🗣 Sessions with Lafayette - Serious Issues Thread

I have recently been exposed to some shock sites and NSFL content, I did not look at any of these sites purposely, many of them were bait-and-switch. I will not say or link what the sites were for the safety of you guys, but im just shook and traumatized from what was on these sites (will not share this either)


It’s war now, and I can’t even process it, my group chats are flooded with missing people, friends that live in the south told me that they can’t leave their homes due to shots outside and social media is blasted with dead people and videos of terrorists running around in the streets.

I got called back to the base and I couldn’t even be upset about it “ruining my weekend” considering everything that goes on, I keep hearing about friends of friends of friends that got murdered or kidanapped, hearing about people that luckily got away from the party at Berry, and some that didn’t had luck, this is scary, really scary, I just want this war to be over with, my heart is pounding while I write this, I just can’t do it.


Take care of you and your family mate. My brother in law is at University of Jerusalem. I am concerned about him as well. He went there this year to pursue higher education.


War is hell. Wishing you the best. Where are you, if I may ask? Obviously you’re in Israel/Palestine but I don’t know your story.


Can you tell us what you do now? Providing help?

Switcher does/did his basic military service every Israeli man has to do when becoming adult. I think so far that was supportive work, not being a soldier. Maybe he is willing to give some details but I doubt he has the time. :confused:


Israel, currently doing Logistics in the Air Force (don’t want to go into specifics), I’m currently doing an all nighter and it’s 2 am for me so my mind is melting, I am so tired I can’t even look at this screen, this is for sure the longest day in my entire life, so absurd.




Please take care! Wishing you a lot of strength. Can’t imagine how hard this is for you, I sometimes already have trouble just writing about it and deciding what pictures to show (as an editor for a local news website I see a lot of pictures that nobody should ever have to see).


Luckily it’s pretty safe out here, and I live in the center of israel, north to Tel Aviv so my family is safe too.

I went down the hell hole of watching the videos that are going around the internet, including the woman that they broke her legs and took her clothes off after killing her, the slaughtered soldiers of Golani that were all murdered while they slept, multiple videos of kidanapped people and so much more, theres no way any violent video or picture can be uploaded in here, it’s horrific.

copied message from discord

The scariest thing about the situation is how everyone know someone that got murdered, or know someone that know someone that got murdered, someone from my grade got killed, and every single person around me knows someone too, it’s destructive.
700 dead.

Edit: 900 dead, currently 900 dead.


Keep calm and do (whatever it is you do) to protect your fellow servicemembers and the homeland. I’ll send some prayers your way. Rooting for ya!


The most first world problem ever, but I am bored as fuck waiting for my house purchase to complete. I sold my apartment of 16 years at the beginning of September without my new house being ready, because I had a really good offer and I didn’t want to lose my buyer.

I’ve had an offer accepted on my dream house since April but my vendors refuse to move out until their onward purchase is sorted, and their purchase is moving at the speed of treacle (probate transaction with lots of legal complications). In the meantime I’ve moved back in with my mum and dad (hence the first world problem, because it would be much worse if I was renting off a third party in the interim) for the first time in 20 years. It’s nice spending more time with them but it’s also really fucking weird being a full grown adult living back under your parents’ roof.

Plus I have the complete HITMAN Locations Displate collection sat waiting for a wall to be put up on, and I have a perfect spot for them if and when I get into the new place. I want to move NOW!


So on Thursday morning i noticed two blurry spots in the vision of my left eye. I didn’t thought much about it, maybe my eyes where just tired and moved on. Friday morning the issue was still there, not better, not worse. So my friend recommended me to go to the optician to check this out, because its way faster than to get an appointment at a doctor specialized on eyes.

The woman there inspected my eye couldn’t find anything at first, she then scanned(?) my retina and the first thing she said was “oh my god”. She then told me she isnt allowed to give any diagnosis because she isnt doctor but she told me i needed to go to the eye clinic asap.

One of my friends drove me there and waited for 3 hrs with me until a doctor came to look into my eye. He told me basically that my retina has 2 quite big bruises but he couldn’t tell me what caused this. I didn’t get a punch to the face or had an accident or something alike either.

He told me to stay in the hospital over the weekend so the can do various tests on me on Monday so i declined that and went home with my friend. (the problem with my vision didnt changed at all it just stays the same so far).

Now i have to go to the hospital on monday morning to get all the testing done and the doc told me to prepare to stay there for 5 days.

I’m a little bit scared of going blind and now I’m at home playing video games and cuddle with my cat and try not to think too much about it. I also stay the hell away from googling that shit.

Heres a picture of my blood filled retina (i think it looks somehow beautiful :face_with_hand_over_mouth:) and a little meme my friend made out of the picture to cheer me up

EDIT: if anyone of you by any chance is some kind of nurse or doctor or whatever please don’t tell me how bad it is, i just want to enjoy this weekend :pleading_face:


I didn’t know that such things can even happen :flushed: fingers crossed that it is nothing serious and that you can hopefully leave the hospital with good news :four_leaf_clover: Will send you strength and good thoughts the next days :two_hearts:


I don’t even know what to say. I am honest, I don’t know enough about anything that happens there to have a real opinion on the politics, I am just sad for every innocent person dying. I just hope that you and your beloved ones stay save and I wish you much strength for everything coming :two_hearts::pray:


You’re smart to stay away from Google, that always makes everything worse lol

I hope everything will be okay for you tho, sending good vibes :blue_heart::people_hugging: Perhaps you just slept on it weird or something.


@MrOchoa Hey man, I just wanted to ask if you heard anything more about your issue? Wishing you the best.


Yeah i was in the hospital for 3 days and they made a lot of tests with me and the only thing they found is that i have very high blood pressure.

This isn’t normal for just sitting relaxed on the couch…

Anyways I was released on my own wish out ouf the hospital on Wednesday because on Thursday i was invited for a “test working day” in a new company where i applied for a new job (went very well, got the new job :)) and had to go to the eye specialists and my own doctor to check out the rest.

Tldr: my blood pressure is way too high, i get meds for it now, the spots in my eye are bruises on my retina that should go away on their own, but probably will take a while.

Thanks for all the support and nice words y’all :heart:


I’ve been in a small friend group for a few years now. I usually end up talking to them in a voice chat at least once every week. Recently a small disagreement between two of my friends ended up exploding. It wasn’t anything really important or major but some small petty disagreement and when that’s happened before there have been no problems, people forgive each other, apologize then moved on. But for some reason this one small issue kept getting dragged on, adding more garbage or disagreements between each other to the point that it’s basically just a shouting match and that they don’t want to be friends anymore.

I honestly don’t know how to handle it or what to do. The issue doesn’t involve me so nobody is angry with me but I feel like I have both of them pulling on each of my arms trying to make me pick a side over petty disagreements boiling over. At this point I’m honestly not sure what to do if I should try to mediate and fix the situation. Start ignoring them until they fix or deal with it or something else. :neutral_face:

I’d appreciate any feedback.


I got into a small car accident on Sunday evening. It was my fault, I managed to scrape a stationary car, knocking off its wing mirror, whilst managing to damage my own car more in the process by damaging my front nearside wheel. Thankfully, the owner of the car I hit wasn’t too bothered and noone was injured, but still, a bit of a shock.

And starting from today, I’m going to start taking anti-depressant medication, Sertraline. One tablet a day for 2 months, then will go back to the Doctor for an update on how I’m doing. Been told it might take a short while until it starts to work properly, I guess we will see. I’ve never taken medication in my entire life, I just hope it can help my mood.


Starting to really become concerned that I may be experiencing General Anxiety Disorder, or just slowly going insane and descending into paranoia as I get older, as I’m finding myself more and more afraid of the future and its promise of inevitable loss, including of life for myself and/or those I care about, seemingly with each passing night.

And before anyone says it, the notion that this is a normal or common issue that happens to a lot of people so I don’t have to feel alone in it brings me no relief whatsoever. That just tells me that A) this is something that’s supposed to happen then, and B) nobody’s figured out how to resolve/fix it, otherwise it wouldn’t be something that so many people experience.