The Metal Gear Series

Oh wow, that bad? Well if it breaks IH, then that´s definitely a problem. Hopefully it will get fixed in one way or another.

The customization bit is a shame, but I guess that´s a sacrifice one has to make if they want real life firearms in the game. At least in terms of how this mod is conceptualized. Although if the customization limitation also affects stuff such as adding suppressors or different scopes, then…

For perspective, you’ll have a barrel that allows sights,flashlights, or Under barrel attachments. But you won’t have anything to add to those slots. I’ve seen guns which allow for a suppressor or an alternative muzzle and they simply isn’t have any to pick and choose from. Some snipers don’t even have suppressors to attach which I find odd.

Imo it would be within Jimbos interest to release a lite version where we can pick and choose what remodels we want instead of it being a total conversion of the weapon system.

I see… That´s bizzarre. I was expecting the customization limitations affecting stuff like the underbarrel attachments, but for the suppressors, flashlights or sights, that´s indeed weird. Do at least some of the rifles and SMGs contain flashlights/sights by default?

Quite a few people on the forum expressed that wish, but from what I understood, due to how the mod is made (base pack with shared files + textures), it may not be feasible for him to do a lite version like that (especially after all the work put into it already), but ZipfsLaw did say he will be making a Zeta port of the complete pack and then individual weapons/groups, so it ought to happen eventually.

For the time being, I´ll be happy if he manages to iron out any conflict-causing issues. And if the customization aspects can be somehow improved, great.

Kept us waiting, huh?

I’m of course very pleased by this (and hoping it will end up being a great game), but I most likely won’t be able to play it without having to invest in a new laptop, considering there is no release date yet and all the foliage will make it run even more like shite. Still, good news.

However, at the same time I’m rather annoyed that the Master Collection which they’ve announced alongside this (and the first part of which will come out in autumn) doesn’t seem like it will be released on PC. Which sucks, cause I’d really like to be able to play the original MGS3 on PC as well without having to resort to emulation. Not to mention having MGS1 and 2 ports with controls and settings actually optimized for PC would be more than welcome.

And it will be even more annoying if it turns out the supposed Vol. 2 of this collection will include MGS4 and Peace Walker…

Edit: Guess there is hope for the MC to be on Steam, but I´ll believe it when I see it…


MGS 3 and hopefully 4 on the PC?


Yeah, MGS4 finally being brought outside of the PS3 confines would be a helluva sight. Hoping for Peace Walker as well.

One thing I’m wondering is, assuming the second (or third?) batch of the Master Collection will include MGSV, whether and how the PC version will be affected. I don’t really want to see them messing with it much for the sake of mod functionality, and the only thing I would want them to do is slap some of that cut content back in (Battle Gear and Episode 51 in particular), but that’s unlikely to happen. Alternatively, integrating Ground Zeroes into TPP would be an interesting (albeit probably unnecessary) step to take. In any case, I guess/hope we can assume the servers won’t be shutting down anytime soon (though it would be even better if so much of the in-game economy, item development and resource management wasn’t locked behind online access in the first place).

But hey, on the bright side, if Konami brings all these old console exclusives to PC and makes money off of it, I might finally see my dream of Ubisoft making a PC port of Double Agent V2 come true, muhaha! (Who am I kidding… :weary:)


At this point, I’d just buy the PS2 version (or acquire it in some other way :pirate_flag:) and play it on PCSX2 :slightly_smiling_face:
Ubi wasn’t able to fix the PC port all these years, let alone port a different version of the same game :man_facepalming:

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Way ahead of you bud :shushing_face:

Yeah, that´s the plan. Assuming I ever get around to purchasing a controller and bother to figure out how PCSX2 works that is :sweat_smile:

The reason I would like a proper port is because a) I could play it using a mouse and keyboard, and b) the port would be that of the Xbox version, which is visually superior to the PS2 one and doesn´t suffer from the level design “cuts”. But maybe Xbox emulation will get to an adequate level soon enough.

How the flying fuck were they able/willing to leave it in its existing state is still beyond me :man_facepalming: Surely it wouldn´t have been such a huge task to fix? I´m still half-convinced they just released the wrong build of the game by accident…

Not to mention make a certain other game available digitally :no_mouth:

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Metal Gear Solid Delta: Snake Eater will be the same story And voices, but will be a built from the ground up remake. If I was to guess it would be up to par with Destroy All Humans.

Also in game screenshots.

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Lol, was quicker than PC Gamer and didn´t need Eurogamer :joy:


Found out yesterday that the Paz “surgery” cutscene in GZ is censored in the Japanese versions of the game. What´s more however, the “flashback/ptsd” cutscene in TPP is also censored, but not only in the Japanese console version, but the PC version as well (not the case with GZ fortunately). I did wonder that it was a lot more “muted” compared to the scene in GZ, but had no idea it was actually altered…


Wow, that’s pretty interesting that they’d made an entire game that partly clashes with their own rules/regulations of Japan, and it had to be censored there, despite not being so overseas.


It happens more often than what people think. And to think it was the complete opposite around two decades ago with the Western Release of some games being censored from the Japanese Version.


Makes sense and was to be expected, given how bitchy MGS fans can (and will) get… Still, it will probably leave some interesting ´what if´ questions.

Next time you bitch about MGSV being ´unfinished´ and ´not what Kojima wanted/envisioned it to be´ (different circumstances, sure, but principle´s the same):

(Not really sure why this is sudden news though, the impact of 9/11 on MGS2´s release has been a well-known thing)