Subtitles and translation project

hello if you don’t know me i record all the dialogues of the games and i post that on youtube

but this time i have an other project , make subtitles to the dialogues who don’t have and translate dialogues with no subtitles for french version

the first step is to whrite the dialogues but my english is not very good , i need help
my final goal is to make a mod with all dialogues with subtitles

i start by this dialogue
… mean i don’t anderstand the word , ( ) mean i am not sure of this

  • you know i saw him once this guy mister ritter he comes down like once of year
  • oh yeah , what he looks like
  • he’s an art dealer right so we say, so you expect some kind of … type softy hands
  • yeah
  • but he’s not like that at all, he looks … hardest
  • really
  • really , like he’s the real deal , like is being placed done things
  • so … (make) that
  • nothing just make my observations , not to ask stupid question if you know what y mean
  • i hear you loud and clear

i just need help for turn of dialogues to text , for the french translation i do it my self , i just need to see where i was wrong and fill the holes , i cannot do this alone i need help if you have the motivation even for one thing thanks

security of the yacht 2

-looking all that stupid snobs , they even know whats going on , who their stuff her faces with caviar , mister ritter steals on their picasso some shit

-jeez keep your voice down alright

-why , we dont mind us , we dont even see us , you know i almost feel sorry for them this rich people … … the slaughter


yeah this thing is a monster … … any réeducation bad

ha it’s probably just one of the cylinders , that explain the … noise when we docked

no hoarded check hey

hein she call the manufacture send the guy out

no time mister ritter wants to depart tonight give him some grease for fix …

if you say so

guest 1

-so you talk to mania yeah what did he say

-hahahaha it’s so funny , you know we should get like an note book and write all that funny stuff down , they grow up so fast and sudenly it’s all gone

what yeah just the … back to the hotel , god i hope i get that job , i just cant do that shalow crap anymore

i know dont worry about me i just feel like i’m for mars or something

ho he i see mister wendique … … … … …


I discovered that youtube generated subtitles automatically, it will make my job easier, finally I will be able to do it on my own

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