The Metal Gear Series

Given Konami there’s two outcomes.

  1. Since Master Collection is exclusive to PS5, Series X/S, Switch, and Steam there will be a Master Collection version of MGSV. The MC Version would have its exclusive servers for these Versions and be entirely separate from the Original MGSV. Original Steam Versions are delisted… etc etc

  2. MGSV online functionality is stripped down and the content/items exclusive to it are repurposed with the game becoming totally offline. That being said this feels the most likely option. It’s an entirely new launcher and cuts out server costs.

The only game in the Master Collection Vol 2 that will have Multiplayer will probably most likely be Peace Walker since it’s a Peer 2 Peer connection but even then it could be done away who knows.

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The pages are actually popping up on Steam again now, so the “gamepad only” controls are now confirmed.


Honestly not surprised, but hopefully someone finds out how to patch in Keyboard and Mouse.


Yeah, probably should’ve expected it… Still makes me sour though, mainly because it has significantly lowered my hopes that they actually put some efforts into these ports.

Gonna have to put my faith in modders yet again.


These remasters for console really show H:C47 remaster shouldn’t be merely considered @MrOchoa unrealistic fantasy.


Wow, I just watched a really, really good video essay about MGSV’s central themes, their association to Moby Dick, to militarism run rampant, and to the broader MGS series’ themes of self-identity.

Very cool! (For someone who’s kind of a novice of the series)


Yeah, this is a good video. Watched it maybe two or three times before.
Not entirely sold on the author´s view that the game is so much about Japan(´s remilitarisation efforts), but all the other things he points out are spot on. I particularly like though how he calls out all those people who bitched about the game being ´unfinished´ due to ´cut content´ (that being Konami´s fault) with the MGS2 parallel.

I´ve read opinions over the years that MGSV´s absence of a ´proper´ epilogue is also meant to be a direct parallel of Moby Dick´s lack of epilogue upon release, but given how Kojima revels in his cinematic storytelling, I´m kinda doubtful about that one (though it sure is convenient, lol).


Yeah, he also lost me a bit with the theorizing about Japan’s remilitarization, but the anti-war and the war-begets-war themes are very timely and representative of lots of that recent social change we’ve seen with force being used domestically in yhe USA.

I also like the points he makes about the theme of duality and reflections being ever-present even from the start of the game, and I never noticed! Lots of cool shots of things being revealed in a mirror, and lots of dialogue with contrasting words. Cool!

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Indeed, those are cool. Most of them I also didn´t notice/realise while playing, or rather I wasn´t paying attention that much to those things, hehe. One major exception of course being the XOF patch reflection in the opening cinematic of GZ. That one was obvious and brilliant at the same time (and became even better when learning the actual nature of XOF in TPP). Heck, that whole intro is still one of my favourite cinematics in any game ever.

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The title is cut, but the article is mainly about all the other fixes that have come out since then:

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So far the best thing about the Master Collection is the modding scene for MGS3.

That being said I’ll grace this forum with something no one should see that I did. Naked Snake without a beard and mullet.

Edit: I want to add that for Steam Deck users who experience slowdown check your frame rate limiter cause for some reason the game defaults with the limiter on and MGS3 acts like its in slow motion.


I have bee playing Peace Walker and 2:Substance. Missed this amazing franchise.

Also bought a Solid Snake and Big Boss figure.

I’m hoping volume 2 of the Master Collection includes both MGS4 and also Portable Ops.


PO is one I´m hoping to see there as well. That and especially Peace Walker. (MGS4 as well of course, though more out of curiosity rather than a genuine desire to play it)

How are the soundtracks that come with it btw? I read in one review that those are the one genuinely disappointing piece of bonus content…

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The Metal Gear Soundtracks aren’t all that comprehensive and are spread across various applications. The Screenplay and Masterbook, alongside the visual novels are the highlight of the collection imo. But that’s cause a majority of that stuff wasn’t widely available unlike the Soundtracks which take one YouTube search to listen to.

MGS4 is our favourite movie. xd

And yeah. PO is very important to me since it’s the bridge between MGS3 and PW, and has many of the basic that gave the mechanics we’ll see later for base building in PW and V.


Ugh, somehow I wrote “genuine” instead of “genuinely disappointing”… (corrected it now)

It would be still nice though if they were included in a comprehensive manner, preferably in a downloadable form.

The screenplay and masterbook I am genuinely curious about.

Precisely why I´m interested in it :+1:

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Been spending my free time remastering MGS3 on PC making the “Definitive” experience on a portable system such as the Steam Deck.

For people who don’t know, the Master Collection is a very low effort, but safe port of various Metal Gear titles. With them blatantly porting the BluePoint HD Collection versions without touching it up to the point of not adjusting the copyright.

Fortunately for PC Players modding these games are as easy since it’s just dragging and dropping files with a bit .ini file tweaking.

I’ll provide a list of the mods used and separate them between essential and non essential that way you can at the very least know the full extent of what I did, but firstly some screenshots.


Essential Mods
allows custom resolutions, skip the master collection launcher, the ability to use better textures without the game crashing, and more
MGS3 - High Resolution Textures (AI Slop Edition)
a 2x or 4x AI enhanced texture overhaul cleaning up the entirety of the dated textures, install first before any other texture mod for obvious reasons.
MGS3MC Splitter Face Paint Fix
fixes the splitter face paint texture
Alternate Title Screen Logos - MGS3
A simple mod that gives you the choice on changing the title screen and of course splash loading screen, mine simply says Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater
MGS2 - MGS3 - Konami Digital Entertainement Copyright Fix
adjusts the copyright to reflect what it should be
MGS3MC Better Audio
improved Audio for MGS3 and Fixes the audio issues the game has on PC
MGS3 Crouch Walk
adds crouch walking which was originally exclusive to the 3DS version of MGS3, while still keeping slow walking and prone

Non Essential Mods
Clean Shave Oyama
Clean Shaven Snake that replaces the Oyama Face Paint
Haircut - Mullet Remover
Removes Naked Snakes Mullet giving him shorter hair
Show Some Skin
Removes snakes undersuit texture and exposes his forearms
Subtle Sneaking Suit
removes the orange that was originally on the Sneaking Suit in MGS3 making it more subtle and sneaky deaky like
Wooden AK-47
Gives the AK-47 a more wooden texture where necessary
HD Eva Body
Improves Eva’s Body
Hi-Res Pinups
High Resolution Pinup Girls
MGS3 - 4K Zoomed and AI Enhanced Codec Pictures
AI Enhanced Images during Codec Calls

Few things I’m hoping for is the implementation of the improved Snake Model from the 3DS Version. After that I’d say modding the game is almost perfect imo.


This was actually a really neat video with a pretty open talk with the series´ producer. The fact that they are adding a modern/legacy option for the gameplay is pretty cool (even if I don´t see myself really playing from the top-down perspective). I just wish they´d improve the characters´ faces before release…


I’m very excited for it. Still keeping my expectations in check but so far looks Solid.