The Next Hitman Map (Poll)

Fans: ask for a snowy map, a prison map and a map in Russia

IOI: gives them “Crime and Punishment” :joy:


To be fair that was the best sniper map so far, even if I never revisited it. :crazy_face:


I’m still disappointed that Hantu Port is also “just” a Sniper Assassin Map…


Romania not even Contract Mode
Russia just Sniper mode
If they could do same Map Russia in Normal mission could be nice but increase more area

Wintersports resort in Switzerland. Preferly during the late afternoon where half of the people are still skiing and the other half is getting drunk at a huge apreski party.


I notice that a lot of people tend to see pictures, sniper maps, or just real-world locations and think they might be good Hitman maps because they look good, pretty, picturesque, etc. Would they though? I ask out of genuine curiosity how we think these would work in practice.

Take the Hantu Port map. Would that make a good real map? Are there a lot of ways to get around the map? Doors, corridors, hidden areas, secured area, open areas, etc. all need to be part of the map. One of the biggest criticisms of Hawkes Bay is that it’s small. It isn’t really. It’s one of the biggest maps on the game but there’s only one small area that’s interesting. The rest is just open space and people don’t like that. I feel like Hantu Port would be kind of like that in actual practice. One big open area with a couple areas on the fringes that are closed off (namely the ship and the office buildings).

If a big snowy ski resort was made into a real map, wouldn’t that just be a slightly more vertical version of the Whittleton Creek map? Lots of space in between a few buildings? Would just having snow on the ground between the buildings really be that interesting? Despite the unlocked items that are snow themed, actual snow on the map I question whether it would be that beneficial beyond looking neat.


Of course you couldn’t just use the maps as they are in the game, but a Harbor has been done already and its great.

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An Ether facility. In my recent playthrough of Situs Inversus, while I was being escorted as Jason Portman, the doctor mentioned Ether R&D Facility in Johannesburg as possibly one of the only more technologically advanced places than GAMA, alongside Kronstadt HQ.

We got a Kronstadt mission, but no Ether. Sapienza was about Ether, but it only had a field lab. I want a proper facility with a high-tech theme like the concept art.

Not necessarily have to be in Johannesburg, though, since we have already seen it in cinematics, and Grey even blew up the top of the building. I actually like @Urben’s idea of a research facility in a cold environment.


Exactly. Alter them a little bit I think all sniper maps would be fun to run around in. It certainly couldn’t be less interesting than they currently are at any rate :man_shrugging:

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Yeah it would have to be IOI’fied. But it is possible.

If IO can sell us a map with a single proper sick bed as a hospital, they can sell us anything. :joy:



Always thought that some facility in Antarctic could be a great choice for a location in Hitman. Pump up the ridiculousness of it and make it a militarised baddies’ semi-legal research base, safe from any kind of perpetrators in the middle of frozen desert… except from 47. Something straight from C47 and H2SA. Throw in a couple of “The Thing” easter eggs for a good measure.

After all, if we all want a snowy location, it might as well just be the most snowy one in the whole world, right? And isn’t this the only continent 47 hasn’t visited already, as he already went on missions in Europe, Asia, Africa and both Americas :upside_down_face: ?

:pleading_face: Apologies to Aussies for this cruel joke :pleading_face:


I’ve talked about it a few times, it was supposed to be a Hitman 2 location, but it got cut like all the others

So if that Ambrose flyer is real, maybe IO is going to retry doing an Ether facility mission

Mood board for Johannesburg:



Mostly because I always think that the best locations are the one that possess a sense of familiarity to the player.
But I understand that it could be seen as “one note”, public only, and without a place a traget could feel safe, personal, at home.

So, an airport with this inspiration from Nolan’s Tenet : a freeport.

It could be something else, but I think the concept of a providence facility in an airport for discretion purpose could work. Could even be an Ether Facility.


I was thinking of a snowy airfield that was a half-military, half-civilian airport.

So one target is in the civilian part (little shops, security checkpoints, etc.) and the other one in the military part (control tower, cargo plane that can be traversed, the actual tarmac).

You can call it Arkhangelsk, Russia, and reuse some of the assets from the training mission (Russian uniforms, Mig). The assets would be inexplicably too old, but y’know, whatever works. There’s got to be an airfield near that city, right? You can add a snowstorm for effect.


I will glad for something like that
Its look like sniper assassin russia but in normal… St. Peteraburg/moscow will be cool too
I think Russia must be in Spy Game like that. James bond movies and like that spy always spend time in Russia. Old movies too with KGB. i think it will be missing in the Map of the Freelancer too
Russia and moscow very big affect




I would much prefer a ski lodge, but if that Ether pamphlet is anything to go by, at the very least a Snow level would be appreciated.

:crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers:


This would be like John Carpenter’s “The Thing”, except the shapeshifting alien is 47.

I LOVE IT. :smile:

Edit - @Hotel_Pollisya beat me to it! Great minds… :grin:


maximum security prison.

it can be a snowy one, i guess?

or a zoo! a snowy zoo!

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Are there any animals in the game besides fish and some birds? I would think a zoo would present a whole slew of challenges with all the animals that would be required. Unless it’s an abandoned zoo… a snowy, abandoned zoo. With a big underground area. I think I just described the Penguin’s lair from Batman Returns. That could actually make an interesting map.


I chose to interpret ski lodge as ski resort. :slight_smile:
That is, I want a ski resort, so I voted ski lodge.