That feeling of a new map

it’s indeed a great feeling. so much excitement. letting the cutscene beforehand play in full, walking, not running everywhere, and just listening first because one thing HITMAN always nails is sound design.

…and then sprinting directly into any nearby water to see how far 47 can wade into it :grin: (though this doesn’t apply to The Bank of course)


Let us go into the water in Sapienza, you cowards.


we deserve it! what better way to cool off after getting all sweaty in an underground bio lab!

and it could serve as a hiding spot (timed, since he would have to hold his breath. also, it miiight ruin a disguise…but still)

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I was more thinking getting our ankles wet at the beach, but yeah.

I wouldn’t recommend that with all those crocs around.


I mean, he wears a wet suit, so let him swim IOI!

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I’m gonna have to take you at your word on that, because anything else I say makes me sound worse than I already do.

Going through a new level has a crisp flavour. From learning the news of something big coming up to anticipation until you do your very first walkthrough around the architecture of the level, it’s fun all around!


There’s a reason that I’m trying to finish off those last few challenges I have left on other maps; letting yourself get lost in a location with minimal distractions is an amazing feeling!

One of the best parts of this series is discovering new things. You can, and often do, still find things weeks, months, even years later but there is nothing quite like playing a map for the very first time.


Yeah, I’m in the same place, the only %-completion things I have left to do in the WoA trilogy are Levels 2 & 3 of The Wrath Termination in Dartmoor (plus the associated Challenges about not letting any Inhibitors get to the top floor).

I absolutely HATE that Escalation - one of the very small number of things in the trilogy that I actively dislike - but I’d love to start playing Ambrose Island with everything else at 100% completed and so I think I’m just going to have a stern word with myself and find some way of mopping up those Challenges without throwing my PC out of the window.

Good luck, @Krikkit2021!


Dude I’ve been playing this trilogy throughout its life and there are plenty of challenges I haven’t completed. Mostly the sniper stuff. I have never even played the 2nd and 3rd sniper maps. Games are meant to be fun — don’t complete something just to complete it if you’re not having fun!


I’m torn :sweat_smile: on the one hand I’m always happy about new content, I also liked a few of the 7 deadly sins.

Nevertheless, on the other hand, there is of course this little hope, that Grey could be part of the game again, but that in turn means there is a great risk of being disappointed (of course I’m just speaking for myself).

But basically I’m looking forward to the new location and since Santa Fortuna is one of my favorite levels and Ambrose Islnd reminds me a bit of it so far, I’m all the more excited :heart_eyes:



I left them unplayed for the longest time but my OCD got the best of me recently. I regret my decision to play them every day… The challenges aren’t tied to mastery so you have to play them about 5 or 6 times, doing the same thing over and over so the main targets don’t accidentally escape and force you to play one extra time, to gain just a single level. And that’s assuming you manage to get a decent enough score, because for some that’s what they decided would translate to mastery. It is absolute torture to get to 20/20.


Was there ever an explanation given as to why they made the Sniper Assassin mastery so insanely grindy? They could have each level only require half the XP it does now and it would still take some grinding to get max mastery after doing all the challenges


Oh, yeah! I forgot to wish you luck on your quest to power through Wrath!

I know Level 2 can be nightmarish but, if it’s any consolation, Level 3 is almost fun.

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Probably just to make an already lackluster game mode even worse? :man_shrugging: To lower fan anticipation and help make New York and Haven Island seem even better (than they already are) by comparison? Who can fathom the enigma that is IO?

They already did back in H2’s tenure. I don’t recall which IOI monthly unfortunately, but it was to do with challenge completion, essentially forcing a large grind to encourage it.

I could be wrong, so lemme know if anyone can find the clip of it.

Wrath is fine, and hardly the worst escalation ever. You just need to learn the inhibitor routines. I too haven’t completed it, but it’s not because I HATE it, it’s because I don’t know how to solve the puzzle. I’ll get round to it eventually, but i’m busy with several other things.

The only levels I actively hate to grind for are the sniper maps, which are grindy for the sakes of challenge completion, which is nonsense as even if you do all the challenges, you still have quite a ways to go to complete it, and that is a hell of a demotivator.

When you do get around to it, I’m sure you’ll find that even after you learn how to do the puzzle, the escalation doesn’t give you the tools to do the puzzle, especially Level 2. There’s too many places to be caught in a firefight out in the open and you end up fighting machine guns with screwdrivers. I get what IO were going for but the combat in this game isn’t meant for the type of combat this escalation seeks to engage in. Oftentimes, it feels more like you’re a trapped animal lashing out hoping to get lucky instead of the ruthless killing machine that embodies “wrath”.

Tell me about it! I got all 27 challenges done in Siberia the other day and I was only 11/20 mastery… :man_facepalming: And I have about 20/27 in each of the other two sniper maps and I’m only around 7/20 in them… :man_shrugging:

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That’s a good point. I disagree about 47 being trapped like an animal, but I cannot summrise it much better than what you’ve said, really.

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