Silent Assasin and Sniper Assasin Stuck

I Completed All Maps on Hitman 2 with Silent Assasin Suit Only and Sniper Assasin, but once i brought my save to Hitman 3 and completed one of its Maps with Silent Assasin and Sniper Assasin the Global Challenges (the one to get 17 of them) resetted to 1 out of 17 (it was around 14 before). this would be no problem if i just had to redo all the Maps but once i did one of the old Maps nothing changed. So i tried to see if completing another Hitman 3 maps fixed stuff, but its still shows only 1 out of 17. Do you know if this is a known bug or if it actually still counts them but just doesnt show?

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A similar issue has been reported by others recently. I’d suggest you to use the link here to report the issue to the devs and have them reply to you.

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Update: it now says 20 out of 17. Still no reward tho


I know exactly how you feel same thing with me but it says 17/12for me. If you get a response from the player support people tell me what they say please.


I think it is somehow patched today. It shows me right now that I completed the challenges and I also got the rewards.

Edit 1: @MeGANZOrd @I_Need_Help What about you? Can you confirm?

No I just checked it shows the same thing. Did you do anything that you don’t usually do? And also what did it say before it fixed?

Edit: It fixed for me now all I did was a contract and it says I did the challenge. I think that it might be fixed if you complete a mission or contract.

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I just started Dubai and exited the mission after few minutes. Then I wanted to start the mission in China but before I started the mission I checked the classic-challenges on this map and it showed me the challenges as completed.

Before the fix I had the problem like you. It showed me something like 29/17 and the challenges was not completed. Also no rewards.

Yeah I think they fixed it or there is a easy way to fix it by like completing a mission or starting one