The Guru, The Congressman, The Undying cant come back in Hitman 3, but couldnt they be reran in their original games?

Because of contractual obligations the Undying and Undying Returns cant be imported over into Hitman 3. The Guru and Congressman are already together in a mission and dont need to be brought back. Now Hitman 1&2 no longer have Elusive Target support but still have all the UI and files in place, so wouldnt it make sense to just put those four targets permanently into those games? Now you might not be able to do it with The Undying - we dont know if the contract for Bean was Hitman 2-only or was even more limited like a four appearances only type thing - but if his contract was only for Hitman 2 he could still legally be put into that game forever because all that stuff is paid for. Wouldnt that make more sense than letting these targets become lost forever?

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But IOI dont have licenses for Gary nor Sean in any hitman game, if it were like that you could theoretically add virtually any one time license into a previous title or just make a new title and shove it in there.

I didnt ask for Gary back, and I was suggesting that they still had the license for Sean Bean specifically in Hitman 2, hence why they were able to use him four times but its no guarantee


They don’t have the licensing for any of the celebrity ET’s in any game whatsoever, when i included Sean AND Gary it linked because there both celebrities and have the dame problems with the licensing.

well we dont know. because they were able to repeat sean bean four times, but couldnt repeat gary busey at all. we dont have a laminated contract that says “sean bean will accept his likeness being used again when you give him an eyepatch, and then two more reruns in 2019 or 2020 but no more because he doesn’t want you padding out content for the roadmap”

IOI could bring all of the ETs back to H3, they just won’t do what needs to be done to make that happen.

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Exactly Heisenberg, exactly

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They’re more asking/wondering if those specific 3 targets – the Guru, Congressman and Undying won’t ever be released on their own in Hitman 3, why can’t they just release them permenantly in Hitman 2, where they belong?

And to that @Leakerman I say: IOI could probably do that for the Guru and Congressman, but have literally no incentive to, given they’ve moved on from H2 a long time ago.
Hitman 3 with all its previous locations is all the rage now, and unfortunately the Guru and Congressman will forever be glued together.

The Undying most likely had a limited contract tied to it, probably something along the lines of “IOI is able to use Sean Bean’s likeness for 2 years following the release of Hitman 2 and The Undying Target”. For them to do anything more would mean more money.


IOI: “Ummm…No just no.”

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I missed the Undying back in the day, so I’d love to have that opportunity again to get the fiber wire around his neck :joy:

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If I could have one more crack at him, I’d take him out so completely, Michael Myers couldn’t come back from it. Got it all planned out, just need the chance.



I’m hoping he’s back soon. It annoys me I missed him!

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I can just imagine you, spending hours of your hitman time, imagining all the changes to the Kronstadt bayside center from the Undying on the regular map and routing it all, pretending he’s coming into this room at this time or drinking his coffee here, where as he’s not even there! :joy:

Oh, you have no idea. I’ve plotted it all out in my head, exactly who I’d have to KO in order to get him alone, and then, using either coin distractions or the gun lure trick, get him to that little garden area where the wood chipper is, and then I’d let him have it! Have him stand in the puddle of water near the faucet, and then, pull out the Silverballer and plug him once right in the heart, then as he staggers, pull out a brick or coconut and throw it at his head (in-universe, these two actions destroy his heart and give him irreparable brain damage), as he falls down into the puddle, turn on the generator and electrocute him (gameplay-wise, this is what actually kills him), then drag the body to the chipper and throw it in and turn it on, and yell “COME BACK FROM THAT, MOTHERFUCKER!

Alas, all that planning and research…

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I think The Guru and Congressman in their separate forms would be great for the arcade to mix it up a bit (one of them has the solo image of the guru in the arcade image).

The Undying, well IOI probably don’t hold that contract, Warner Bros do.


How about, just to mess with people, they do the Congressman, the Guru, and the Decievers, in one contract set?!


But then he wouldn’t be ‘The Undying’.

Heisenberg will un-undying him.
Here is some footage of him preparing an Elusive Target :

Also : I appreciate how as a forum we finally moved on the third stage of grief on the Undying : bargaining. Only two more to go.

There’s no one 47 can’t help with that transition. And to even suggest so is heresy.

@Leakerman A perfect suggestion and solution for resolving The Undying’s comeback problem. I did not know about the presence of Gary Cole in The WildCard ET so that return would be appreciated too …
IMHO as long as all player’s have to pay separately for Hitman 1&2 Access Passes to have their maps and all related contents playable in Hitman 3, So there’s no need to renew any contract from the actors side; Just as you buy and watch a Classic Film from a legitimate Movie Shop. This is pretty simple and clear, Am I right?!
So to IOI team why not to care for customers needs and activate The Undying & The WildCard once and for all please? This is asked many many times here and in every Hitman Community!