The Pokémon Thread

The thread to discuss everything related to Pokémon.

(While the category is about video games, I’m sure we can also discuss other related media since Pokémon is a video game franchise.)


If you didn’t know already, a Pokémon Present is announced for February 27, 2 pm UTC.

Some speculations

There are a lot of speculations and rumors about the present, but you can definitely expect these:

  • A celebration video
  • Something for those random mobile games
  • Something for Go
  • Something for Unite
  • SV news: DLC announcement, 1.2.0 update date, Home update date

And here are some more things that maybe also be announced:

  • Gen 1-3 games on Switch
  • A new game
  • Some anime stuff
  • SV: Mystery Gift, teaser update for DLC
  • New mythical

Finally, here are some that are possible but unlikely:

  • A new Legends game
  • Gen 5 remake
  • Sleep
  • Detective Pikachu

Also, there is currently a 7-star raid event happening in SV featuring the Mighty Pikachu. You can see its details here.


I expect disappointment since Pokemon peaked during Gen 5 and everything else was mediocre


The only Pokémon game I’ve played thus far is Sword. It’s a franchise I’ve been meaning to get more into, but almost paradoxically, the fact that so many games have been pumped out lately makes it not that interesting to get into, or less essential anyway.

Still, safe bet that they’ll be some sort of big release this year since we know they want annual releases. Just hope it doesn’t suffer from technical issues like Scarlet/Violet did.


I can say that Sword and Shield was the biggest stinker I played when it comes to a Pokémon game. I didn’t like the Gyms and the Region was just a linear sequence of levels without much exploring.


I liked Sword but I can’t say it really captivated me. I own a 3DS, was thinking of maybe trying something like Black/White, since I hear that was a highpoint?

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I played Pokemon Yellow, Silver, Crystal and Saphire but at some point I was no longer willing to spend my pocketmoney for a new handheld. :sweat_smile:
I am not following the franchise much because of this, now that I cannot imagine to get exclusive hardware for a game instead of getting it on PC. I remember having much much fun with the games but also they became kinda easy for me. I wish they had a difficuilty setting.

But what was extremely awesome was how you could play your game bundled with Pokemon Stadium 2 on the N64 where all fights you had were 3D. Switch players might got used to 3D battles but it was super exotic for me to experience it that way.


Pokemon has a lot of great games.

I’d personally recommend firered/leafgreen, emerald as an excellent starting point.

Though heartgold/soulsilver are great too if you desire less challenge but more content.

Platinum is great fun but not my cup of tea.

Black and white and black and white 2 are the undisputed peak but can be challenging for newcomers, especially black and white.

And if yer not a fan of handheld adventures pokemon xd gale of darkness and pokemon legends arceus are the best console ventures.


Black/White and its sequel game Black 2/White 2 are where the Pokémon’s Company craft was perfected which met its natural conclusion. It’s arguably some of the best writing the series had and will have. If Black 2 and White 2 was the last in the series I wouldn’t complain and imo I consider it the last one in the series.

Soul Silver and Heart Gold are the go to in terms of game with 16 Gyms and the combination of S/G+Crystals Campaign. It’s up there with one of the best remakes of all time when it completely outshines the original.

Platinum the defacto Gen 4 experience imo. Platinum is the definitive version of Pearl and Diamond and the Sinnoh Region as a whole. Gyms are fun, plenty of interesting places to explore, music for both day and night, peak Pokémon Events that can still be used with PKSM if you have it on 3DS Homebrew or the application in computer. It’s my personal favorite game in the series.

Unfortunately these games are too expensive for a normal person to buy so I recommend you emulate or find a deal if you have the time.


Yeah everything else is shit

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Oh you contrarian you

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The future is Driftveil City Oldman


Special thanks to Wes’s Parents for selling me their sons DS Games for $50 on Facebook marketplace.

For preservation sake I’ll be backing up Wes’s 2011 Launch Save before I clear the Save.



  • World Championship in Yokohama from August 11 to 13.

  • TCG Classic. I don’t know much about TCG, so I have no idea what that could be.

  • Pokémon Concierge, a new stop-motion animation for Netflix.

  • Zacian is being added for Unite. Unite Asia Champions League Final on March 18 and 19.

  • New stuff and celebration events for Café ReMix and Masters EX.

  • Sleep is finally coming this year.

  • Pokémon GO Plus +(what a lazy name), a companion device for both Sleep and Go, is available July 14.

SV new:

  • A new event raid featuring new Paradox Pokémon; Walking Wake for Scarlet and Iron Leaves for Violet. You can catch them if you defeat them.

  • You can send Postcards that come with Gifts from Go to SV. This will change the pattern of Vivillion appearing in SV based on the Postcard’s location data. This will also allow you to catch Roaming Form Gimmigaul in Go, which you can send to SV once they are compatible with Home. Like the other form, it requires 999 coins to evolve, even in Go.

  • The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero - A two-part paid DLC coming later this year.
    Part 1: The Teal Mask - Fall 2023.
    Part 2: The Indigo Disk - Winter 2023.


The names for new legendaries are Ogerpon(mask) and Terapagos(disk).

They revealed some more info on their website:

There is also a new legendary trio, Okidogi, Munkidori, and Fezandipiti​.

Everyone thought we would go to the blocked northeast area of the Paldea, but maybe we won’t. And releasing the hidden paradox mons with a raid event is surprising and underwhelming at the same time. I thought they would have some unique stories as well.

The Youtube description says the two parts of DLC are linked to tell a connected story. I hope the quality of it holds up to the main story.

According to the website, Blueberry Academy, the new school for part 2, has a curriculum emphasizing battling. Maybe some rich post-game battle content like the Battle Frontier?


Gotta love the people holding out for GB/GBA Titles for NSO when we all know the Pokémon company will release them separately again at a price.


I wouldn’t mind separate purchases. It’s nothing new, and some people prefer that over subscriptions.

That is, of course, if they would even release them.


It an inevitability. Having Red,Blue,Yellow,Gold,Silver,Crystal, FireRed,LeafGreen,Ruby,Sapphire,Emerald compatibility on Pokémon Home will be a big selling point for people who want to bring Gen 1-3 up to current Gen as is since the only way for Gen1-2 now is the 3DS.

Things are a little more dicey with DS Games which I’ll go on record here they’ll do another Gen 2 remake rather than them going and re releasing Heart Gold and Soul Silver. But a remake would atleast lower the ds game prices for those two titles like how it did for Pearl and Diamond

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