Status system: Silent Assassin in Freelancer

Base game literally does this already. Depending on your actions in-game a different rating will be given to you. It isn’t just a cosmetic thing, there’s some behind the scenes mechanics going on to give you a specific rating, even if the score remains quite linear.

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the “rating” you get usually gets over written by some specialist rating based on what type of weapons you use, like melon man or nitro freak, lets not kid ourselves here and call that system they stapled onto the binary one as a good system. it should clearly track and communicate the amount of bodies found/innocents killed/witnesses, which it doesn’t when you look at the detailed score.

ratings like “clean ica assassin” or “professional ica assassin” aren’t communicated to the player as which one is better, and its still based on how many binary of the SA criteria you missed out on.

it really should be a system where you get a base rating AND a specialist rating, if applicable. you got two bodies found and had one witness, which knocks you down to professional, but hey you killed the target with a battle axe. it’d come out as professional with a sub rating related to the axe kill. the game places too much emphasis on SA, which just splits into two ways on how people approach the game, either just resetting for SA, or not caring about the rating at all.


It’s a rating, there’s no need to use quotes in a attempt to downplay that. I even admitted SA is still fairly linear…what exactly do you want me to say here? The game tracks what you do and gives you a rating. I admit, some clarification on how I got it would be nice, but I can live without it. Heck, some of the ratings are fairly self explanatory (I wonder how I got the “bomber” rating…)

SA is the highest score to get; the very reason the SA tracker exists is to make sure you can still get it (and it was a highly requested feature), it is by no means the only way to play Hitman, and Freelancer does adequately at making more playstyles viable.

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Well acctualy that kind of title system depending on player style was since Hitman 2 Silent Assassin where was introduced, it was always about playstyle. But stars rating shows how good you were.

But I agree that some titles isn’t obvious, and make confusion. There should be a list of titles in game like it was in Absolution so you could at least guess what kind of title and for what you can get. In World if Assassination it’s quite confusing.


full disclosure: i haven’t played the ctt.

in its current state, what do you get payouts for at the end of the mission; is it completing objectives or for how well you perform?

Completing objectives. Performance is completely irrelevant (unless you have a performance-based objective - ie Silent Assassin).

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gotcha. thanks.

out of interest, how does the territorial alert stuff work; as in, what causes areas to become more alert to 47’s presence?

Leaving a non-alerted territory without killing all Members will raise all remaining locations in the campaign stage to alerted status. In stages 2-4 of the campaign, it will always have locations randomly selected to be alerted (1 in stage 2, 2 in stage 3 and 3 in stage 4).

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ah, okay, so it isn’t entirely driven by the player’s actions in previous stages; as in, leaving witnesses or evidence doesn’t lead to alerts in later levels? do you reckon it would be too easy if it worked like that or…?

Least fascistic Hitman fan

jesus christ that’s a lot to grind to complete it

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Think a lot of things regarding the rewards system that will change at launch, but if the objective rewards stay the same when selecting the syndicate, I’ll selecting the ‘Assassination’ option as that generates Silent Assassin objectives etc. I believe ‘Arms Dealers’ is if you want to go in guns blazing, but that has plenty of avenue to get messy and I don’t like playing like that.

On to the OP, I think if Silent Assassin does offer the highest reward, it will encourage more players to put every effort in for their rewards.

I think guns blazing is just the easy way out in my opinion :wink:

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Guns blazing is the exact opposite of the easy way unless you very carefully plan where you’re going to mount the attack from to gank the game’s AI. You also need to carefully consider the nature of the map; are most of the guards just handguns, like Paris, or SMGs and ARs, like Mumbai?

It doesn’t take that much to bring you down, and if you do go down, you’ve just cost yourself half your Merces, whatever you were carrying, potentially all of your tools and the campaign.

The deeper you get into a campaign, the less inclined you will be to mount an all-out assault. It’s especially foolhardy on showdowns unless the target is amongst one of your initial victims.

…Except Ambrose Island. It’s a pain in the arse in Freelancer, I go sneaky serial killer mode for that island.

Hold on a damn minute: our discussions in the other Freelancer threads had folks who did the CTT telling us that if you have the Silent Assassin Prestige Objective, and the target sees you perform an illegal action, even if you kill them afterward, you lose the SAPO. However, I just watched somebody’s video footage of it on YouTube, and the last target was an enforcer that spotted the player and got suspicious, and the player knocked them out with a wrench, then shot them in the head and still kept a successful SAPO. So what the hell? Can targets busting you nullify SAPO or not?

Around the 31:35 mark:

This is weird, they should have failed the objective as soon as the target spotted them. I distinctly remember getting spotted with a knife by a target in Berlin, throwing the knife in their head, but still failing the objective without gaining it back. My target was a civilian and this is a guard however, so maybe the target type matters? Getting spotted still should fail the objective however. I really don’t understand what’s happening there.

I hope that it’s a sign that the CTT wasn’t complete in regards to this and that, like in the main game, getting your SA status broken by a target does not invalidate it for the mission so long as the target dies without exposing you to a non-target NPC. Probably not, but a man can hope.

You could be on to something here. Actually I can’t remember if my prestige objective was SA or SASO in the example I mentioned earlier. Maybe it was actually SASO and it used the H1 rules, while regular SA worked like you described. Sadly it’s not like I can play the CTT again to check :confused:

That has to be either a bug, or the player was using something they shouldn’t have. Silent Assassin should have been lost as soon as the guard got suspicious and it never was. This isn’t about Silent Assassin being lost and then regained… it was never lost in that video, which isn’t valid.

But on what do you base that it should have been lost? The fact that it did other times? Maybe those times is when it wasn’t supposed to. Maybe it would have been lost for good once another NPC who wasn’t a target was exposed to the situation, but the status isn’t supposed to show lost until that happens. What could the person have used that would have prevented it? This is either a fluke, or we might not understand everything yet.

In normal play, as soon as that guard got “suspicious”, Silent Assassin should have been lost. That status is not compatible with an Unconscious Witness. Now, that guard was a marked Target, so perhaps there is something about that, but in normal play the Silent Assassin icon would have (at least momentarily) turned red.

And there are trainers out there that will alter behavior. I am not familiar with one that does that, specifically, but I can’t say one wasn’t used.