The negativity towards Hitman 3

It costs 10 times as much to locate and sell to a new customer as it does to an existing one. That reason alone should act as sufficient incentive to attempt to build brick walls around customer relationships in order to deter predatory competitors; and there are plenty of those out there. The following is what can happen when a customer is dissatisfied and it is not handled correctly:

  • One unhappy customer tells 10 to 15 others about the experience. If it’s really bad he or she will tell the whole world.
  • For every complaint that could be made, around 20 people don’t bother complaining. This means 20 lost opportunities.
  • If you handle a complaint badly or with a “couldn’t care less” attitude, or, worse still, if you hide behind the “rule book,” you will lose that customer for good.

It’s a short article that anyone can take a quick look :slight_smile:

I only need to take a good look at the Reported Issues thread, remember the one made for Hitman 2 and how " efficient " IO is in solving them, the whole 7DS DLC controversy and many other issues I have with WoA since H2016, always online being at the top, to come to the conclusion that I don’t like this direction that IO has taken their games and I can’t recommend it to the few friends I have that are interested in it.
Told 'em I’ll buy it and we can do family share :stuck_out_tongue: