Simple Mod Framework

@LoverOfTaylorSwift Regardless what this framework can do and what not, this forum does not support any discussions on cracked game versions and making them work.


well thats really bad ! because there are alot of people in many countries which in them usd is too expensive and each dollar have anormas amount of price ! so thats why they cant play games unless they use the cracked ones ! as you well know most of countries isnt their main corrency ! aside of country corrency i mean ! i mean the one which use for most of the buy and sells ! arent usd ! and some of countries even being pressured buy us corrency ! so im sure u understand when i say most of countries cant buy the original game because its so expensive for them ! and some other countries have no affect of those politics decisions so they dont know whats going on they just say ! hey go buy the game ! but they dont know they would if they could ! that is why my friend im looking for the way to work with cracked ones ! because im living in one of those countries

and one more thing i forgot to mantion ! i understand this forum is not for those matters ! i was just trying to find and answer ! because i have no knowledge of sites for this kinda matters ! i mean for example i dont know even how can i talk to this atampy26 guy and i dont even know if he intrested to answer me ! so thats that im just wondering all alone with no knowledge of what to do to solve my issue !

I am very aware there are countries where playing games is a luxury and I wish everyone to regardless of their income gets a chance to play them.

Still we cannot allow this forum to be a place where one can get support for cracked versions of the game. It brings us into legal trouble potentially, depending on the degree we assist at this.

We also don’t want to, even if we could, because it is also important to us to express our respect to the developers to make great games such as hitman. We would endanger our friendly relationship with IOI, the developer of Hitman, if we gave such advices.

So I can only give you the advice to get your hands on Steam gift cards worth 30$ and wait for a sale.

i 100 percent am agree with you !and i wish was the way i could play this awsome game original myself ! tell you the truth me and hitman are the same person ! i mean if anyone could how awsome i am in this game ! i mean even the masters bows before me in this game ! but sadly i dont have that chance right now to play the original game ! and i dont expact you to doing something you dont want you to or you dont like yo to ! i just looking for the way to enjoy what i have the best way i can right now thats all ! right now all i can do is the to just play these kinda games ! because of politics or … thats not important to bother or give sht just its the way of life … i from moment i borned a lot of things happend to me alot of pressures and damages and after a while i started to realize i cant do a damm thing about it but to just enjoy what i have and dont care about what i dont just hope one day i achive and have them too ! so what i have right now is this and i hope to find a way to make best of it ! and also as i said before i have no intention to corroupt the forum of hitman game ! i was just intented to talk to atampy25 thats all ! i wonder even he want to answer me or not !

Atampy always declined active support for pirated versions in the past. You can believe me on that.

Please drop the topic now.


belive me my friend i did long time ago ! i was just searching for something else for myself ! then i dropped in this forum so i told my self ! it has no harm lets ask a question ! or there will be answer or there will not be ! both way are same thing to me ! cause i knew from begining it would most probly has no achivement for me ! so i dropped the topic long before i start it ! and most of the reason i asked the question was maybe there be someone who can help if there was someone who had my issue and could help me ! so as i said before and apologizing the system detector of the forum i had no intention of corroupting the forum i was just looking for help ! and no offense i didnt care who support and who doesnt support because it wasnt my bussiness or problem people have their own ideas what am i have to do with their opinions ! so thats that my friend no harm done ! i mean sure system turned my comments into hidden ones and said inappropriate ! but i had no intention of anything like that i was just looking for help