Something really weird happened on the stowaway

I put this on a new threat because it is so crazy and honestly I don’t know how to even classify this.

I was playing the stowaway ET, got a SA, nothing out of the ordinary. However, right before the results screen I got disconnected, I selected “retry” on the dialogue box and the results appeared as usual, my SA was verified and all the respective challenges appeared as completed. The strange part is that when I got back to the main menu I was able to play the contract AGAIN and all the challenges were still marked as completed.
To top it all off, the tuxedo with mask and gloves didn’t unlock, even after playing the contract a second time. I don’t know if I will be even able to get the suit by beating another ET on that map (probably the appraiser, if they brig her back) because the challenge is marked as completed, so the game thinks I unlocked it, but it isn’t on my inventory.

I’ve never seen or even heard about this kind of anomaly before. Has this happened to someone else? If so, were you able to get the suit afterwards?

The suit unlocked with the ET is not the Arkian Tuxedo. It’s the starting suit of Sgail with gloves so there is no other way to unlock it besides Elusive Targets.
IOI will certainly look at this in a future patch.


The suit I’m talking about is the one unlocked with the challenge that requires you to beat any ET on isle of sgail, is the same default suit for that map but with gloves

Judging by your description, I think you encountered a similar issue with the featured contract or escalation completed challenge bug. They all share similarities of not rewarding players with unlockables, yet players have completed the challenges or made progression carryover which includes the corresponding completed challenges.

You can check out the below post for references and post yours under the same thread, but I am afraid currently there isn’t a solution to this except wiping all of your progression on the website here.