The Next Hitman Map (Poll)

Give me a ski lodge/resort map and all my hitman dreams are fulfilled. Thats the point i happily accept io moving on to their next project.


Yes, you’re right. There are at least two hippos. I think the dolphins were just in that one Miami exit though right?

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Honestly if they were going to do an Arctic research facility map, I would personally hope it would be done directly with an investigation type of objective much like the plot of the thing (trying to figure out who in the facility is infected with a virus, or is a killer, or something similar to that where it would be more of like a cat and mouse type scenario where you are trying to deduce who it is you need to kill while the target is actively trying to avoid getting caught).

I don’t really see what other kind of plot you could have there, since you can’t really have the location have a high density of people or tight security, so you would have to introduce something that would have to make the players act carefully in some other type of regard.

What if the Flyer on Ambrose Island leads to the new location and it will be some Ether lab in Greenland and Grey is there after he shot himself in Dartmoor because it’s some super high tech medical biolab thing and they keep him alive there and Diana and 47 go out on a rescue mission


If it does go that route, I think it would be to destroy Grey’s body that the scientists might be studying to learn Ort-Meyers cloning methods. Or something. I don’t know.


But they already have everything from Ort-Meyer, according to Olivia. Maybe that’s why they can handle one of his clones :sunglasses:

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I’d love a new opera level but with a full event this time. (Curtains Down was a rehersal).

I’d love to see a venue like the one here.


that’s the one.

which reminds me: we could have a flamingo area that is simply npcs milling around dressed as flamingos. save some cash. if we could get them standing on one leg, that’d be :ok_hand:t4:

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Or… they’re gonna use Grey’s DNA to replicate 47’s genetic code to make him a target for Caruso’s virus :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:


I like both ideas. Imagine they made Agent 49 though, who is better than 47 and had a cool hairstyle. 47 would be sooooooooooooo jealous.

I would pick “There won’t be another location”

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A casino could be cool but gambling is illegal here. There are no casinos in the way you imagine them in Japan outside of pachinko parlors which are very lowclass and honestly not veryiinteresting.

Macau is the only place in Asia that’s really known for casinos.

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What about West Flanders that Orson mentions in Ambrose island when he talks to the gaurds near the cell?

Cruise ship in the artic with a casino and an opera room :+1:


I’m almost sure the Yakuza aren’t afraid of breaking the law :smiley: but i get what you mean, how about a large underground Club/Casino with idk, a Hot Spring Bath as cover?

Something like that



I get the snowy map idea thing, bear with me. I’d always loved the idea of an opera house in next gen graphics.
I have some ideas on to how it would be good eg the map areas or the opportunities etc.
The title would be the lady of the lake as Ave Maria is actually called that in English


The map would be set in Russia before the events of Hitman 2. The play will be set in the Romantic era 1886-1890 and maybe the maps music could be Ave Maria as it was first composed in 1887 (the more you know).


Good evening 47, your destination is the Chyorny Volkov (Black Wolf) opera house in Vladivostok,Russia. Your first target is Natalya Ovechkina, a famous opera actor currently on tour of Northern Asia with your second
target, Ruslan Kuznetsov, a self acclaimed theatrical play write who will stop at nothing to get a perfect play.

According to ICA files, Natalya and Ruslan meet back in the 90’s when they needed each others “special” attributes to get a play from William Heartland, a socialite and renounced play collector. The plays called “TO A RUSSIAN HARE”. That’s fitting, 47.

Just last year they murdered one of our own in cold blood. It was seen as an accident, but we know better.
Our onsite intelligence has spotted Natalya on and around the main stage, every so often performing on stage. Whereas Ruslan is roaming around the Bar area, the interview area, the heaven seats and around the garden and it’s lake.
Good luck, 47. I’m sure this will be no challenge.


•Prop falling objects (accident)
•Smoking area off stage (accident)
•Stage lights (accident)
•URSA vodka (poison)
•Dubai style art sun (accident)
•Icicle kill (accident)
•Trapdoor (accident)
•Piano falling object (accident)
•Safety rope (accident)
•Quill to the eye (non accident)
•Microphone (accident)
There’s more these are just custom to the map.

•Main stage
•Lobby area (47 can get intel)
•Bar area
•Bar kitchen
•Light rig floor boards
•Interview area
•Heaven seats

•Nighttime/late evening
•Set in Russia, which are really big on opera
•Snowing lightly, snow on floor in areas
•Bright lights indoors to get that warm festive like feeling
•Romantic era (play) 1886-1890 and Ave Maria can be playing during the rehearsal and/or the maps music

•Lots of windows by the main parts to get the cold outside warm inside festive like feeling
•Bunting hanging from trees and lamp posts, near entrances
•Garden area with the lake
•Entrance gate

•Bar area
•Bar kitchen
•Light rig floor boards
•Main stage
•Interview area/Signing area
•Staff room area


•Natalya will be on a safety rope during performance, 47 could loosen the mechanism so when the target does the rehearsal next they fall to their death.

•A stage kill with trapdoor on the floor of stage area. 47 could pull a well timed lever to activate the trapdoor.

•47 could drag the unused piano in the above stage (in the unused prop room above the main stage) on top of the CLOSED trapdoor and when he pulls a lever backstage it open and the piano crushes Natalya.

•There is Bunting hanging from trees and lamp posts. A opportunity to get inside the building by either getting a crowbar, climbing the bunting and cracking open a loose window OR a gardener is complaining that he was going to put some bunting up and it blew away. It will get stuck somewhere, 47 could shoot it down and give it to the gardener, he will give you a invitation to gain entry.

•If you are in the Tech crew (pink) disguise you can talk to the Natalya’s head bodyguard to call a meeting to talk about the next play OR you can seclude the head bodyguard and get his disguise.

•Ruslan will have an signing session by the interview area, 47 can find a signature ticket and ask for a signature from Ruslan. He notices your facial features and asks you about a private meeting to see if you’d be interested in working for him. This would lead to the quill kill.

•47 can talk to James king (the Super fan) and lead him to a secluded area, knock him out OR kill him to get his VIP pass. This would lead to a tour of the backstage area and access to part of it (not the unused prop room) in the disguise.


•[Suit] Opera suit (Navy suit, no gloves, black trousers, dark red pocket tie and dark red bow tie with black shoes)
•Garden areas open to guests
•Any were that doesn’t require a disguise
•Head bodyguard

•Gardener (mahogany coloured dungarees with a dark brown long armed woolly type top with black Wellington boots and black gloves sorta like Dartmoor’s gardeners)
•Outside access only
•Staff room
•Outside fixing points
•Sergei Volkov
•Some other gardeners staff

•Tech crew (navy blue top, some short armed and some long armed, a white and navy blue hat facing forwards and some backwards, black trousers, black shoes, no gloves and a lime green lanyard)
•Suit access
•Staff room
•Fixing points, (inside and outside)
•Some Tech crew workers with special pink lanyards

•Tech crew (pink) (navy blue top, some short armed and some long armed, a white and navy blue hat facing forwards and some backwards, black trousers, black shoes, no gloves and a pink lanyard)
•Same as tech crew
•Other tech crew workers with special pink lanyards

•Lobby staff (Dark gray vest, black or gray trousers, white collared shirt and black shoes)
•Staff room
•Suit access
•Lobby counters
•Sergei Volkov
•Some other Lobby staff

•Event Security (white long armed top or short armed top with a black, blue or navy tie, long black trousers, black shoes and no gloves. If their outside some may were black raincoats and boots.)
•Staff room
•bar kitchen
•suit access
•Lobby counters
•Sergei Volkov
•Other Event guard staff

•Bodyguard (Black suit with Black, blue or Navy tie, black shoes and a white shirt)
•Same as event security
•All floors
•Head bodyguard
•Some other bodyguard staff

•Head bodyguard (black suit with black, blue or navy tie, black shoes and a white shirt, a special golden pin saying “head”)
•Same as bodyguard
•Natalya Ovechkina
•Head bodyguard (if woken back up)

•Romantic play attire (Romantic era styled clothing)
•Main stage
•Backstage parts by the main stage (not allowed near unused props area of the backstage)
•Sergei Volkov
•Some actors on stage and Helmut Kruger (there will be blending spots on stage)

•Super fan (brown suit and matching shoes, white shirt, black tie, no gloves and a VIP pass)
•Suit access
•When frisked, the backstage area
•James King (if woken back up)
•James King’s girlfriend

•Venue waiter (Black vest, white collared shirt, black or gray trousers and black shoes)
•Bar area kitchen
•Ground floor
•Staff room
•suit access
•Chef Marcello Ray
•Sergei Volkov

•Helmut Kruger (Romantic era outfit)
•Bar area
•Backstage (not in the unused prop area)
•On stage

•Jason Portman (dark Gray suit with a white shirt and brown shoes, a fedora and dark blacked out pair of glasses to conceal his identity)
•Following Helmut
•Snooping by the entrance to the Backstage (being caught in there)P

•Kurt Donovan (same as event security description with black raincoat)
•A side entrance to the Opera building

•James King (brown suit and matching shoes, white shirt, black tie, no gloves and a VIP pass)
•Garden area by the entrance waiting for his girlfriend to arrive
•Bathrooms (he will stay crying in a locked cubicle if his GF is either dead or knocked out)
•Bar area with his girlfriend
•On tour if made by 47 (Goes in Backstage sometimes when he finishes the tour)

•Chef Marcello Ray (Same as a Venue waiter, but with a black apron)
•Bar area kitchen
•Bar area


•The lady of the wake [REDACTED] (knock out three people and have them woken up, do not get spotted)

•All you talk about is familiar faces [REDACTED] (Talk to Helmut Kruger and Jason Portman in your suit)

•Lobbying (Disguise yourself as a Lobby Staff crew member)

•A Power play (Disguise yourself as a Tech crew worker)

•A powerful play (disguise yourself as a Tech crew (pink) worker)

•Autumn leaves (disguise yourself as a Gardener)

•Piano lessons (drop the piano on Natalya Ovechkina)

•A CLASS act (electrocute Natalya Ovechkina with the microphone)

•Frozen fiend (assassinate Natalya Ovechkina by melting the lake)

•Cloudy with a chance of meatballs (drop the cloud prop on Natalya Ovechkina)

•Headline (disguise yourself as the head bodyguard)

•Sun tan (assassinate Natalya Ovechkina with the electronic sun)

•Classical conundrum [REDACTED] (steal one violin, one trumpet and one microphone)

•White light security (disguise yourself as a Event security staff)

•Pick your poison (spike a Ruslan Kuznetsov’s URSA with lethal poison)

•What do we do with a drunken sailor? (find a URSA bottle)

•Murder she wrote (assassinate Ruslan Kuznetsov with the quill)

•EXTRA EXTRA (assassinate Ruslan Kuznetsov with a explosive camera during the interview)

•A celebratory crisis (find and give back the bunting to the gardener)

•I do believe i’m invited (find a invitation to the play)

•Very important hitman (find a VIP pass to a backstage tour and put on the Super fan disguise)

•Toilet troubles (find a toilet key)

•I need to use the bathroom (use a coin to go into a cubicle)


0)Entrance way (Suit)

1)Garden starting location (Gardener disguise)

2)Rusty Russian coin (“TO A RUSSIAN HARE”)

3)Lake agency pickup (Under some snow)

4)Bathroom hidden stash (plant pot)

5)Backstage (Tech crew disguise)

6)Bartoli 75R silenced (silencer, increased ammo)

7)Unused prop room agency pickup (hidden behind a crate)

8)Interview area (Event security disguise)

9)Snowy Briefcase (has a snow effect like the Polar survival suit, same as default briefcase MK 3)

10)Bar kitchen (Venue waiter disguise)

11)Lobby area (Lobby staff disguise)

12)Kitchen knife (same as one in normal maps)

13)Interview Hidden stash (in a unmarked white ICA van, along with a remote explosive)

14)Bar area (Suit)

15)USRA vodka bottle (same as a wine bottle from Mendoza)

16)Heaven seat agency pickup (behind a seat)

17)ICA micro remote taser MK 3

18)Heaven seats (locked in Opera suit no gloves, no briefcase allowed)

19)Golden necklace (fibre wire, legal to hold in suit)

20)Opera suit with gloves (Navy suit, full black gloves, black trousers, dark red pocket tie and dark red bow tie with black shoes)


Image result for opera building backstage Russian
Image result for russian gardens night

Hitman version: Ave Maria, Op. 52 No. 6, D. 839 "Hymne an die Jungfrau": Ellen's Gesang III (Ave Maria!) , Op.... - YouTube

If i (or you) think of any more I’ll add to this post, just message me the stuff and i’ll add to the post crediting you as well. :smile:


It’s possible, of course as a Yakuza related business it would make sense and I do like the idea of a casino map, but I still feel like there’s a lot of retreaded ground with the rainy Tokyo at night angle. As a resident of Japan I think Hokkaido serves nicely enough as a representative destination, and Chongqing covers the neon lit rainy asian city quite well. But that’s just me. I’d prefer more geographical variation.


Expecting a new map is wishful thinking at best.

Perhaps if we throw a lot of Money at IO. It would be financially viable for them to make YEAR 3 with an icy map.

Imagine it being set before Mendoza where we have to ice herald Bronson in an Artic Bioshpere submarine luxury Yacht to make a spot for Diana with the heralds.


A new map is wishful thinking, yeah, but that’s what we said post-Hitman III, when IO said there would never be any DLC maps. The Ether pamphlets scattered throughout Ambrose, and the mention of the Caruso virus still somehow being active, are probably just insurance for IO in setting up an Ether facility if they do decide to do Year 3. At the moment, the pamphlets are a simple bit of lore and world-building, but they could potentially be used in the future (like Noel Crest being mentioned in Paris).

Ether’s DNA storage service was first mentioned in Mendoza, where Arthur Edwards was going to use it to blackmail and coerce VIPs with the threat of the Caruso virus if they declined to work for Providence (which is similar to Crest’s plan). The Caruso virus still being active is a big loose end, and also in Mendoza, there’s talk of a new Ether CEO being appointed and Byron Washington assembling a team to hunt down 47, etc. There’s many potential pieces set up everywhere.

So, yep, it is just wishful thinking at this point, but let’s check again in 12 months…


I hope too that there will be more but there is always the possibility that they decide it is not financially viable for them.

I think Ambrose Island might have spiked interest in Hitman 2 and could convert into sales from the players that only bought Hitman 3. New locations could sporadically spark interest in the WOA.

Live games can endure. GTA V is a decade old and there is still new live content.
Hitman 3 could be IO’s cash cow for the years to come.