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Happy New Year my fellow members

Let’s hope 23 isn’t yet another burning turd.


Fixed it for you mate :joy:


POV New Years Eve at your Sisters while your S.O was in Chicago.


A Bozo Buckets rereack on that table would be amazing! You could basically just reach out and drop the ball in for the first few.


Here is a picture from my job. I work in a factory that makes paper.
Those rolls behind me are all paper. One roll weight about 16 tones for about 4600 meters of paper depending on how thick the paper is made.
I’ve been working here for almost one year and I really like it


I bet you could lift one of those rolls anyway all by yourself! (My father used to work in the paper business – those rolls really are impressive)


Good Job! My dad used to work at one over 10 years ago.

Live long and prosper, accidents happen so be careful!




He actually just sold paper. But he was the regional manager for the biggest company in Switzerland. He sold paper to printing factories and newspapers.


Wow! May I ask… for what are such huge paper rolls be used?


To wipe my ass after shitposting on HMF

Now i imagine swiss Michael Scott


May one of these be your payroll some day!


Animators will never tell you this, but if one rolls over you, you’ll become paper-flat too! :hushed:


“…In ICA, silent assassin. Number one. Steady hand. One day, ICA boss need new heart. I do mission. But, mistake! ICA boss die! Providence very mad! I hide in fishing boat, come to Italy. No Italian, no food, no money. Darryl give me job. Now I have house, German car, and new woman. Darryl save life. My big secret: I kill ICA boss on purpose. I good assassin. The best!”


I sometimes daydream that I can do :drooling_face:

It does and it’s pretty scary. Some people died in here over the years and at every accident they add new safety regulations.

Where I am we just make the paper. Actually the machine does it for us, we are there to regulate it and keep an eye the paper is rolling.
Once a roll is finished it then goes to another sector where they make from one big roll smaller rolls rapped on cardboard tubes.
After that they go to the client and what they do we really don’t know. They have their own machinery I guess where they work the paper to make I don’t know, books, magazines and so on.
For example I have a friend who works in a factory just like mine and among other type of paper they produce a special paper for money bills for some country in Africa.
We the workers are not allowed to know for what company we make the product.

I can send a sample right away but I warn you, it’s hard paper and not soft. You might get a nasty irritation :neutral_face: One 4000 meters roll starts at about 30.000 € I heard. Depends all of the quality. Might be wrong I just asked once a year ago.

Good one :laughing: :money_mouth_face: I wish tho. They really cost a lot but to whom to sell :man_shrugging:

Eh it happened many many years ago. Someone got squashed between 2 rolls. He manage to get out underneath the rolls, sited down and after 2 minutes he died from internal bleeding I guess. Adrenaline kept him alive for those 2 minutes.
Sad story about this person is that it was his day off and they called him to do extra because someone was home sick. After the shift he had to reach his wife and kid at the sea for summer vacation.

Don’t give me ideas. I have way too many…


An attempt to pose goes horribly wrong