Seven Deadly Sins Act 7: Wrath

Fair enough, because IO returned to unlocking items via specific challanges, it could fit pretty well.


I had missed that we were talking about an unlock specifically for 70 Featured Contracts. There a screwdriver would be inappropriate, I agree. But much like the hammer, they should make it an unlock for just a challenge.


Night time Dartmoor :thinking:


windows are barricade very dark night in dartmoor looking forward to it


I have high expectations for this, with how every sin seems to be an improvement on the previous one, I’m expecting this to be the best of the DLC. I would love it if this was a kill everyone challenge made into an official mission, getting into huge gunfights with guards and just letting your wrath run wild.


Quoting this here since it relates more to Wrath than the Insider stream

To me, this could mean one of two things:

  1. It’s simple gameplay blockers that are meant to restrict you in the outside area, or…

  2. “Story-wise”, it seems whoever the enemies are, they’re trying to keep 47 (or the ‘Wrath’ of 47) out. The goal could be to find a way inside to kill one or multiple enemies.

I just feel like we’ve already got the Outside Dartmoor level, and this could be a subversion of that: Restricted to getting in the manor. (Or getting out to an exfiltration point?)


Or the complete opposite: All the level is inside the manor. There’s no way to get out…


47’s not locked in with Providence…
Providence is locked in with him…



Just a few more days until this is upon us. Who thinks it’s gonna be the best one yet, and who thinks it might be a drop after Envy was the peak?

As much as I’m enjoying the 7DS, I’m more looking forward to its end so we can get to what comes after, which hopefully will include new missions for several maps. Plus the return of the two winter themed bonus missions in December if they don’t come included with Wrath.

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I don’t see it being the best but quite high up there (The teaser picture helps). Namely as I’m expecting it to be more combat focused which that sort of gameplay doesn’t get many escalations or content in general like that (For fair reasons). So be nice to have one which makes use of shotguns and assault rifles and even the striker.

Though highly unlikely, but hope they reuse Dartmoor at Night for a little horror themed level. That Straight-jacket suit needs to be used with that setting.

Well, as long as we’re talking suits that are themed for Halloween, we do already have the pirate outfit and the suit from the Ark Society is kinda creepy, but let’s have an unlock for the scarecrow from Colorado and that pumpkin headed suit from the Hawkes Bay nightmare escalation.

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Be fair the Pumpkin one does use the scarecrow model. So two in one there?

Saying that wouldnt mind seeing a high-bloodstained 47 Signiture suit with gloves

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i would love to see the pumpkin suit and the subject 47 as an unlockable

Ah yeah, forgot about that one, that could also work quite well for some horror contracts in a few maps

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This one actually looks really interesting and I love the change to nighttime. I hope there are a lot of possibilities for traps.


Here it is

I wonder whose voice that is?! And ooh the Carpathian Mountains “suit” appears!


Looks like the place will be filled with all types of guards from Hitman WoA locations :slight_smile:


The last 3 7DS suits have been top notch. This one looks totally badass.


That’s a pretty cool idea for the final Deadly Sin. A big battle similar to the final mission of Codename 47/ Silent Assassin/ Blood Money against various enemies from the WoA trilogy.

We already saw the bikers, the Delgado cartel and Providence in the trailer. Would be nice if the Militia from Freedom Fighter would also show up. They would be a perfect fit for this scenario.

Does anybody know what kind of outfit the guy with the signal flare pistol next to the bikers is wearing? That one looks new to me.


I can see the hate comments now:

“IOI maDe REqUieM IntO dLc ahyndinhysjenj :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

We already got that mostly with the Carpatian Mountains level, so having a more tailored, isolated experience for Wrath makes sense.