I’ve created this topic for freely - without blurring - debating the 5 mastery matter about Carpathian Mountains location; so, are you fine with what it seems a only 5 mastery location?

Are you fine with a 5 mastery location?
  • Yes
  • No

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no, because they lied about it yada yada
had that discussion already)

other than that, it may be pretty cool. should’ve been at least 2 small missions though (with 7 levels total)

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I dislike it too, because I was expecting 6 properly sandbox locations

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I’m absolutely fine with it for narrative purposes. I would also love a daytime bonus mission on a passenger train through the Carpathian Mountains.


If they scaled our expectations and either didn’t say “six” maps, or something like “a new batch of massive sandbox locations” and maybe mention an epilogue, or even leave it as a surprise, I think I’d feel much better about it.

And of course, this being the “snow level” after being given several winter unlockables feels like kind of a tease.

  • the winter games pack
  • multiple winter suits
  • winterized artic sniper

That are all stuck on Hokkaido without looking silly.

As long as it is done well, I’ll have no problems with the map. Personally I’m hoping the level 5 mastery is simply down to lack of challenges not lack of level, something like what they did for the Patient Zero missions if you will. Large map, about 10-20 challenges but only a small section of the map is utilized challenge wise but everywhere can be explored with plenty of contracts mode fodder. All I care about is if it’s replayable, that’s my main concern. Yes I know the level is set on a train, but a section before and after the train ride is what I’m hoping for, maybe two parts of the map you can travel back and forth between.

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patient zero were all on a 20 mastery locations. and even then they had no additional starting points and barely any agency pickups. we have hawkes bay as an example for what to expect

Out of all the trophies why not talk about the “countdown to 47” one? Clearly this is the real one to discuss? Why is 47 going to take a nap?

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Because he has severe jetlag flying from Argentina to Romania. He really should have made fists with his toes.


Yeah, it’s alright. It essentially makes the game a 5 level game but I’m fine with it.

You never know, it might end up the best level out of the six, it might become a classic. We don’t know till we end up playing it for ourselves.


I doubt it…it will be the most scripted level with the fewest(if any) numbers of options for taking out the target. I don’t see it outshining the other, proper levels.

Older hitman games had a shootout lvl at the end, with the posibillity to go stealth, if tits that, I’m more then fine with it. And for the low master, indeed Hawks bay was “less” big mission, but I still loved the vibe, sky, dunes with Grass, the house, the art in it. The sexy voiced target, the jokes with OR-SON… and if this feels like a mix between goldeneye and uncharted train lvl I’m all in…

While I often complain that Hawke’s bay is somewhat barren, the atmosphere and how the mission itself is set up is fantastic. It might not be the most replayable of maps, but I still prefer it to one or two large ones which I consider padded, which to me feels worse, I’d rather crave more than want less. Yes, it makes it interesting in contracts mode when the map is padded but I’m judging missions on the base mission

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Its depending on the content. I am not against a linear level for the ending. Like everybody I would prefer a sandbox 6th map even if it has the size of the Bank + 15 minute of bonus mission on the train.

I hope the last mission is not only on the train where the mission is going from point A to B to kill grey or another target because a train is really small… But maybe we will visit asylium and other places before going on the train… We don’t know the time of gameplay. No sandbox but 2 hours of linear gameplay for the grand final can be very good !

I will apologise IOI for short final mission if all the other maps have the size and complexity of mumbai/sapienza/miami ! But… I did not want to be spoiled and I’ve just taken a look at the map of Dubai and … it is the same size as the bank or hokkaido and has only 3 mission stories… mmmhhh

Maybe they use the same schedule as for hitman 2 : hawkes bay = romania and whittleton creek = dubai. Maybe, maybe not…

I just hope they will add a DLC with new map with the same quality as hitman 2 DLC… This could be really GOOD !

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I put “No”.
I mean, I guess it depends on how you interpret the question. It’s not like I’m not gonna get the game because of this, but I feel like everything (including explicit statements in trailers and whatnot) was indicating 6 maps with 20 mastery levels, so I’m quite disappointed by this.

I mean, don’t get me wrong, I would love for the finale of this to be a well made, exciting mission, but if I get to chose between a small, potentially linear mission (that might be good in its own right), or a “full” 20 mastery level mission, then I’ll always chose the latter.


For me is the same: I’m pretty sure I will enjoy the game a lot. Simply, I was expecting 6 sandbox maps instead 5.


I’m ok with a more linear set piece level for the ending but I really wish it was 6 sandbox levels + a smaller one. I realize 6 levels may be an arbitrary number to get hung up on but it’s been what I was expecting since they first announced it. It was a bummer in H2 but 2 more sandbox levels got added to that game even if you did have to pay extra for them.


i hate linear missions. Thats why I only play hitman.
its because the missions arent linear and shouldnt be.
Hawkes bay wasnt fun because of this. absolution wasnt fun because of this and this last mission wont be fun or have replayability because of this.


thanks for saying this

i’m very pissed at IO for this decision and i really hope they make some DLC now, because only 5 locations and a half for 60-90 dollars is not the same as 6 locations.