🗣 Sessions with Lafayette - Serious Issues Thread

I haven’t been doing the best lately. Recently I’ve been dealing with a new episode of depression and the people around me haven’t helped. In the past I’ve always had the support of my friends online when I’m down but after a stupid drama occurred in my friend group they kept pressuring me to pick a side. I decided to not get involved but that just made me lose them. I used to hang out with them multiple times a week but now I barely hear from them anymore or they just outright ignore me and don’t reply. It’s been upsetting me because I just want things to go back to when they were better but they can’t. I think I’ve been struggling to accept that and finally move on.

Besides that I’ve had lots of changes in my life (some good, some bad) from a new job, learning to adjust my schedule, trying to go back to college, and other crap that’s been making it really difficult for me to deal with all this in a short period of time. I have autism which doesn’t really make it any easier. Whenever my routines or things around me change it’s difficult to adjust. But with so much happening at once I just feel constantly overwhelmed and upset.

My family hasn’t been helping me during this either. A few days ago I was feeling depressed so I just laid in bed all day. Then one of my family members decided a great idea would be to yell at me while in that state. I couldn’t handle it and just mentally shut down and burst into tears.

It’s just been feeling much harder to deal with than in the past because I don’t feel like I have my old friends or family to support me. I think feeling lonely has been the main contributor to how I’m doing right now.

Idk I felt like I needed to let this out somewhere. It’s two in the morning and this has been eating me up inside the last few hours.


I am sorry about that friend group. Not picking a side sounds to me like the best move, especially if the dispute was over something silly. We’ve all had those can’t do anything except lay in bed days. Don’t let it happen again tomorrow though. Even if it seems impossible at least put your shoes on and go for a walk outside. If you get the shoes on then the rest is easy. Anyway I hope you’re feeling better soon.

PS: 2 am huh? We got another central time zone guy here!


Luckily I haven’t had this happen again since it occurred a few days ago. Even if I’m not feeling the best I just try to force myself to do something whether it be simple like sitting outside. Also I’m in the Eastern Standard Time Zone, not CMT.

I think I’ll use the time I have to relax and just focus on things I enjoy. I have the next 3 days off of work. So I’m thinking I’ll do some baking to keep my mind focused on something else. Haven’t decided what yet. Thanks @Yacob


If you bake something fun share it, please. Everyone at HMF are really still here just bc of the what are you cooking/eating thread :rofl:


Shhhhh :shushing_face: That’s a secret!


:heart_on_fire: heartburn, and it is terrible.

It’s starting to be more frequent. Maybe 2x or 3x a month, but that is up from once every other month not that long ago. I have cut out pepperoni and other obvious foods but now I can have 2 margaritas and a not spicy taco for lunch and half way between lunch and go home time at my desk and it just comes out of nowhere. I am too young to be having to take a prilosec every day (I think). I am gonna have to talk to the doctor. How do people cope with this? I’d rather have a migraine or get punched by a big huge tough guy every day than deal with this.


Ouch, I feel for you man. I´ve been suffering from the occasional heartburn pretty much since childhood (though probably much more when I was little, lol). Improving my general eating/drinking habits has always been the best long-term solution for me, since nowadays I basically only get it when I overdo it with booze or spicy/junky stuff, but as a quick remedy, Rennie tablets have always worked well for me, so you might wanna give those a go if you can get them in the States. Alternatively, I also remember almonds (yeah, just plain, raw, non-peeled almonds) being pretty effective, at least when I was a kid. That was my grandma´s solution.


Get checked. If you’re having it that often, something could be wrong. When it starts happening to my wife 15 years ago, she ended up having her gallbladder taken out.


I’ve had chronic acid reflux for a couple decades now. I take an over the counter medication for it on the advice of my doctor. I have to watch what I eat and almost anything spicy is out. I almost never eat Mexican as a result (yes, there are non-spicy options but it’s just easier to avoid the whole cuisine). It’s a major pain and eventually will become throat cancer if I don’t keep it under control (Barrett’s Esophagus). I feel for ya.


I eat and drink too much. It causes heartburn. When I overeat or overdrink, my heartburn is bad. It keeps me up at night. Farting is but a fleeting salve. It’s taken years to really accept and face and internalize the causal truths. I’m making progress towards avoiding the painful results of partying. Discipline is not easy. Pay attention to what you’re consuming and perform informal tests with yourself as the subject: “If I abstain from this or that consumable, do I feel the burn later?”

It’s true that it could be a sign of something serious, and always consult a doctor. But it’s usually the most obvious culprit: diet, stress, lifestyle. (Even smoking can cause/exacerbate heartburn, do you smoke?..)

Cutting out the stress-relieving drink sucks.

So does staying up all night with your body screaming at you.

By the way I believe I heard it’s bad to take heartburn meds long term, as the body gets used to the meds addressing the problem, as opposed to lifestyle change fixing it. Short term is totally fine, and surely some will argue, but I’m just relaying something I read when I myself was doing a lot of research into this topic. Consult your doctor.


my middle sibling had severe acid reflux for years, to the point that it literally was dissolving the lining of their esophagus and they couldn’t eat without coughing fits that ended in vomiting. They have been on OTC Prilosec for the past 5 years now and it’s so much better. Get that checked out.


Had this issue for years. Done OTC acid reducers and proper PPIs to no great effect.
My personal experience with managing it involves zero caffeine and zero greasy/ultra processed food. I’ve also managed to quit smoking.
At this point in time, the reflux is negligible, I still get hints of it but it’s nothing compared to how it was.

Hope you get better, it’s truly miserable. You might wanna get scoped to rule out helicobacter pylori


Today I witnessed something incredibly heartbreaking and it quite literally ruined my day.

A Stray Black kitten was running outside my jobs parking lot. For context it’s a very tight parking lot that’s very busy, so I instantly went into action hoping I could get the poor thing somewhere safe.

It crawled up a customers car and while we asked them to check for us they didn’t do a good job….

When the customer left they hit the poor baby and in turn broke its back leading to its death. I witnessed it and it was just rough to see. The customers drove off without a care and I’m just in ruin right now and need to put my thoughts down.

I’m just upset and angry cause I could have done more.

I hope the poor fur baby is somewhere better now atleast.


I’m sorry you had to see that @Swangtheugly, that would be rough for anyone to witness.


Sorry to hear that. I recently had a similar experience myself (not sure if mentioned it here), but I witnessed a cat get killed by an ignorant driver and notice for unpleasant explanation: poor thing got beheaded and the body was jumping around for a few minutes I had trouble sleeping for the next few days.


I’m so sorry that you had to witness that. Cats are such gentle creatures. It’s unfortunate that it happened, I’m sure they’re in a better place and at peace. :purple_heart:


I’m so so sorry you had to witness that, Swang. :frowning: It sounds horrifying to simply read and no one should ever have to see that happen. The carelessness of some people in this world is equal parts astounding and infuriating.

You did the most that you could in the moment, though. There’s no place for “what ifs” at this point and it’s ultimately the driver’s fault since you alerted them and they acted callously. It’s okay. The cat is probably in a better place now. :blue_heart: The same can’t be said for the customers.