Should I move on to Hitman 3?

Hello all, new guy here with a quick question! I initially planned to do all the challenges (except challenges related to stuff I can’t do anymore…) and grab all the rewards from Hitman 2 before buying Hitman 3 and transferring my save or whatever. I read an an old topic on here about what items you can’t obtain in Hitman 3 without transferring from Hitman 2, and the list seemed… very short. In fact, I have most of it already, but the topic is from the original Epic release, so I don’t know if any of it has changed since.

So now, I’m wondering if it would just be better to buy Hitman 3 and do everything I had planned in the newest entry? Is there any reason to keep on with Hitman 2? I have the Undying stuff… Miami suit… Hitman 1 Outstanding Performance Coin, Black Winter Suit, etc. and it seems like the rest of the stuff I can obtain in Hitman 3. Should I just move on?

I’d go right ahead, there’s some good improvements in the H3 engine you will benefit from.

Just make sure you’ve unlocked all items that are easy to get in H2, I regret thinking I’d just get them in H3. No, I don’t want to do 400 escalations/contracts to unlock a screwdriver or whatever. Things like challenge packs have been removed too for some reason.

Remember that you can only transfer progress one time so make sure you want to do it.


Do yourself a favour and look through all rewards for doing specific escalations to make sure you have them. They are still obtainable in H3, but you’d have to complete a certain number of escalations or featured contracts for them instead of just that one escalation in H2. (Looking at you, Summer Suave Suit lol)


Thank you! (and a ‘thank you’ to HxC as well!) This is exactly the kind of info I was looking for.

Yes you should becuszs d it’s coulgjsiojhewrfsdiohj.

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Yea definitely move to H3

To elaborate on this for you @dumbledorse , they improved the loading times on SSD’s, and made the game FAR smaller than 2016 or 2 ever was (67GB vs 155GB as of writing).

They added a few challenge sidequests near the end of Year 1, that acted more like sidequests, but still served the same function of being a challenge pack. They are far more consistent and considerably less irritating to complete.

I know you’re exaggerating, but the screwdriver is unlocked at 70 Featured Contracts, and you couldn’t unlock it in any other game anyway.


If I were you, I’d finish all unfinished job in HITMAN 2 first and then started a carryover process.
With this process you won’t need to waste time in HITMAN 3 again to do all those challenges.
But it’s entirely up to you because it won’t be a crime if you leave H2 unfinished and jump straight into HITMAN 3. But if you’re completionist…

And I should tell you that the carryover process is only one time thing and the process will overwrite everything you achieved and done in HITMAN 3 by the moment of starting the carryover.
So if you’ll jump straight into HITMAN 3 and start playing and achieving things and will decide to do a carryover at a later time, all your HITMAN 3 progress will be erased and overwritten by HITMAN 2 data which you’ve transferred

All this will remain in HITMAN 2 and can’t be obtained in HITMAN 3 for now except by progress transfer

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Well, to be a little more specific, I do not really have any progress in Hitman 2, lol. I bought every episode of the first game on PC, but when the sequel came out money was tighter and I ended up renting a console copy to play through. Much later, I finally purchased Hitman 2 Gold on my PC and figured I would play through all of it again but I never did. I played through the final elusive targets, and while waiting for the Steam release for Hitman 3, I 100% ICA Facility, Paris, and Hawke’s Bay but I basically have no other progress made :sweat_smile:

Thank you for the heads up.

I’ve moved on to playing Tetris, silent assassinating them blocks, yo!