Should I give up playing Hitman3?

I inherited my Hitman2 progress a week ago, but many challenges and the following reward tools or gears have been lost. I couldn’t play Hitman2 to unlock them now because the progress is done.

I want IOI to give me a way to solve this problem.

i understand some gears are quite OP,but the gears like golden coins(in Bangkok), the suits could not break the balance, i really want to get them and use them in Hitman3.

Golden coins can be unlocked by doing escalation contracts

which track of the escalation?
what is the challenge name?

Forget it, I was wrong.
I’ll find correct info in a few

everything on this list can no longer be unlocked (as of now). if you’re missing an item and it isn’t on this list, then it is unlockable. most items tied to challenges have been moved to the featured contracts tracks, escalation tracks and mastery tracks

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Never mind. :joy:
Thanks for your reply

Featured Contracts - Track 1, Tier 1 is the challenge you’re looking for.
Maybe you’ll find another items to be unlocked through HITMAN 3 challenges.

But the game is not about unlocks.
I wouldn’t stopped playing the game because I lost some items.
I never did a carryover and had an empty game, but just a few minutes ago I finished the whole 100% of the entire game, including HITMAN 2016 and HITMAN 2 locations

I found that.
THX for a lot!