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Regarding sniper missions (Himmelstein, Hantu Port, Siberia), are these missions’ stories integrated in the overall Hitman WOA story? so for someone (me) who finished Hitman 1 but hasn’t finished 2 & 3 yet, when is the best time to play these 3 sniper missions to keep the story consistent, like watching a movie?

They are unrelated from what I remember.


IIRC they take place between H1 and H2, there’s a small reference to the first sniper mission in H2’s first level but that’s about it, they’re totally independant from the main story and from each other.


No relation to the main story but the targets in Himmelstein were members of the same gang as Kalvin Ritter. He (or rather an actor portraying him) is the target in the yacht tutorial level.


The Himmelstein mission is only connected in that the Yardbirds robbed a casino that 47 would later commit a triple assassination in, and that he would do a reenactment of the assassination of one of their members.

The Hantu Port mission is only connected in that it involves top officers of the Po regime, and the Po are mentioned all over the WoA, and some of the targets have connections to them.

The Siberian mission, as far as I can tell, has no connection to any other Hitman story at all, unless either of the two main targets had connections to Viktor Novikov or the four Russian generals in H2SA that isn’t mentioned, and while that’s possible, it’s pure speculation with nothing to go off of.

No specific timeframe for any of the sniper missions is given, other than Himmelstein taking place before Hawke’s Bay, but for story reasons and to fit into the timetable of the main campaign, I personally put Himmelstein after Patient Zero but before Colorado; I headcanon that the airport 47 and Diana meet in for the discussion about Thomas Cross and the Shadow Client is actually the airport 47 is leaving from on his way to Himmelstein and Diana meets him there before he leaves to discuss what’s going on. I place Hantu Port between Miami and Colombia, during the period where Providence and ICA are trying to figure out the Shadow Client’s identity and movements, and 47 is just doing another job in the meantime. And I put Siberia after Whittleton Creek and before Ambrose, based on the time of year, the fact that I put all the sniper missions occurring in order of release, and my desire to see Siberia and then Akka’s hit to be the last missions 47 ever performs for ICA before shit goes down.

Thats just me though.


OP only asked for info about the sniper missions, not for story spoilers about H2 and H3 which they haven’t finished yet :x


… oops.

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Hello! I’ve been doing same “chronological” run as well and already made mistakes, so I’ll try to explain them as well.

To answer your particular question, I think that you can insert these missions up to your discretion anywhere before Colorado. Reason for this is that after Colorado the plot about Providence and Shadow client takes the main place and all missions will refer to it in some way, which for me suggests that after Situs Inversus 47 was doing only contracts regarding Providence or Shadow client. There will be bonus missions like The Iconator or Landslide as well.

Also, there is a Patient Zero campain, which can be placed somewhere in Hitman 1. So, in order not to go crazy over all this, I suggest the following:

  1. Hitman 1 up to Freedom Fighters
  2. Before Colorado, insert Sniper Missions somewhere. Notice that it really does not matter where, since Paris is not 47’s first mission: there were missons in older games as well and they are canon.
  3. Finish Hitman 1
  4. Go through Hitman 2 up to Ark Society
  5. Do the last mission from Hitman 3 named Shadows in the Water. It is canonicaly placed between Another Life and Ark Society. I had fun with it, because Hitman 3 maps have their vibes and meeting them before going onto great Hitman 2 maps is cool.
  6. Finish Hitman 2. If you don’t have Golden Handshake and Last Resort, highly recommend to aquire them via Hitman 2 expansion pass (or smth like that). If you don’t want to – watch their walkthrough with cutscenes, since there is a major action happening, which for some reason is completely ingnored to mention and explain in Hitman 3.
  7. Go through Hitman 3 up to Untouchables
  8. If you have them, go through 7 deadly sins. Suprisingly, they are canon and take place exactly before the last mission.
  9. Have fun with bonus missions) Again, you could insert them somewhere, but I think this will be the best place.
  10. Finish the Untouchables.

And that’s my plan for “canon” walkthrough) Hope it helps!


The Summer Bonus missions are the first missions 47 does in the trilogy. Landslide is before Silvio Caruso’s death as he’s the client and there is dialogue in some maps talking about the Icon and Marco’s deaths. I believe so anyway


iamtheguy55 made some threads and graphics that may be helpful:


This is very interesting, I didn’t even notice “Shadows in the water” mission, will have to check if I even have it.

And good note on the seven deadly sins, if they happen in H3 maps it makes sense to finish H3 beforehand.

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Shadows in the Water was added to the base game for free at some point, so you should technically have access to it.


Yes, you are right. Technically, all bonus missions with our tagets present (Hokkaido Snow festival, all ETs, Hitman 2 special assigments and etc.) happen before those missions. Landslide is a sole exception for this, because if I am not mistaken the mansion area there is empty, but yes, Caruso was the contractor.

Also forgot to mention Dartmour garden show: there is target’s grave, so it definitely takes place after this mission. However, since there is no way it happens within Hitman 3 (all missions afterwards happen right after another), this must take place after the last mission.