Spring Cleaning - Featured Contracts - Spring Y3

Thank you @Dinozafr and @Fenixsandr for Watching glad you like it. As for the rest of you guys. Congratulation on getting your contracts featured​:tada::partying_face::confetti_ball::raised_hands:t2::clap:t2:


Alright, a good batch of contracts! I think my favourites were the ones that didn’t immediately equate “spring cleaning” with maids or janitors (and I know I was guilty of that too!). My favourite “concept” was Spring Mechanism - very clever! The ones with the most fun-to-plan routes were “Tidying up the Burj Al-Ghazali” and “The Decontamination Zone”, but “I Hate Dust” and “Spotless Sonko” get honourable mentions here. I thought it a little disappointing to have three missions in New York in this batch as it’s one of the smaller maps and many of the targets were reused between the missions.

This batch seemed much easier in general than the previous one - the only contract I didn’t 5* SA was the “Spring Tournament”. @Switcher 's video was very impressive but I could never get the lures right and I didn’t want to spend hours on this level - the start with getting the Knight costume was tedious enough to have to redo each time, let alone running out of sniper ammo.

Clean Operation - 5* SA 7:31 - 167,478pts - 12/32

Nice route, clever little switch up with the pistol restriction. Forgot where the exit keycard was and wasted 3 minutes on my first attempt getting all the way to the front door. Benefits in my eyes from being the first of 3 similar-ish NY levels.

Got To Keep The Streets Clean - 5* SA 17:03 - 159,541pts - 10/33

It’s funny, before I played this contract I had no idea how many Fire Hydrants there are in Whittleton Creek. Valentine Creech still haunts my dreams as I could not for the life of me find a convenient place for his accident. Ended up using the hose in Batty’s garden. Spent a long time trying to lure him there, the sound seems to travel oddly around there.

I Hate Dust - 5* SA 5:11 - 169,812pts - 5/33

Undoubtedly too slow to stay near the top of the leaderboard but this was a heck of a lot of fun. My route was reasonably obvious, and I don’t think I’ve ever actually gone inside the mansion during the Garden Show mission, so it’s nice to see that space used for both a disguise and a target. I enjoy kicking targets into the creek here.

Spring Mechanism - 5* SA 4:54 - 170,669pts - 13/35

As I mentioned above, this was my favourite interpretation of the name “Spring Cleaning” - it was mildly let down in target selection as it’s a shame that both groups of targets are in only two of the garages. Still, fun to get in and out and dropping cars on targets never gets old.

The Mad Mopper - 5* SA 8:02 - 166,966pts - 12/28

This one and the next one are very similar and blur together in my mind, I’m afraid. One had a Tanto restriction?

Cleaning The Cleaners - 5* SA 8:17 - 166,709pts - 18/56

I think I did this one quicker when I played it from the submissions list, but never mind, route much the same as the previous one I think.

Tidying up the Burj Al-Ghazali - 5* SA 4:54 - 170,736pts - 4/51

Again, far too slow to stay near the top of the leaderboard but a real boost to see 4th place come up. I spent a lot of time on the route for this one, very happy with my final result here. Very enjoyable, good choice of targets.

The Decontamination Zone - 5* SA 6:00 - 168,992pts - 10/136

Now this one was a lot of fun - the start is a little fiddly with the scientist who can see through your disguise but everything runs together nicely. On one occasion I got busted heading back down the stairs by the observatory which made me very sad, but the final run went smoothly and everyone went boom in a very satisfying manner. Very pleased with tenth place at time of completion.

Spotless Sonko - 5* SA 05:23 - 169,907pts - 27/202

What’s that you say, a SONKO that doesn’t actually prevent you from changing your suit? Don’t mind if I do! I got my route backwards for this one to start with, but found a sneaky little trick to get the militia guard at the back, but the final result was extremely smooth with everyone getting out of the way just as Mr 47 got there.

Spring Tournament - 4* 08:44 - 133,011pts - 63/209

As above, I think I will find this far more fun to watch more skilled players play than to play it myself. Too much setup and the lures didn’t seem to work reliably for me (I know this is a skill issue!) and I don’t want to spend any more time on this. Good choice of targets though I think, just not my cup of tea.

Thanks to everyone who submitted and congratulations to those who got selected!


pretty solid run of the contract i never thought was possible.

You can make a save in the story mission and practice. I did it myself, when I created the contract. And believe me, it was no less difficult to create it than to execute it.


I was actually speaking to alot of people about if a SONKO was to be available as a FC in the batch (ofc that happened with this contract) and they all agreed that it was too restrictive for Bangkok, so i compromised


Funny enough I kinda simplified it with the breacher and all lol, and that apple throw is easy to learn just stick to the left to make sure that the guard can’t see you throwing it at him.


well I got a SONKO featured on Ambrose and the only place where I saw complainers was the ever-wonderful r/hitman, so I would always encourage anyone to submit good SONKOs in the future.




Let’s be honest, your “Who SONKOed My Battleship?” was really punishing, really fun but punishing as hell, no wonder the noobs of Reddit hated it


It was that punishingness that absolutely surprised me when it was featured over it’s much friendlier counterpart,

Metal Breaker:

Quite frankly I feel a bit guilty, I sort of threw it in there as I originally made it with the intent of being a difficult contract for the Hitman Twitch streamers to play but then the submission thread opened, I only had Metal Breaker so I just looked at YSMB and thought “I gave this as much love and care as I did making any other contract for FCs that I might as well”


A decent selection overall, although like a lot of people I feel NY is a bit over-represented here and there should have been a bit more variety.

Clean Operation - Probably the best among the NY contracts. Nothing really new here but it’s fun and requires just enough thinking to find a good route. 3/5

Got To Keep The Streets Clean - I think it’s the first time I’ve used those fire hydrants in a contract so it felt pretty original. The jogger was kinda annoying since you have to rush her first if you don’t want to wait forever for her to go around the map. I did it as construction worker so I also had to take care I didn’t trigger the other construction worker’s dialogue, otherwise he wouldn’t check the fire hydrant. I still enjoyed it despite the stupid bug (or feature?) that makes everyone suspicious of 47 a couple of seconds after a taser kill. 3/5

I Hate Dust - I don’t really like DGS, it sorely lacks more starting locations and an exit near the graveyard IMO. I went counterclockwise and grabbed the disguise from the guy sitting near the delivery area (where I stashed a gun… that I found floating in the middle of nowhere :thinking: ), dunno if going clockwise would have been a better idea as I basically had to backtrack to exit? It’s always a problem with that map :confused: I enjoyed the contract nonetheless. 3/5

Spring Mechanism - Great pun! I felt the contract was a bit too easy though. It could probably have used a couple of complications to make it slightly more challenging, something like “don’t get spotted” or “no bodies found” maybe? 3/5

The Mad Mopper - I think I’ve already played something similar quite a few times so while I did enjoy playing that contract, it didn’t feel particularly original or memorable. Just okay. 3/5

Cleaning The Cleaners - I did this one as janitor so it felt pretty similar to the previous one, only more accident-heavy. I’m not really a fan of selecting any/anys for FC but at least this contract has a good theme linking the targets together despite the lackluster briefing, and well, I did like it anyway in the end. 3/5

Tidying up the Burj Al-Ghazali - Didn’t enjoy it much :confused: Mostly because of the target choices. Like is there really a way to get that girl out of her room which doesn’t involve throwing all your pocket change in the corridor? And why make that last guard require propane while it could have worked as a push kill too? :x 2/5

The Decontamination Zone - I thought I’d hate this one as I hate the Sapienza lab. As it turns out it doesn’t even take a minute to grab the disguise, disable the cameras and get out of the lab so I ended up really liking this contract. Great theme and concept. 4/5

Spotless Sonko - This wasn’t particularly spotless on my part as I got spotted by Columbo (that’s the nickname I gave to that guard with the cap in the basement), but since he was one of the targets a shot to the face in that room nobody else goes in quickly took care of that. A fun contract in an underused map (which I personally think is more fun than default Bangkok). I’d have liked it more if it included “no disguise change” to be a “proper” SONKO but it’s just a minor complaint. 3/5

Spring Tournament - I enjoy knightly tricks on Sgail… but I hate falling object kills so this lessened my enjoyment of this contract a lot :confused: Evil Pope in particular was a really annoying target, as I tried to blow her up with propane at first, which was pretty tedious, and I kept gettting random body founds so I had to restart it a lot. I would probably have enjoyed the variant posted in the general contracts thread more :confused: 2/5


The architect’s girl can be lured to the right point by the phone or poison her with a Sieker and she will go to a very convenient place. in addition a good option to use a weak rifle (not kill with the first shot) it pushes the target into the abyss. so if you want you can get by with only one falling gargoyle.


Yeah I ended up luring her near the gargoyle with an audio distraction, although it still took a couple of tries to find the right spot. I didn’t think of sickening her and then sniping her in the leg with the low-powered Siegers, which is weird considering I tried to make a contract about getting rid of Block’s guards as a knight in that way (sadly it’s “any method” and not “fall” so I ended up scrapping it :/).


This is interesting, by the way. If the NPC sees that a weak bullet pushed someone from a height do they panic? If the fallen body will be found will the SA be lost?

If another NPC sees a target falling from a bullet in the leg they’ll react as if the target was hit by an apple or similar fruit, so not exactly panic like reacting from seeing two shots but guards will draw their weapons and look for a culprit for example. It does not break SA though. I dunno if a body found that way counts as an accidental fall as I don’t really know how “fall damage” works in Hitman (when I made that contract all bodies fell into the sea so none were found).

I suppose it could be “tested” with Evil Pope by doing something like placing a coin near the ledge behind her and then shooting her leg with the Kruger when she picks it up, but from my experience these ledges in Sgail are very finnicky and the angle of the shot needs to be perfect for them to fall from the ledge, otherwise the targets will just fall on the ground behind them :confused:


Thank you for your reply. I will definitely test it.


I’m so glad I managed a spot among the 10 contracts!

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shortest time i’ve seen yet! well done! what were your thoughts on it? didn’t think it’d be a quick one to speedrun.

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Thank you! My thoughts that I enjoy doing this contract, even though there’s 3 feature contracts in New York of spring cleaning. But I know it can go quicker than 2:50. Congrats on getting your contract features​:raised_hands:t2::clap:t2:

It was a pretty good one, too! Very nice briefing that reminded me of the Immediate Murder Professionals (so to speak), and good job on not falling into that trap of including that pesky fifth janitor - the four you chose are all great but the final one definitely wouldn’t have fit with hiding all bodies. Less mandatory complications though (none is best)!!! :stuck_out_tongue: