🗣 Sessions with Lafayette - Serious Issues Thread

Just know you have a whole forum backing you any day of the week when you’re feeling down. While it’s not a biological family, plenty of us here are willing to listen and hear what you have to say.

Family is very fickle and it’s never easy especially
when communicating with them.

It’s okay to have feelings of self doubt especially when it comes to your future. Don’t let that invalidate your dreams, goals, hopes, and aspirations. Not everything will come instantly and you’ll fail in a lot of areas, but never give up. Look around and reassess how you will reach your goals. Maybe something just isn’t working and you need to approach it differently. But what’s important is you never gave up on your goals and dreams.

A whole community of people are here for you, it ain’t much but we have a particular bald man and his handler we’re all passionate about.


thanks so much for the encouragement @Yacob and @Swangtheugly :blue_heart:

I’m sketching something now, before work. seeing where it goes, trying to forget about the portfolio thing for the moment.

That especially means a lot to hear at this moment. that it’s alright to fail. not everything is going to be a big “win” off the bat. Nothing is magically perfect every time.

Life feels like treading water lately, and it can be tough to remember what really matters when you don’t have anyone to vent to in real life. once more this community shows how kind it can be. so thanks again guys for the support. I really do appreciate it and hope you have a good weekend.


I’ve lost a very good friend of mine a couple months ago. I’ve been coping as best as I can but I sorely miss him. We’ve known each other for 13 years, most of it was on discord and yet I consider him to be my best friend and he’s gone. I feel so alone, especially today. He loved the hitman trilogy, I got him into it. Put over hundreds of hours into it and we would stream it together. I can’t even play it now without thinking of him.


Not much I can say to help ease that, just to hang in there, and I wish you the strength needed to carry the weight.


This isn’t really an issue post, I just didn’t know exactly where to put it.

But I think this is the best I’ve felt in a long time. I’ve had occasional suspicions in the last couple years that I have undiagnosed depression (I still haven’t talked to anyone about it) and really struggled with motivation in getting things done or being productive, I barely scraped by the last couple years of school, but I just started a med change for my ADHD and I think it’ll work better. And I’ve put my pride aside and finally committed to actually go to fucking therapy for once and talk about it. Things aren’t perfect but it’s a start.

Thanks for listening :sunny:


I am glad you have taken the first step, it might not be the easiest or even the hardest but it was the most necessary one.


I am having a bad day, so I decided to assess my mental health online (partially just because I enjoy quizzes). This was my result.

So, honestly, not too bad? I’ll take enduring over struggling, personally, even though it does feel like the latter a lot of the time. In case anyone else is interested, it’s around 50 questions in length.


My report: Life is challenging and I am managing, but I should consider opportunities for enhancing my mental health.

(Well duh! to that last part)

Onward. Baby steps. One step at a time. Excelsior. I. Can. Do this!


Also, power to you, and thanks for sharing.


For what it’s worth…




Seriously though, and as someone who had heavy professional help, and current maintenance on it. Including multiple professional screenings.

Don’t take the ones you can find on the internet as actionable indicators.
Real ones, the one you can use to go further are well crafted. Usually they are less about general feelings toward yourself, and more about situations, well-defined, surprisingly mundane, common, and then cross referenced.

And never with just results, always explained, back and forth discussed, and debriefed with a professional.

Best is to identify not you general being, but your true needs. And from that, at least that’s what the structure that helped me did, make an adequate demand program.
It’s then less about finding the great truth that liberate, and more about doing the dumb work on it.

Whatever it is, wherever you are mentally. I hope you will do well, or at least don’t feel too terrible.



Sadly life is full of ups and downs and we gotta work through it. Wishing you luck that you’ll be able to get to a better place where you’re happy soon.


Also I got pretty much what I was expecting. Not good, not bad. Just sorta meh and following wherever the wind blows then working with it.


Honestly not surprised. Been in a pretty shitty mental place for a long time now. :woman_shrugging:


Your MHQ Score is:


You are succeeding in staying mentally well. Stay on track and re-assess from time to time.

Not to say everthing is just peachy, especially not in January but I don’t want to talk about that now, but I’ve been rolling with the punches and find myself smiling more often then not.


Full potential? Oh, jeez, not that crap again.


Higher than I was expecting


I’m so happy guys!

Seriously though, not at all worrying :3


Just about succeeding is pretty alright, I think. Thanks for sharing the questionnaire :slightly_smiling_face: