Seven Deadly Sins Act 1: Greed

A thread to discuss about the first act from Seven Deadly Sins DLC.

Seven Deadly Sins Act 1: Greed

How greedy are you feeling?

Complete an objective, collect the coins (that rightly belong to you) and feed the frog to reap your rewards. These rewards will help you to complete additional objectives that are only revealed once you have completed the previous ones; should you exit the level now, or get greedy and hunt for more coins?

All of the coins that you collect in a given stage will carry over to the next stage of the Escalation, giving you the opportunity to feed the frog and earn more useful rewards.

Indulging in The Greed Enumeration will reward players with three permanent unlocks; the Rapacious Suit , Greedy Little Coin and The Devil’s Cane, which can all be used across the World of Assassination. Using The Devil’s Cane as a melee weapon in other contracts will cause it to generate a Greedy Little Coin , to remind you of your greed.

The Seven Deadly Sins Collection and Act 1: Greed will be available on digital stores at 1pm UTC. For more details, check out our Seven Deadly Sins announcement post.


i like that you put the money in the Big Frog


Post a screenshot of the frog

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Just wrote my thoughts in the other thread, but I dipped into this after hunting eggs and it seems like a lot of effort went into it. New VO, lots of visual changes, some cool ideas. The price to value comparison will very much depend on the individual, but will 7 of these feel like less effort than Patient Zero? I’m thinking no, but because they’re escalations it will skew a lot of people’s thoughts.

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is the goldballer in this one the real Goldballer™? cuz the one in mendoza is still the bad one

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They could’ve played way more into the greed angle for this imo. Make it so you have to risk something and if you get too greedy it has a negative consequence like losing coins

I like the unlocks but this escalation is just lacking :cry:


It’s already greedy enough taking all my attention on the day we got 2 other escalations with unlocks.


I really like the risk/reward mechanic they’ve made here, and I hope they continue experimenting with ideas like this.

What risk reward? As far as I can tell it’s just reward


If you’re playing on PC, here you go. I’ve just saved y’all 5 bucks:

Level 1: 1-27-0608708-04

Level 2: 1-27-8741189-04

Level 3: 1-27-7776602-04


Does anyone know how to get 20 coins on Level 3? The first target always drops 3 coins for me so I can’t get to 60 coins by the end :joy:

This is the Goldballer. You can recognize it because of the grips with the Hitman medallions

The one in Mendoza is just a yellow ICA19


You have to carry over all the coins from Levels 1 & 2, and then collect every coin from every target in Level 3. That will end up being exactly 60 coins.


The risk is keeping going and killing more targets for more rewards when you could just leave and do the next level.

Yeah I’m doing that, but one of the level 3 targets only drops 3 coins instead of 5 so my final count only ends up at 58

Yeah, that first target only drops 3 coins. You must be missing a couple coins from one or two of the other targets (assuming you’re starting Level 3 with 30 coins). If you’re going for the 60 coin challenge, that means you’re using an unsilenced pistol. Are you panicking trying to get all the coins before the guards rush in? I solved that by pacifying the targets first, calmly picking up their coins, then shooting them and high-tailing it away before the guards rush in.

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Yeah, start level 3 with 30 coins

  • First tragedy drops 3 (33)
  • Second target drops 3 (36)
  • Third target drops 7 (43)
  • Fourth target drops 7 (50)
  • Fifth target drops 8 (58)

I am calmly checking for coins before firing any shots. I’ve done this multiple times, same result

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Is there a way to unlock the goldballer?

I think you’re missing 2 from the second target, Keiji Kono. Here’s my count from playing Level 3 just now:

Tahir - 3 coins
Kono - 5 coins
Thorn - 7 coins
Marevick - 7 coins
Morita - 8 coins