That feeling of a new map

Do you recall when we got Haven or New York, or when we switched from Hitman 2 to Hitman 3?

Like are familiar with the game but feeling like a newcomer because new maps, exploring/recon etc…?

Any predictions for this one?


@Agent1980, YES I DO. My predications are there is 3 targets from the trailer and after looking at all the mastery unlocks (excluding mission starting locations and such) we will most likely get 7-10 unlocks including the suit.

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Can’t wait for the Mission Story debate once more!


New target, challenges, level 20 mastery etc… :sparkling_heart:

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It’s the best feeling the game offers, as much as I still enjoy the game, nothing beats the feeling of starting a new map.

Can’t wait :+1:t2:


Abso-bloody-exactly. No better feeling in Hitman than turning off all Mission Story hints/guidance and then just spending a couple of hours exploring a new map and trying to figure out how you might work yourself towards making one of those awesome cinematic kills. Just the best time you can have in gaming.


Abso-bloody-lutely. No better feeling in Hitman than turning on all Mission Story hints and guidance to help you learn the level and its general feel, spending a couple of hours exploring a new map with the help of Mission Stories, and trying to figure out how you might work yourself towards making one of those awesome kills later on down the line. Just the best time you can have in gaming.

You realise how elitist you sound, right?


The first 2-3 runs of a new Hitman map have been some of the most sublime moments I’ve had in modern gaming. It’s still great afterwards, bit those first few times…the sense of discovery, all those things clicking into place as you connect the dots of how the level works. Chefs kiss

Nothing beats it and there honestly won’t be many more chances to feel it for a while after this so I’m definitely going to savor it.

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Absolutely 20 characters.

Players do learn/master a new map quicker and quicker, with all the experience and items available from all the previous level.s

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That does help, yeah. Gets you into the mindset of what to expect.

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They never said that they felt this was the only way to play the game and that everyone should subscribe to this. They were just stating how they find the most enjoyment. This criticism is unwarranted and asinine.


The first couple hours of playing Paris in 2015 was a genuinely mind blowing experience to me. It was overwhelming in the best possible way. And on from there, that feeling of exploring every subsequent new map has been great.

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Sounding elitist and being elitist are two different things.

I don’t think they are being elitist, but the comment gives off that vibe.

Idk about others but I’ve only ever brought the lockpick and coins for the first few runs of a map.


I hardly ever bring either of those, much better options available


Oh god, let’s not go there…

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For a first run? Neither are overpowered or anything. Of course for normal play there are a million other things I’d use. But for a first few runs where exploration is the main goal? They’re just run of the mill tools that let you get a good feel of the level at a natural pace without exploiting anything imo.

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Crowbar fulfills the purpose of both those items (opening doors & distractions), and you can knock people out with it. Providing you with an extra loadout slot.

Nothing wrong with bringing lockpick & coins btw, i simply responded to the “idk about others” part.


It wasn’t meant that way, and honestly after revisiting the post I don’t think it reads that way regardless of what I intended to get across. Your mileage may vary.

I’ll let my long HMF history of calling myself out as a mediocre Joe Schmoe player who admires speedrunners and hardcore roleplayers alike speak for itself.