Signature Suits are not Fitted Correctly

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Some suits and disguises are not fitted correctly by that I mean the suit jacket goes out.
This happens with the 47’s Signature Suit, Signature Suit with Gloves, Alexa Carlisles bodyguard andCarl Ingrams Bodyguard.

These pictures are from somebody else’s video. (Sorry for Quality but you should be able to see how it’s not fitted)

I am not sure what you’re trying to say. Do you mean that suit jacket sometimes clips through 47’s body or something? The screenshot you provided doesn’t seem strange to me either. It is a little blurred, but all I can see is his tie isn’t parallel with the jacket.

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When you said the tie isn’t parallel it actually is it’s just the jacket is out more meaning it looks like 47 has a bigger stomach

Ah okay, now I understand what you meant. This doesn’t seem like a real issue to me. I don’t think 47 will look, shall we say, ‘thicker’ because of suits’ sizes or designs. Nonetheless, if you wish to make sure your opinion get listened by the developers, you may use the following site to submit a report to them. :slightly_smiling_face:

Agent 47 has gained a bit of a belly due to COVID-19 quarantine.