The Battlefield Series

Not really sure why I’m the one making this, since I don’t have any nostalgic investment in the series – fairly new fan here.

But since I’m pretty interested in the next game, why not localize more of its content leading up to release, here…

BATTLEFIELD 2042 is coming Fall 2021 to current and Next-Gen consoles and PC.


And here’s what I made this thread for, since it doesn’t seem like too big of an announcement for the Game News thread…

A short film will be premiering soon. Pretty cool thing to make, considering how detailed DICE’s cinematic tech is.

The YouTube mobile app says it should be 9m07s long.


I played a lot Battlefield through the ages, all from BF1942 and my love for the FPS really took hold with BF3. BF1 is the game in the series I put most time into, BF V didn’t really hit the itch for me and was a rather big disappointment. Now I look towards BF42 and hope it will scratch my BF itch, however I fear that it will ignore smaller game modes such as Domination and TDM. It has always been my bread and butter in BF, I 90% of the time I stay away from the larger modes and only play with certain friends.

Oddly enough I hate Tanks, vehicles, planes, helicopters and everything that isn’t infantry. In short I dislike the majority of what people enjoy about the series. A more obvious choice would be COD for those who enjoy arena shooters, but COD always been a bit to arcady and I’m not willing to play a game with only one year shelf life.

If i’ll buy BF42 all comes down to if the game got classic modes as TDM and Domination. I fear that it won’t return due to the nature of how divided BF V was, a lot of modes was removed after launch. If not I’ll continue with R6 Siege.


I also can’t say I’ve ever been super into the Battlefield series. I think the game I put the most time into would actually be the first Bad Company. I remember liking the campaign of that, just enjoying the novelty of building destruction and the Kelly’s Heroes plotline. Think I delved into some of the multiplayer for that, including the big Vietnam expansion they did. Played a little bit of BF3 online, and I very recently tried BFV which came out free on PS Plus. I think I just jumped into them too late, although honestly I can’t say the WW1 and WW2 settings are my kind of thing for this kind of game. Probably the right move for the time but I have no interest, I still feel burnt out from the WW2 era from the PS2 era.

I mean to me, I think doing 2042 after BF1 and BFV makes a lot of sense. I think it looks fun, the near future stuff seems like it just means an excuse for some fun toys to play with. I think to me, the appeal of a game like Battlefield is that it seems like the kindof game where you don’t have to be an ace shot, you can instead just play a good support role and be a team player.

So yeah, probably be buying this at launch. Should be a fun distraction.

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The ‘Exodus’ short film is out now.

It’s got some impressive lighting and facial capture.
The short essentially confirms the character of Irish from BF4 is back, playable as one of the Multiplayer operatives. The whole concept of no-country armies fighting it out in the climate wars (coming soon to a bushfire near you) is pretty interesting and definitely in no way conveys any political tones, wink.
I wonder if that tease of Tower Bridge from London confirms a London map in the game…

Closed Captions/Subtitles are available, in a wide variety of languages.

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