Seven Deadly Sins Act 1: Greed

It’s a bug, dw sorted it and gonna report it on the bug thread

Cheers for the help :green_heart:

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Could be the last reward in the last Deadly Sin Escalation, just a thought I had right now, with the Goldballer name and all I mean.

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Be aware that it lets you put future targets in boxes.


I also killed one future target and failed the mission :ok_hand:


So far this had been entertaining. Like, for 89 Mexican pesos it’s passable. Also, glad the cane has an special ability to spawn coing after KO people with it.

Only unlock I’ll pass is the suit, wich is horrendous for my taste. Still, Greedy Coin and cane are beary cool and the escalation progress entertainingly and personally, haven’t suffered the issue of killing a target before they appeared as such but oh boy if that doesn’t reads like a serious design problem.


You just know someone at IOI was trying to put a gold rubber duck in as an unlock and the rest of the team stopped them.


had the same issue, at first i assumed random npc’s could drop coins but then i didn’t get any others and continued on and was like damn, can i shoot at the locker? Oh well, at least the coins got dropped properly.

Also, I forgot: the Goldballer is unlockable or not?

It also gives you less coins if you knock them out in advance. I got 23 coins when I did that, then I did another run where I didn’t knock them out first and I got 30.


not a great start to the whole Sin thing imo. The easter egg hunt escalation is honestly better than this and that’s free.


I think it’s not. Maybe in future sins I guess

Maybe refrain from calling the devs brain-dead?

Give it a week and I’m sure we’ll see the Goldballer in next month’s roadmap – for free.


How about creativity challenged is that pc? I feel a bit ripped off right now so forgive my negativity developers it’s just I’ve been consistently posting great ideas for new gadgets and we get things I consider useless I bought the deluxe and wasn’t impressed & 7DS wasn’t worth the extra $30 Red egg would have been good lethal dart gun and cane would have been good…

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I, for one, would welcome a golden duck. That uhhhhhhh explodes into coins? Actually that could be sorta cool.


They said what was in both before you bought them. :man_shrugging:


Somehow i doubt we’ll ever see that unlock. Watch them put it in the 007 game as a throwback though.
Personally i’d love to see the golden sawn-off shotgun or shis… whatever ak47 is called as unlocks.

I enjoyed GREED. Super playful and fun.

What I object to is the depiction of the toad.

How many morbidly obese amphibians have you met?

Have you ever met one with a deep foreboding voice bellowing in correct English grammar, demanding that they are fed coins?

Toads are little creatures that hang out a lot on lily pads snap out their tongues to catch flies, and " croak or ribbit ". They do their thing and don’t bother anyone, except flies.

Is it appropriate that toads represent “GREED”?

It is very worry some.

Or maybe I am the only member lobbying for the rightful depiction of amphibians in video games.


there is no way they would ever add a red egg or lethal dart gun as an unlock because they would be stupidly broken. the electrocution phone was the only unlock not brought over to hitman 3 because it was OP and a lethal dart gun would be even more powerful


On behalf of the toad lobby:

We are just minding our own business, doing our thing on lily pads, and yet we have been mythologized throughout history associated with human greed.

Is it really fair?