely fans here on Hitmanforum, I will provide my services to you, free of charge. I have helped many overcome their problems, perhaps you heard of them? Bio engineer genius, Silvio Caruso , Radical activist, Sean Rose , even lead singer Jordan Cross from the band “The Class” and I am certain I can help you as well. Feel free to drop by my office anytime if you ever need an ear. Have a wonderful day.”

A thread I wanted to resurrect from the old forum, originally created by Agent4T7, who was suspended over 2 years ago now. Still, I think his thread has been highly useful, and I think it is important to have a space on this forum for the discussion of serious issues. Because of the nature of this thread, there are some guidelines.

#1: This is to talk about serious issues in your personal life. For relatively minor problems in your life, or just daily chat, the What’s New…? Thread would probably be more appropriate.
#2: By serious issues, I mean topics such as trauma, PTSD, death of a family member or friend, substance abuse, mental or phyiscal disability, relationship problems etc.
#3: Please stay on topic. Please do not post random junk or you will be reported to the moderators.
#4: If you can’t say anything nice or constructive, say nothing atall. Users on this thread should feel safe to post their problems without fear of judgement. Any inappropriate remarks will be reported to the moderators.
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Most Important Of All: While users on here can offer their advice, noone on here is a trained therapist. If you feel that you are maybe at risk of harming yourself or maybe suicidal, please call an emergency phone number immediately, respective of the country you live in.


Well, just found out one of my friends was directly exposed to a covid case because her idiot friend just HAD TO go on vacation. In the middle of a plague.

I get it. There are reasons to want to travel right now (mental health break, help support the economy) but at the same time we just got our first cases of the mutated UK variant in Canada and I just can’t see the math working out in favour of travel right now.

I’m pissed off at the friend and I’m pissed off at life because I can’t even have the uncomplicated anger of there being no excuse for what she did. It just sucks.


I feel you. When I think about that one of these idiots could possibly infect my seriously ill father… no, I really don’t want to think about it but yes, I think I would blame every person that takes this pandemic so lightly.


Just got word that my cousin in Boston caught covid. Fucked up thing is he was careful and manage to avoid it all this time but when he got the vaccine shot, he just so happen to catch it shortly afterwards. He thinks it wasn’t the shot but the trip to the hospital was why but I can’t help but feel otherwise. I know things are bad but I hope everyone doesn’t just leap at the chance to get this “cure”.


Wow that sucks.

However I am wondering, isn’t the vaccine a weak version of the virus? Is it sure the test did not just confirmed the vaccination?


That’s rough, I hope that your cousin is able to make a full recovery

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Oh Naz, I’m so sorry. I hope this doesn’t sour you on the vaccine entirely though. The vaccine is made of a dead copy of the virus so that your system has a sort of practice dummy to work out its response on. Here’s a link if you want more info.

It just seems like shit luck. This piece of shit virus has a really long incubation period which makes it so easy to transmit unknowingly. I know coincidence is cold comfort right now and so is knowing that the mortality rate is only about 2%. I hope your cousin has good people around him who can help care for him while he beats this thing.


Hard to say for sure. After the shot he started feeling sick and got tested again. That’s when they called him and said he had it.

Thanks man.

Thanks Bourbon, I really do appreciate it. But to be honest, I was never keen on the vaccine solely because it does contain a small copy of covid. I feel the best defense is eating and drinking things that’ll help boost your immune system like vitamins, herbal teas, fruits and vegetables ect. Not that I’m knocking on anyone who chooses to take it. Just be carful.


Usually that means the vaccine is working. The body fights the (weaker) virus and builds an immunity against the actual virus. I hope that is what it is for your cousin.

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From what I read it’s actually not a weak version. It’s more like a warning. Some vaccines are diluted versions though so I’m not sure if what I read is specific to the Pfizer one or all of them or was not accurate.

Thoughts and prayers going out @Nazareth and @Bourbon for your friends/family.


Thank you man. I take all the prayers I can get.

@Urben I can only hope he pulls through. Still not feeling great about making a healthy person sick in order for the vaccine to work, but thank you anyway.


I wish your cousin and your family all the best, stay strong and take care of yourself!


Oh and @Bourbon, a Firm Handshake to you for not exploding in anger at your friend. They are sick and now isolated so just be there them. Thank god we have the Internet and FaceTime. Can you imagine having to hold an old school phone to your ear for 25 min to catch up with a friend? Or sending pigeon notes back and forth ?

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I would never have blown up at my friend. It’s her friend who took the risk with travelling and they were asymptomatic when my friend visited. I just think my friend’s friend was being irresponsible.

But yeah, the core group of us have been having Zoom hangouts every other week. It’s actually how I found out. If absolutely fuckall else, lockdown has been really great for forcing us all to sit down and make time to connect.

Edit: I’ll take that handshake…from a distance



I’ll give you a distance hug!


Just got a text from Dad that my Grandad has died in hospital. He’d been in hospital for 9-10 months, clear he wasn’t going to leave. Because he entered during the pandemic, I never actually got to visit him. From what I was told, he was often rarely lucid.

To be honest, we wern’t that close. Despite him having 3 children, 4 grandchildren, and recently 2 great-grandchildren, he didn’t seem that interested in keeping in touch with any of us. He seemed to just like doing his own thing, playing bowls, watching snooker and football on TV. I would call him once a month, chat for like 5 minutes, then he’d make an excuse to hang up.

But yeah, not sure what to think. Just feel extremely bummed I couldn’t at least visit him. No idea what the funeral is going to be like, doing a quick Google I guess in Scotland the maximum number of people for a funeral is 20? Not sure that is right. My Dad, Uncle, and Aunt will arrange things, hopefully they’ll have things sorted. To be honest, my Dad is very bad when it comes to grief.


This is something I’ve been worried about for quite some time. Ive started to exhibit symptoms of a particular type of cancer that has run through my family for quite some time. Its hard to see a doctor now because of covid, but the odds of a positive diagnosis is quite likely.

I have a lot of emotions right now. I always knew that it would probably happen at some point and have mentally prepared myself for this occasion, but now its here and its overwhelming. I feel fear, anger, and some kind of relief which I cant accurately explain.

At worst, I’ll have five years to live. At best, it can be treated and cured, but I really don’t want to get my hopes up in case the worst happens.

For now, I guess I’ll just have to see what comes next


My grandfather also has cancer, and if there’s one thing I learned from everything that he’s gone through, is to never expect the worst.
He always had a negative outlook. He feared he would die soon, and to him, every day seemed like his last day on Earth. That actually led to it getting worse, since he didn’t feel motivated to drink, eat, and would sometimes forget to take his medications. This ended with him staying at a hospital for months. Specifically, six months.
However, he’s doing great now. He’s not in a flawless state… he’s sadly far from it. But still, he’s recovering from his prostate cancer, and something that really helped with his recovery was a more possitive outlook on things.
He thought he wouldn’t be able to see a doctor, but as long as you respect social distancing norms and wear a facemask, you’ll be fine. Remember, he spent months in a hospital, and he never catched COVID.
Like you, he felt fear and said that “getting my hopes up isn’t worth it”, but when he came to terms with what he had and had a firmer grasp on it, he began to act more positively. He’s not overly optimistic, and he doesn’t discard the possibility that maybe it won’t be cured, but that doesn’t matter. As long as there’s a possibility of it being cured, as small as it may seem, he doesn’t give up. And you need to do this too.
Don’t be afraid, because when that fear takes over your mind, it’s near impossible to regain hope.
Don’t be angry, because it’s not your or anyone in your family’s fault. Sometimes, our bodies fail us for no apparent reason, but that doesn’t mean they can recover.
When it comes to that relief you feel… I don’t know what to say. I’m sorry.
I know this post might seem disorganized, but reading about how you feel made me think about my grandpa and I don’t wish what happened to him to anyone. So please, don’t think about the worst first. Don’t ignore it, but always keep in mind that things can end positively.
We’re all in a tough situation, but if my grandpa managed to recieve treatment while avoiding COVID, and he’s actually recovering, you can too. I believe in you.


Whelp I got COVID. My Hitman 3 launch is ruined.


Sorry to hear that, hope it will only be a mild infection for you. If you are not that ill, can’t you still play Hitman?