The Metal Gear Series

Kept you waiting, huh?

A thread to discuss the Metal Gear series, another stealth genre staple, which I’m sure there’s quite a few fans of around here (if only some of the games). This means of course not just the Solid games, but also the original Metal Gears or spin-offs such as Revengeance or Survive (if someone actually plays it).


Greetings my friend and MG comrade:

It’s absolutely true, I’m one of the fans of both series and Good news is that
Kojima’s newest game input “Death Stranding” is much similar in essence and
Charming as Metal Gear Series, …
Another similar old series is IGI which is in development phase for the third

Very Happy to see you post here from Japan <3

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He moves like The Wandering Soldiers from The Old Base
who he captured and sent to his new Mother Base!

I’m living in a box, a cardboard box


I wish it wasn’t such a massive pain to experience this franchise in the modern day. If you don’t have a PS2 or a PS3, you are missing out on half the damn series. And even on PC, the ports for MGS1 and MGS2 are just awful. If only Konami had some sense to handle one of their top franchises better…


I agree in the fitst place but Nowadays you can play the Series all through seemlessly by rpcs3 emulator even with gamepad attached to it!

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Yeah… that’s true alright. I’m not sure if that’s an appropiate topic to discuss in this forum, though.

Absolutely concur. The fact that I´m a PC-only player means I still haven´t played most of the games (only actually finished MGSV and MGS1 so far). Although to be fair, I wasn´t all that keen on playing the series for a long time anyways, as the whole techno-fantasy (or whatever the appropriate name would be) and anime vibe didn´t really appeal to me (as someone who prefers more realistic settings/features in games, I´ve always been firmly in the Splinter Cell camp).

The controls for MGS1/2 on PC are certainly something I´m wary of. Playing MGS1 keyboard-only was certainly… an experience… (first time since GTA1/2 for me probably), and MGS2 seems to have an even worse reputation in this regard. I´m not a fan of gamepads (not used to them and whenever I do happen to find myself using one, my thumbs are not happy), so if the rumours about Konami planning to remake/remaster some of these games and release them on PC turn out to be true, I hope they come with proper PC-friendly controls…

Still haven´t gotten around to playing DS, but hopefully I can by the end of the year or the beginning of the next one. Certainly looking forward to it (assuming my laptop can run it well enough). From the bits of gameplay I´ve watched, it seemed like Kojima and co. really built up on the systemic open world gameplay of MGSV.

I am ashamed to admit that I still haven´t played the old IGI games… But as a huge fan of Cold War settings, I have the third one wishlisted and have been immensely looking forward to it. Hopefully it turns out well.


Probably the best use of an open-world system out there! No more massive map, but littered with tedious things to check off a list because of little thought put into the game’s world itself.
Everything was built as an obstacle to overcome, the gameplay purpose-built for the different kinds of terrain and tools you can place virtually anywhere, to help you – or other players who may find your tools – along on their journey to deliver packages as quickly and safely as possible.

I had loads of fun with it during the pandemic.
The story is also typical Kojima-level bonkers, but in an enjoyable way! There’s so many elements that relates back to the themes of “strands” and “bridges” and “hands” and “connections”, it almost feels too coincidental to be intentional, but I’m sure it is.

Er, yeah… truly a weapon to surpass METAL GEAR!
(There i said it, this comment is relevant to the thread)


The nature of the open world and ways to interact with it is something I’m especially looking forward to. Should make for a very different and unique experience. As much as I love and enjoy MGSV, anytime I run into an idiotic obstacle (either in the form of terrain or man-made structures) that cannot be overcome, it’s like a slap in the face in such a systemic and interactive game…

Could’ve said ‘game’ instead of ‘weapon’ :grin:

Don’t worry, if DS gets too prevalent around here, I’ll just change the name to include “and other Kojima games” as well :smile:


My head: I wonder if anyone got the link between the two???


If you mean link between MG & DS: Both share the similar plots of One Man Army against a force of Mass Destruction, Genetic Manipulation, Environmental Issues, Pandemics & Politics, …!

No I meant the song: Living in a box by living in a box, featured in the album Living in a box.
The reference is that MG has the use of the Cardboard box


Tis a glorious day for MGSV players on PC, as Jimlafleur has finally released his long-awaited weapons mod :heart:


Not Metal Gear per se, but a little Kojimboob studio promotion narrated by Akio Otsuka:

This is a great mod, but damn does it take forever to install… it also breaks off the grid in some ways which imo is an essential mod.

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Yeah, I´ve decided not to install it for now. Mainly because of the feedback on how it breaks the game if too many loose textures (whatever that is) mods are installed. Gonna wait for an update or Zeta port which might fix/circumvent this. Definitely wanna use the mod though.

That´s the offline development of online stuff mod? I haven´t felt the need for that stuff so far (still lack the levels to develop a lot of it, lol). It´ll definitely be top of my concerns once Konami decides to axe online support for the game though…

Not even that, I’m almost certain it breaks mods like infinite heaven aswell cause after I installed it I simply can’t get it to work with Jimbos mod.

My two main complaints are it’s just incompatible with a variety of pre existing (superior mods) and when it comes to Customization it’s just way too restricted compared to Vanilla.