The game keeps crashing every single time

I have been playing Hitman 3 for a long time but It has been close to a week that the game keeps crashing at the start load screen just as it’s trying to fetch my profile… the game works fine online and offline on the other ps4 accounts but on my account keeps crashing. It works offline on my account as well. I can even enter it offline on my account but whenever tried to be online on my account it crashes at fetching my profile… . I reinstalled the game twice, deleted all saved data including profile data and messaged IOI but they didn’t help much. What should I do? Thank you.

contact ioi’s support email or file a request at their Zendesk website

Emailed them but they didn’t help much

Buy a Xbox. :laughing:

Just messing ofc

If I were you I’d try the game on a friend console or after resetting yours if it’s not a big problem. May be you could try using other networks too or even a vpn. You can try opening a ticket on IOI support site but they did not solve my problem ( my favourite contracts are broken )

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i used other networks, i contacted ioi support, and still not fixed. don’ know what to do anymore

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an update. I totally initialized the PS4, installed the game again, but again at fetching my profile the game crashes. Honestly I’m shocked,I don’t have a clue what to do. Is there a way that I can contact IOI directly? I mean, what should I do?

It could be an issue related to your profile like mine. I am not sure you can reset the profile, in any case I think you will lose all unlocks ( other forum members could know more about this ) so this should be your last resort. You could try open the ticket anyway, after that may be you can include Clemens handle in this thread to ask for help.

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how can i reset my profile? and how can i get hlep from Clemens?

I suggest you to first open the ticket, then if nothing happens use the @ character in a message to mention clemens_ioi to get his attention. Only if this does not solve the problem, search the forum for info on how to delete the profile but be sure to understand the consequences. Not to mention it’s not sure it will fix the problem.

thanks. @Clemens_IOI please help. :((