SONKO Challenges

SONKO #64 @Freezer

Another contract in Mendoza. Cool one, not difficult. Probably there are faster strats lol.
Anyway, it was nice one :slight_smile:
Hope you like it.


SONKO #65 @TheContractor

This one was really short. Maybe explosive could be detonated few second earlier, but somehow i always got body found.
But at least I finished it in 47 secs, lol

SONKO #66 @Georhan

Man oh man. This one was really pain. It took me numerous restarts and different strats.
But finally i am satisfied. But really hard contract. I hope you like it…


I’m assuming the reason you garrotted Vidal instead of drowning her is because it’s a lot faster and no one goes into that bathroom stall anyway, so it doesn’t matter if her corpse is suspicious or not?

No. It is faster but kill condition was fibre wire.

Whoops, I didn’t pay attention to the kill conditions on the loading screen at all. :crazy_face:


Well, that’s given me the idea to transform my contract “Biggus Dickus” into a SONKO challenge.

I’d like to claim #73, please. Sad I missed #69 for this one!

Name: SONKO Challenge #73: SONKO These Nuts

PC ID: 1-30-8885644-04
PS4 ID: 2-30-4263256-21 (Courtesy of @djukak)
Xbox ID: 3-30-8766678-50 (Courtesy of @ColdDayInHell)


SONKO = Suit Only, No Knock-Outs



Some of the ICA members have really been swinging their dicks around recently. They’re total pricks, so it’s time to give them the shaft. Show them you’re the biggest dick of all.

It shouldn’t take too schlong.

We’ve given you a cover identity for this mission: “Richard Peter Johnson”.

Do you have the balls?

Don’t cock it up.


P.S. “Penis”.

Target Locations:

Harry Peters = ICA Employee Vetting
Palmer Wang = guarding the door into Tier 1 going toward the Resting Capsules
Hugh Jansson = Analysis Area outside Royce’s Office
Hank Panker = Tier 2 security room, stationary at his computer
Hung Smithers = Level 5, between Lotus Passage & Hush’s Private Lab


Mendoza contracts work now???

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They do indeed :grinning:

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HITMA3 SONKO Challenge #73 (Shrodax) NO LOADOUT - YouTube(7:12)


For your sonko 67, letter opener can only be found on the last floor of the block, right? I used hitmaps and that is the obly location for it.

I know. That was the point.

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Ps4 id for sonko 73



Sonko #73 @Shrodax

Damn this one was not easy, even for recreation.
But really fun contract, even though I would leave out the 5th target.
There is a small skip in my video while killing 3rd target, but only few secs were lost.


SONKO #67 @Sniff

This was really good contract. Targets are not difficult to approach and eliminate, but kill conditions gave us that challenge, to acquire letter opener and propane flask, that was actually bigger part of the contract.
I hope you like it.


Hey, I couldn’t leave “Hung” out of my contract! He fits right in with “Hairy Peters”, “Palm Your Wang”, “Huge Johnson”, & “Hanky Panky / Wank Wanker”! :eggplant: :sweat_drops:


Saving sonko? Hell yeah, didnt know this was a thing. Ill post 2 i did recently and maybe claim a few too lol


Great stuff. Ill be catching up with the rest of em


Great run, I find the Facility to be really tricky to navigate, especially when trespassing.

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Headturn central for me tbh lol

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I have 3 featured contracts left and don’t want to finish them so I’m resuming SONKO. Just finished 36. I missed them terribly. :slight_smile:

I love #36

I was thinking ways to lure the Director to me faster so I tried placing illegal items on the railing outside your room. It worked lol.