Show us your Gaming setup

If it’s not too much colour it’s fine by me. I really like these open PCs where you can look inside and when they have some slight light it gives them this Blade Runner neon light aesthetics kind of look I like :relieved:


Actually got a new monitor aswell, which is the big brother of that one :slight_smile:

Still 27 inch, 1440p, but 240hz this time

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Also Asus? Or a different brand. As of now I have no real interest in changing monitor, other then I find the contrast levels to be quite poor.

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Yeah also Asus. The picture quality and contrasts are much better, and ofc the 240hz being the biggest difference.

Played some HITMAN 3 yday on ultra settings with full ray tracing on, looked absolutely stunning and was very playable.


I posted mine in the “what did you purchase” thread because this one had been dead for 2 years. Figured I might as well throw mine in here and try to fire this back up. I just built this rig about a month ago. Mine is integrated into my home theater so I don’t use any fancy RGB.

7950X CPU
MSI 670E Mobo
64GB Corsair Dominator Platinum DDR 5 RAM 6000Mhz C30-36-36-76 T1
Nvidia 4090 24GB
EVGA 1600 watt SuperNova power supply
Samsung 980 Pro 2TB
Samsung 970 Evo 2TB
Samsung 950 Pro 512 GB
Denon 11.2 Atmos DTX reciever
Klipch RP series speakers with Power Sound Audio TV 18 subs.


Moved to Germany, new apartment, new game room!

Almost done, last of the stuff should be arriving by the end of this week (some hitman displate posters among other things).


I’d wear a Fumigator mask if I were you, mate, because I think 47 has introduced a vial of Sedative Poison into your HVAC system.


That is very “blue”…I like it though.


It is more purple/blue, phone camera made it look more blue than it is irl :slight_smile:


An Apple a Day keeps the Doctor away :apple:

3 hrs of Hitman a Day keeps my Stress away :crazy_face:

My PS4 setup on my TV :innocent:


Like your animal figures (right word???) Very fancy

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Thanks Charlie, yes you are correct :smiley:. The left one is Black Panther and the right one is One Horned Rhinoceros. Both are found in state of Assam, India. We bought it from there around year 1997 - wooden handicrafted, one painted black.

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