Simple Mod Framework

It’s more than just the main executable?

If you send me some details, I could see what I can do.


Getting this when trying to update.

Try restarting your computer and then updating again.

Few hours earlier today everything was fine, but now the game needed to verify its files (because of unrelated Skip Intro mod) and now it doesn’t want to be modded with Framework of latest version.
While applying mods it says the following:

ERROR Unknown game version. If the game has recently updated, the framework will need to be patched by its developers. If you’re using a cracked version of the game, that’s the problem.
return wrapper.apply(this.exports, args);
TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘finish’)
at Object.error (C:\snapshot\simple-mod-framework\compiled\core.js)
at doTheThing (C:\snapshot\simple-mod-framework\compiled\main.js)
at Object. (C:\snapshot\simple-mod-framework\compiled\main.js) {
[Symbol(originalCallSite)]: [
CallSite {}, CallSite {},
CallSite {}, CallSite {},
CallSite {}, CallSite {},
CallSite {}, CallSite {},
CallSite {}
[Symbol(mutatedCallSite)]: [ CallSite {}, CallSite {}, CallSite {} ]
Node.js v18.5.0

@Atampy26 can you look at it please?

Also, Framework’s own Skip Intro doesn’t work

UPD: well, seems the game had a shadow update, so your turn

Update is out so this should be fixed


Seems it works now, even Skip Intro does.
Thank you

@Atampy26 hey, any idea why I can’t use SMF with Epic Store while I’m using it with Steam?
Any conflicts or something?
While trying to install it to Epic HITMAN 3 folder it shows me this window no matter what subfolder I put it in

Or there is another way to use already installed SMF on both stores?

Is this the latest version of the installer, from Nexus?


You might be able to get around this by renaming the Simple Mod Framework folder in Steam to something else temporarily, then installing the Epic version

Why do i get this When trying to Install Simple Mod Framework and what does it Mean

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It means that Windows Defender thinks the program may not be safe. This happens a lot with “3rd party” software that gets downloaded over the internet. If you trust the developer and the program, you can click “More Info” and then “Run Anyway” and it will still work.

Defender is just trying to protect you from malicious software but it gets a little overzealous from time to time.


Hello with the latest releases the rpkg mods ive been using dont work anymore even though the deploy goes through. is there a fix?

Hi, @Atampy26, you’ve probably already had this question before, but I can’t find the solution to the problem in the forum. I’m trying to install it but it comes up with this message. Cheers in advance.

I’ve never seen that before, though the formatting suggests it’s coming from the part that makes the internet requests. If you’re using a VPN or going through a restricted network, try switching to a different one; you can also install the framework manually by extracting the contents of this ZIP to its own folder under HITMAN3 (e.g. steamapps\common\HITMAN3\Simple Mod Framework\Deploy.exe)

The deploy is successful, but in-game it’s as if the mod isn’t installed?


I then install the rpkg manually and i get cant find required content for sarajevo six and a few contracts lol

Whatever the latest update was either game side or framework screwed rpkgs

Well I haven’t altered how RPKG mods get deployed since like 6 months ago so if the deploy is successful then I don’t think it’s a framework issue

I’m making this post to say that after having numerous deployment failures… I got to looking at the Comodo sandbox (function?). It was a couple weeks ago I discovered that it would sandbox applications momentarily without leaving them in a list to verify later.

So today after 3 or 4 failures, I watched it closely. 1… 2… 0 (applications).

Trying again, this time getting ready to click on it when it goes to 1. “Don’t Sandbox this item.” :white_check_mark: :rage:

I don’t know what that 2nd one would’ve been. I didn’t re-deploy after this attempt.

So this makes me wonder if this is what was giving me so many issues when trying to deploy the FL Variations mod, as well as a couple others (that just happen to also be made by Kevin_Rudd :thinking: ). Just to be clear, I didn’t have any of those mods on the right side this time. I went with the ones that were a ‘must have’ for me.

At any rate, I got a Deploy Successful, but with possible errors (or whatever it says).

Edit: Super simple solution: Disable sandboxing while deploying Mods. :nerd_face:


For a long time I believed that the Simple Mod Framework could not be installed on the Deck, and many, including (I believe) the creator (the great Atampy26), confirmed this (it’s mainly due to Windows/Linux issues). However, I have recently discovered a way to install SMF, and it’s surprisingly very easy.

There are two “stages” to installing SMF on Steam Deck. Stage one focuses on getting the SMF installer to actually launch and install on the SD, and stage two focuses on installing it (once you’ve gotten the application to behave normally).

Here’s how it’s done:

Stage One

  • Open the Discover store and search for Lutris and download it.

  • Download the Simple Mod Framework .exe file from the Nexus page and store it wherever (I put it in the HITMAN 3 folder where Launcher.exe is located).

  • Launch Lutris and let it do its thing (has to install some stuff), then click the plus button in the top left corner and select the option “Install a Windows game from an executable” available in the window that pops up.

  • Another window will pop up, and this is essentially the first “official” stage of installation. All you have to do is enter a name (doesn’t impact installation at all) and then click the blue “Install” button in the top-left corner of the window.

  • Clicking that blue “Install” button will take you to the next step/window, and all you have to do here is click “Install” again. It’ll then ask you for an installation directory: either leave it to the default directory (/home/deck/Games/[name]) or swap it to a new directory (just don’t place it in the actual game directory). (Note that this folder/directory does not have an impact when SMF is actually installed, so you can delete it after you’ve installed SMF.) After that’s all said and done, click the “Continue” button in the top-right corner of the window.

  • After clicking “Continue”, you will be prompted to select the executable, so navigate to wherever you placed the SMF installation .exe file and select it. Note that when you’re actually installing the Framework, it will install all the data in the same folder where the .exe file is located (for example, I put it in /steamapps/common/HITMAN 3/ so the data folder was installed in that directory; I find this to be very organized, as it’s right next to the “Retail” and “Runtime” folders, as well as “Launcher.exe”).

  • After selecting the executable, click the “Install” button. Let Lutris cook, and eventually the actual Simple Mod Framework Installer should launch.


Stage two is pretty simple, really:

  • Click the “Select your game folder” option (not “Runtime” or “Retail” but simply the “general” HITMAN 3 folder, e.g. steamapps/common/HITMAN 3/). After that, it will begin installation. For me, it did hang and glitch a bit, but I let it cook, and it installed normally.

  • The executable (to actually launch the mod manager) should be in Simple Mod Framework > Mod Manager > Mod Manager.exe (like I said, the Simple Mod Framework folder should be in the same directory as that of the installer, so in my case: steamapps/common/HITMAN 3/).

To launch the newly-installed executable, I highly recommend adding it as a non-Steam game and forcing the use of a compatibility tool. To do this, you:

  • Open Steam (or right click on the exe in Dolphin and click the “Add to Steam” option)

  • Click “Add a Game” in the bottom-left corner > “Add a Non-Steam-Game”

  • A new window will open; click the “Browse…” button on the bottom-left corner of the window.

  • Navigate to where Mod Manager.exe is stored (Simple Mod Framework > Mod Manager) and double-click on it (or click once then click the “Open” button)

  • Click on “Add Selected Programs”

  • The exe should be added, placed/listed under “Uncategorized.” Find it in the list, right-click and select “Properties”, navigate to “Compatibility”, tick “Force the use of a specific Steam Play compatibility tool” and select a Proton version. I personally set it to GE-Proton-8-25, but any version of Proton should work.

  • After that, hit play and it should launch! Happy modding!